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Cut my nose off to spite my face

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BandofMuggles Thu 12-Jul-07 07:59:04

DD1 is a total tv addict, I have to limit her or she would sit all day.
Last night she kept getting up out of bed and I told her if she wasn't back in bed by the count of 3 she would have NO TV ALL DAY today.
Needless to say she is now bugging me. So I have to entertain her til we leave at 11:30 to go to playschool, and all evening after.

Leati Thu 12-Jul-07 08:06:25

It is tough when kids love tv. The problem is TVs are such a convenient way to entertain our kids. If you want my advice...try to limit her TV time, to the time a day you most need a break.

BandofMuggles Thu 12-Jul-07 08:08:53

That's what I do.
She watches her fave progs for an hour or so in the morning while I sit on MN, then at tea time while I cook and a bit before bed.

BandofMuggles Thu 12-Jul-07 08:10:06

She is now playing with DD2. She never seems overly bothered if it's not on, but she loves her favourite programmes when it is on.

Heheeeee, she gets it from me, I am a total tv addict.

Leati Thu 12-Jul-07 08:32:01

When my were young I suffered

oldest-loved Power Rangers
second- loved Barney
third- loved Dora (not so bad)
youngest- doesn't watch tv yet

DrunkenSailor Thu 12-Jul-07 08:39:57

Message withdrawn

BandofMuggles Thu 12-Jul-07 08:53:15

OMG, my brother used to get the beano.
Usually if it's in the day i will threaten to turn it off when her faves are on, but i was at the rage stage last night and was like, RIGHT THAT'S IT, IF YOU DON'T GET IN BED YOU WILL NOT HAVE THE TELLY ON ALL DAY!!!!

massivebigpantsface Thu 12-Jul-07 10:27:44

oh dera bom! can you set her on some painting or something? how about some intresting 'chores' - when i was little i used to love washing my dolls clothes and tea set in a bowl of water - you could get her to do the real thing 'for fun'!

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