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Did anyone see the Stephen Fry interview with Pamela Stephenson (Connolly)

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SecondhandRose Thu 12-Jul-07 08:06:46

It was a warts and all interview as I think she is now a psychiatrist/psychologist something like that anyway.

I felt so sad for him. He really does need someone to love and love him back. He has spent his whole life feeling useless because of his father and he was sexually abused by an older boy at school but he was laughing it off. Really sad.

NearlyHeddaslessNick Thu 12-Jul-07 08:36:13

IIRC she's been a psychologist(or something along those lines!!) for a long time. She wrote Billy Connolly's autobiography(unless there's more than one). A very interesting book. He too was abused as a child. Billy's had a really interesting life.

Would like to have seen the interview but missd it. No doubt it'll be repeated a million times on sky!

saltireslytherin Thu 12-Jul-07 08:39:13

I forgot it was on. She is now a respected phycoclogist (or as Heddas says, something along those lines). She goes by the name of Pamela Connoly now I believe.
I also like Stephen fry and I'm sorry I missed it

michaelad Thu 12-Jul-07 08:43:10

Bugger.. I missed it!!! I so like Stephen Fry.. Can someone please post on as soon as they see it being repeated??!!!

mustrunmore Thu 12-Jul-07 08:46:28

Oh, I didnt even know it was on! I'd have really liked to see it. He's so fantastic. If I could pick anyone in the world to have tea with/marry on friendship basis/have as a lodger/go out with some nights/whatever , it'd be him

SecondhandRose Thu 12-Jul-07 10:52:34

Just a shame he doesn't have the same feelings about himself. I think he is fab too. He needs to celebrate his life not think about suicide. I would love to write to him but goodness knows where.

mustrunmore Thu 12-Jul-07 12:08:53

Via his agent? Have a look in Spotlight.They have copies in alot of the bigger libraries.

mustrunmore Thu 12-Jul-07 12:10:34

In fact, here you are;

5th Floor, 66-68 Margaret Street, London W1W 8SR
Telephone: 020-7636 1221
Fax: 020-7636 1226

SecondhandRose Thu 12-Jul-07 18:05:50

Have just sent an email to ask if they would forward a letter for me. I must be madder than him!

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