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Mum Series 3???

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Escapinginthecar Fri 19-Apr-19 16:49:36

Must be starting soon surely?
They've put series 1 and 2 on iplayer which is a good sign......
Can't wait!!

AppleKatie Sun 05-May-19 19:36:56

Excellent! DH is our that night so I shall have a binge 😃

LizzieMacQueen Sun 05-May-19 20:13:07

Pauline is fab.

I'm watching S2 and,the one where she's got her wrist in plaster, when she says to what'shisname, the son, 'it's 100 times worse than your mum's'.

I'm not phrasing that well but it was good. I also like Reg.

nowifi Mon 06-May-19 00:03:13

Pauline is just too much isn't she! I can't wait for next week now, also going to be so sad when it is finished but so wanting Kathy and Michael to end up together. In the last episode of series 2 where they were holding hands and Jason noticed he didn't look too pleased sad

LarryGreysonsDoor Mon 06-May-19 00:05:21

I loved it so much.
I hope that in a good way this is the last series though. I think the stories will have been told.

CountFosco Mon 06-May-19 16:46:12

The Guardian article upthread may answer some questions you might have wink

diddl Tue 07-May-19 17:06:55


Has Pauline got a pool?grin

Medievalist Tue 07-May-19 21:09:40

Love this series!

CountFosco Fri 10-May-19 07:35:14

Another article with mild spoilers here. Getting excited now!

viques Fri 10-May-19 11:33:58

There will be loose ends! Oh dear. Never mind, an opportunity for a little MN creative imagining I think. I do hope Reg and Maureen have been invited.

Bit sad that the action takes place over a week, I think one of the special things about this series was the sense of time as Cathy moved through her grief and relationships and lives changed gradually.

BuckingFrolics Fri 10-May-19 12:07:53

I stumbled upon Mum three weeks ago and loved loved it. Yay to a third season.

But is Cathy a doormat or an incredibly tolerant and kind woman?

spiderlight Fri 10-May-19 17:20:27

Can't wait - I've loved Mum since the first episode and genuinely think it's one of the best things I've ever watched.

nowifi Fri 10-May-19 21:22:43

I can't wait now, don't know wether to watch it all in one go or not! Kind of feel like it is doing it a disservice! Also thinking that this and Fleabag are 2 of the best programmes I've ever seen but think Mum just edges it for me!

BuildingQuote Fri 10-May-19 21:35:33

I think Cathy is a bit of both Buckingfrolics. I can see the doormat argument but to me she overwhelmingly rises above everything and is so cool somehow - and v tolerant as Pauline, Kelly, Reg etc are hilarious.
Glad not the only one to rewatch as I love the subtleties 😀

The80sweregreat Sun 12-May-19 18:31:30

Cathy is just nice and decent isnt she, but she can make it known when she isnt happy at times as well, just a bit more subtle about it.
She knows that Pauline is basically insecure. she is very good at reading situations. She is lovely.

spiderlight Wed 15-May-19 15:50:35


Livedandlearned Wed 15-May-19 16:10:17

So looking forward to seeing what happens next!

I'm tempted to binge watch the whole lot but that also takes away having a programme to look forward to every week.

ellenanora5 Wed 15-May-19 16:46:46

I love this so much, looking forward to it, I can't get iplayer sad so I'll have to wait and watch week to week.

viques Wed 15-May-19 17:54:23

livedandlearned I'm thinking I might just watch two episodes tonight and save the rest for Sunday night which is very empty at the moment!

Don't worry, ellenora I won't post spoilers.

MadisonAvenue Wed 15-May-19 18:01:51

I don’t think I’m going to be able to resist bingeing.

Livedandlearned Wed 15-May-19 18:49:47

Viques that sounds like a nice plan. I might watch them in batches rather than weekly, depending on my mood, sometimes I need to cwtch up in bed with a good series so rationing them out is my plan.

Can't wait to see what Pauline is going to be like, she's my favourite.

spiderlight Wed 15-May-19 19:48:11

I'm going to try so hard not to binge. I only get an hour or so on Tuesday and Thursday evenings to myself, so my plan is to watch the first one tonight and savour it, and then two tomorrow evening while DS and DH are out, two next Tuesday and save the last one to watch next Thursday.

AppleKatie Wed 15-May-19 20:26:56

Can’t believe it doesn’t start til 10 I’m knackered I can’t wait that long!

ellenanora5 Wed 15-May-19 20:53:06

I'm just jealous viques of those able to watch the whole series now grin

Enjoy everyone smile

Livedandlearned Wed 15-May-19 22:05:41

Pi ah no

BitOfFun Wed 15-May-19 22:11:33

Loving it already grin

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