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Does anyone remember No Going Back Nicaragua?

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Lisalumps Fri 06-Jul-07 20:35:47

Does anyone remember this one where the awful ex lapdancer and her mismatched hubby and 2 kids bought an island in Nicaragua to run scuba holidays.

It was perhaps the most disturbing thing I ever saw but no-one else I knows saw it and I am beginning to wonder if I made it up?

Lisalumps Fri 06-Jul-07 20:45:07

Alas I think no-one else does know of this, maybe I did dream it up, hmmmm scary.

madamenoir Fri 06-Jul-07 23:29:05

no I saw was v disturbing

Furball Sat 07-Jul-07 07:47:25

I saw it as well, there were threads here about it at the time. Didn't the woman have an affair with a young worker? then the husband died?

cece Sat 07-Jul-07 08:08:49

Yes I saw it, the husband died didn't he? Weren't they attacked by pirates or something on their island?

Lisalumps Sat 07-Jul-07 11:24:00

Yes they were attacked by the local gun runners and I think they had to row out to sea in a small boat and hide.

She did have an affiar with one of the workers right in front of her hubby and kids it was cringe making.

The saddest thing was at the end when the hubby and kids had finally convinced her that they wanted to go home and then he died from an asthma attack.

Am I right in remembering she was called Jane and so she named the island Janique or something like that?

Flopadop Sat 07-Jul-07 11:36:16

I remember being very upset watching this documentary. I am sure I read somewhere that after he passed away she returned to the island with the kids. Selfish cow.

webchick Sat 07-Jul-07 12:05:19

yes I remember her; she had badly dyed hair and shagged one of the builders under her husbands nose. She had grand plans of educating the kids via the web only to realise there wasno way any connectivity would work.

Felt dead sorry for her husband he waslong-suffering. Plus the kids just wanted to be back on the UK.

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