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watching the making of harry potter and..

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binkleandflip Sat 07-Jul-07 20:09:47

...finding Jason Isaacs as nasty Lucius Malfoy v. sexy....

oggsfrog Sat 07-Jul-07 21:17:05

Jason Isaacs was also very sexy as Captain Hook and Mr Darling in Peter Pan

What's this you're watching????

binkleandflip Sat 07-Jul-07 21:18:05

Its finished now - it was the making of harry potter...

can help feeling we need to get a life oggs, we have far too much in common bloke wise!!!

MrsFish Sat 07-Jul-07 21:21:15

Give Daniel Radcliffe a few more years... that's all I am going to say

Misdee Sat 07-Jul-07 21:22:47

havent you seen him in his play pics mrs fish?

i cant get that image from my head

binkleandflip Sat 07-Jul-07 21:23:13

MrsFish - dont go there...weird to think he was talking about being embarrassed about a kissing scene when half of london's seen him in the ..altogether ...

Misdee Sat 07-Jul-07 21:24:28


oggsfrog Sat 07-Jul-07 21:29:34

Aw, Misdee, you seem to have accidentally cropped off half of the picture.
Can you try again?

binkleandflip Sat 07-Jul-07 21:29:45

very, very small nipples

binkleandflip Sat 07-Jul-07 21:29:53

very, very small nipples

Misdee Sat 07-Jul-07 21:30:27

lol, there is a 'photoshopped' version lol.

oggsfrog Sat 07-Jul-07 21:36:53

Binkle, it's not the size of his nipples that matters......
Gawd . How old is he??? I must be nearly old enough to be his erm <cough> big sister

binkleandflip Sat 07-Jul-07 21:38:20

He's 18 so it's ok to want to sneak into gryffendor boys dorm and lift his dusty old blanket and ravish him completely....AHEM.....!!!!

MrsFish Sat 07-Jul-07 21:50:11

Whoa! Calm down you lot

oggsfrog Sat 07-Jul-07 21:54:31

<guffaw> "lift his dusty old blanket"... is that a euphamism Binkle?

binkleandflip Sat 07-Jul-07 23:59:29

I dont know what is wrong (or right) with me at the mo - I'm feeling very receptive if you know what I mean..all this talk of dusty blanket lifting and Dr Who saying very rude stuff and remembering best kisses etc..

I feel it may come to a head, culminating next Saturday in a channelling of the mn collective of lusting for Lee, which may lead to an incident late on by the stage door as he tries to leave for his birthday do

oggsfrog Sun 08-Jul-07 00:10:18

Ah, Binkle.
You see it's my birthday the day after as well. Maybe you're chaneling (One l or two?one n or two?) all the energy of us frustrated MNers, and will physically throw yourself at Lee.
He will be unable to resist and will plead with you to arrange a meeting.
We selected few will be able to have an old fashioned Roman Orgy type stylee thingy and feed him grapes, put balm on his chapped thighs, and soothe his wearied brow.......

(too much vodka consumed maybe??? time to go to bed????)

binkleandflip Sun 08-Jul-07 00:15:01

Erm, yes time I went to bed oggs, I'm not even "that into Lee" in that way remember and yet, the thought of balming up his thighs is really sitting well in my little brain right now.....

its definitely a full moon !

expatinscotland Sun 08-Jul-07 00:20:44

She has snuffed Harry, folks. I think she has.

Good on her.

Prevents folk from 'writing' all sorts of dumb assness later on.

Can just picture her, bawling her eyes on in some suite in The Balmoral hotel and necking a bottle of champers.

oggsfrog Sun 08-Jul-07 00:22:00

is that what it is????
Didn't think a full moon was on the cards just yet....

binkleandflip Sun 08-Jul-07 00:23:35

well if not that why am I feeling all....restless....

I never feel ...restless.... and my dh cant believe how ......restless.... I am, he's over the moon about it tbh

oggsfrog Sun 08-Jul-07 00:24:33

Sweet dreams Binkle

oggsfrog Sun 08-Jul-07 00:27:58

Binks. Hold this in your mind.....In a very short time you wil be sharing the same roomspace as His Leeness.....and his thighs

binkleandflip Sun 08-Jul-07 00:31:01

and with that thought firnly embedded (I thank you oggs) I bid you good night!

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