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Sam & Billie - The Mummy Diaries #2.0

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HJWT Sun 17-Mar-19 21:39:18


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HJWT Sun 17-Mar-19 21:43:58

@OneInAMillionYou it must be eczema my DD is the same poor thing x

@Quintella I cringe every time my MIL says it 🤮

@DrQuinnMedicineWoman It looks like they just got married on that pic 👀

@mrssunshinexxx I think I like them as individuals but not as a couple, when Paul was out with Gregg he seemed normal and when Sam was on the hen do they both just seemed a lot happier and more relaxed 😬

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CSIblonde Sun 17-Mar-19 21:51:22

I get that Paul's pieces to camera strategy is him being just really vague so that he won't be massively criticised etc as previously , but the reality is it makes him seem dull & not very bright. The needy clinging to baby Paul regardless of his child's need for social & life skills development made me really uncomfortable though. He's robotic & emotionally checked out with Sam: he often either walks away or just ignores her. On the stag he was shy, diffident, but looked happiest I've ever seen him. Tho interestingly Billie's husband said "he hates to lose". I think they should emulate Billie set up: he takes a seperate job & is only be on camera occasionally. Carrying on as they are just continues what doesn't come across as a happy, healthy relationship.

IHaveBrilloHair Sun 17-Mar-19 21:54:13

Thanks for the new thread smile

sarahthewiganer Sun 17-Mar-19 21:59:32

I really hate that big Paul is so controlling. The whole situation of him not wanting little Paul to go nursery is weird, and he needs his own bed! Why is Sam even with him?

OneInAMillionYou Mon 18-Mar-19 00:36:40

I agree CSIBlonde

Paul should find an independent career like Greg. It must be stifling in that household, especially with a camera crew. Now would be the time as their son goes to nursery/school etc.
Paul could get a bit of self respect back, instead of just being seen as a hanger on.

SparkofJoy Mon 18-Mar-19 11:15:40

How odd that they chose a bridal gown for their bridesmaid dress. Did all of the DC go home so the other two could have a special, pretend honeymoon?

S&P sound thick. Complaining they have been out of touch since the business went to Bristol is a bit strange. They should have set up Skype or facetime meetings or at least phone conferences.

nowifi Mon 18-Mar-19 13:17:45

I thought they had got married too when I saw the bridesmaid dress Sam was wearing! Seems she wants to compete with Billie even at her wedding but then Billie must have given her dress the approval!

nowifi Mon 18-Mar-19 13:19:22

She does look beautiful though, I think I prefer that dress to Billies wedding dress! Ineedtogetoutmore

SparkofJoy Mon 18-Mar-19 14:35:54

The blurb says they both picked it. It's strange to pick a wedding dress for a bridesmaid and makes S look desperate and jealous.

OneInAMillionYou Mon 18-Mar-19 14:41:13

Remember Sam wore a nearly wedding dress to that awards ceremony a few years ago, from the same designer! There was a scene in Mummy Diaries of her trying it on in the store!

FullOnMonet1975 Mon 18-Mar-19 15:20:56

I find it strange how Paul is in no rush to get some alone time with Sam. He doesn't want baby Paul to go to nursery, he doesn't want baby Paul to have his own bed. No wonder Sam cones across as insecure in the relationship. Always looking at him to gauge his reaction before she opens her mouth. He'll have two kids with her but won't marry her. He's odd & so is Gaynor.

MiniCooperLover Mon 18-Mar-19 19:49:12

He was very 'you'll tell Daddy straight away if you don't like it? .. he's desperate to keep him with him 🙄

And on the train to Manchester, a microphone? How can they not realise how rude they appear?

hooverlines Wed 20-Mar-19 17:19:30

I was scrolling through the pictures Greg took with the guests, you can tell he has obviously gone around the room and had quick pictures with everyone. The one with Sam, she looks so comfortable and relaxed.
Then the pictures from Paul's account, they look so staged and uncomfortable. None of them are showing them to be very close or loving towards each other as a couple.

I don't understand how she can look so much more relaxed and carefree in a picture with her brother in law vs family pictures with her boyfriend and their kids. Such a shame, they really just don't have that closeness do they?sad

And I am in now way hinting at an affair before anyone reads this the wrong way!! Just how her entire personality changes when she's with Paul. It's almost like she has to act around him. Such a shame she can't be herself around her own man.

MiniCooperLover Wed 20-Mar-19 19:21:26

I think with Paul she's so determined to show a 'perfect' relationship she doesn't relax and it's all about the pose. Whereas with Greg she's more relaxed.

mrssunshinexxx Wed 20-Mar-19 21:19:03

I thought sam looked better than billie at the wedding her dress was so classy she's a very beautiful lady x

mrssunshinexxx Wed 20-Mar-19 21:21:49

God billie does my head in you would think she's the only person t get married I really don't see her and Greg lasting

SparkofJoy Wed 20-Mar-19 22:57:12

mrssunshinexxx Sam is that you? grin

OneInAMillionYou Thu 21-Mar-19 04:58:31

Too much Nelly in this episode for me. Fast forward!

Also, I think we now know why Paul doesn't want to go near Sam, the deliberate 'ignorance' about birth control! He's fallen for it twice, I think he's caught on now. She's such a bad example to young girls with her feigned "oh I didn't know you could get pregnant except for four days a month" 🙄

mrssunshinexxx Thu 21-Mar-19 07:43:36

Haha I wish! But no I just prefer her that's all imagine if sam was with Greg 😂😂

mrssunshinexxx Thu 21-Mar-19 07:44:00

And yes the contraceptive chat was crazy you can just tell their will be a third announcement any day now !

Megsmcgoo Thu 21-Mar-19 09:07:39

Aw I love Billie and Greg! I feel they’re so natural together and they look like they have a laugh with each other. I think they’ll last.

I do agree about the wedding comment though, it’s slightly annoying however I am not married so I may eat my words in a few years when it hopefully happens! glares at long term boyfriend of 7 years

Runkle Thu 21-Mar-19 10:09:30

How silly of Sam to portray such miseducation and ignorance about natural cycles and contraception (lack of). I doubt she and Paul are intimate anyway so that's their contraception.
The difference in the sisters Instagram accounts is also v noticeable - last Sunday Sam was posting about attending the Peppa Pig premiere then her stories featured their beef rib Sunday lunch at the Dorchester whilst Billie's was a day at home and then to her mum's for dinner!

BlessedBeTheFruitCake Fri 22-Mar-19 10:57:57

Eek. By some miracle if Paul and Sam do sleep in the same bed, there'll surely be another baby announcement?!

IHaveBrilloHair Fri 22-Mar-19 13:29:45

No way, I bet Paul makes sure of that

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