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***Extraordinary Breastfeeding, tonight!***

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Nbg Sun 08-Jul-07 16:41:46

On More4 at 10pm.

I think this is a repeat of the show they had on CH4 a few months back but I could be wrong.

policywonk Sun 08-Jul-07 16:44:26

I read the article written by the woman featured in this doc (it was linked on here a while back), and she sounded deeply sane. Good on her.

Having said that, I think I'll be checking out Dexter on FX at 10pm, assuming I'm still conscious.

Nbg Sun 08-Jul-07 17:00:32

That Dexter looks quite good.
Like the music on the advert

policywonk Sun 08-Jul-07 17:03:29

Not a fan of murder-tainment usually, but the actor was good in Six Feet Under. What track do they use on the ad?

Nbg Sun 08-Jul-07 17:05:04

Ahhh never watched six feet.

The music is just a trumpet being plaed but its got a bit of a jazz twang to it.
Quite cool.

lisad123 Sun 08-Jul-07 17:07:26

I saw the breastfeeding doc when it was on. Very intresting, although found it odd to see the 10 year old breast feeding, but thats my personal issue.
Worth a watch if you missed it last time

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