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DEXTER - starting in 5 minutes!

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Chirpygirl Sun 08-Jul-07 21:57:42

After being told I must watch this by people on here, and not having the patience to download it, I am so excited that it is on on FX in 5 minutes....

Am off to watch!

Lucycat Mon 09-Jul-07 21:26:34

ooh we watched this last night and loved it - dh thought it was just about on his 'decency and taste' radar!

you can't beat a programme about a serial killer can you?

policywonk Mon 09-Jul-07 21:28:18

I had to stop after 30 minutes. Too gruesome for me. Why must they not only make reference to 'rape websites', but actually show them to us?? Grrr. I'm annoyed that I gave it the headspace.

Lucycat Mon 09-Jul-07 21:29:38

the Americans are usually quite strict about that sort of thing aren't they?

d'you think it was more gruesome than some episodes of CSI?

policywonk Mon 09-Jul-07 21:33:19

God, I'd never watch CSI. I only watched this cos I liked the lead actor when he was in Six Feet Under. I can't stomach murder-tainment as a rule. I turned over to the Extraordinary Breastfeeding doc instead. Much rather watch a woman feeding an eight year old!

Lucycat Mon 09-Jul-07 21:33:57


sfxmum Mon 09-Jul-07 21:35:17

it was very funny can't wait for next one

WestCountryLass Mon 09-Jul-07 22:52:21

I really want to see it, what is FX though? Cannot find a listing anywhere!!!

WestCountryLass Mon 09-Jul-07 22:52:25

I really want to see it, what is FX though? Cannot find a listing anywhere!!!

policywonk Mon 09-Jul-07 23:04:48

One of the digital channels. It's on Virgin - dunno about the others. Not Freeview, I think (but not sure).

bananabump Mon 09-Jul-07 23:15:54

Dexter is awesome, we just finished watching the whole series, it has SO many plot twists and it always keeps you guessing!

For the impatient...

Chirpygirl Tue 10-Jul-07 09:02:34

I thought it was funny, and as gruesome and distasteful as CSI and other 'mainstream' programmes, plus it was on at 10 at night, so well past watershed.
I love the fact he has no clue how to react to 'normal' people.

FX is a Fox channel, on Sky it is around 170ish but since they moved the channels I keep losing it!

WestCountryLass Tue 10-Jul-07 22:44:57

Oh bum, i've only got Freeview

bananabump Tue 10-Jul-07 22:45:57

Click the link I added, you may be able to watch it online.

policywonk Wed 11-Jul-07 14:56:44

I know I'm in a minority of one here, but this article summed up my feelings about Dexter exactly. It was incredibly cathartic to find my feelings expressed so pithily.

bananabump Wed 11-Jul-07 15:34:56

Well, I don't think any TV programme is for everyone, is it? personally I can watch any number of these kind of series but Jackass or any of the other spinoffs make me sick to my stomach. Different strokes for different folks!

I don't think Dexter is as bad as some of the "torture porn" films out at the moment, not that I've subjected myself to many of them (felt quite sick after watching Hard Candy for example, it seemed really gratuitous)

I don't really understand what the writer of that article meant by misogynistic here:

"maybe we're all just as brutal and misogynistic as the writers and as numb and sick in the frigging head as their creation is"

Perhaps she meant misanthropy instead of misogyny? Dexter doesn't hate women, and doesn't murder more women than men.

sfxmum Wed 11-Jul-07 15:47:21

i have a much bigger problem watching 24 i find it obscene in the extreme in its portrayals of torture odd politics in the name of the greater good. a state sanctioned psycho

it is actually quite different in nature but i guess it takes all sorts


policywonk Wed 11-Jul-07 16:23:28

banana - I think, when referring to misogyny, she is talking about the fact that in this episode (of which I only saw half), we saw the naked, dismembered bodies of at least two women, plus one woman being raped. For me, watching stuff like this makes me feel incredibly anxious and vulnerable - it's like a big, neon reminder of the fact that there are men out there who are looking for women (and children) to rape and kill - something I that I really try not to think about most of the time. Of course, men are the victims of violent crimes and murder as well, but it seems to me that violence against men is not as fetishised, in the popular entertainment context, as violence against women. I don't watch CSI and so on, but reading the episode summaries in the paper, it does seem to me that a disproportionate number of episodes are to do with young, photogenic women being raped and murdered. Who decided that this was entertaining? How often do we see entertainment programmes about men being raped?

sfx - agree with you about the torture on 24. Stopped watching that after the first series as it really started to get on my nerves.

bananabump Wed 11-Jul-07 19:01:29

Yeah I do see where you're coming from there Policywonk, I suppose it's a shame that the reviewer only watched one or two of the episodes, as generally there aren't too many female killings in the rest of the series, and only that one episode concentrated on the man with that horrible rape site to be fair, which was the motive for Dexter getting rid of him.

But as I said, it's pretty intense subject matter and definitely not to everyone's taste.

I've never watched 24 but I doubt I'd want to if it's about torture etc, I'd find that very uncomfortable viewing.

BridgetTheWoollyMammoth Wed 11-Jul-07 19:04:10

Oh I wanted tyo watch this, is it repeated?

TheArmadillo Wed 11-Jul-07 19:05:09

Saw all this series a while ago and love it.

HAs anyone read the book it is based on?

sfxmum Wed 11-Jul-07 19:10:13

it repeated last night i think will prob again sometime this week

not read books but known someone who thinks they are pretty good

i see where you are coming from policywonk
i see something like csi more like a geek show about the science bits sort of like House really fanciful as it is
likewise Dexter i see like a comic almost

bananabump Wed 11-Jul-07 19:18:34

Haven't read the books but I'd like to. From what I read on wikipedia though dexter sounds darker in the books than in the series, slightly more malicious somehow.

Not sure if I'd like graphic descriptions of murders on paper though, I suppose you can always look away from things on tv, but it's hard to skip whole paragraphs in books!

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