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Cool, more gits for KIRSTIE (thank you, naily!) and Phil to rip apart!

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expatinscotland Wed 04-Jul-07 20:08:52

Did Art graduate from the Jeffrey Archer Charm School?

expatinscotland Wed 04-Jul-07 20:10:44

No one else watching?

themoon66 Wed 04-Jul-07 20:13:02

£700,000 budget

expatinscotland Wed 04-Jul-07 20:13:51

And they could go higher!

Min 4 bedrooms for their as yet non-existent kids that they don't even know they'll be able to have.

Talk about counting your chickens.

Lucycat Wed 04-Jul-07 20:14:19

I'm here!

gorgeous house in Nether Edge.

fussy buggers

expatinscotland Wed 04-Jul-07 20:15:31

Just say NO to galley kitchens. They suck big time!

edam Wed 04-Jul-07 20:15:33

Blimey, is that Nether Edge in Sheffield? Must have changed a lot since I was in those parts, then.

themoon66 Wed 04-Jul-07 20:16:33

They don't seem too bad so far.

themoon66 Wed 04-Jul-07 20:16:57

Picky picky picky... beyond help. LOL

expatinscotland Wed 04-Jul-07 20:17:14

I don't like that house they just showed them, either. It's got that narrow kitchen and it's cramped looking.

themoon66 Wed 04-Jul-07 20:18:05

They've gotta like this one

expatinscotland Wed 04-Jul-07 20:20:18

why hasn't a house like that in such a hot area not been lived in for 10 years?

expatinscotland Wed 04-Jul-07 20:22:35

TOO MUCH work on that other one.

WAY too much.

themoon66 Wed 04-Jul-07 20:25:10

The house that the doctors are looking at is yummy.

themoon66 Wed 04-Jul-07 20:25:47

Ooooh.... i want that house with the secret rooms

themoon66 Wed 04-Jul-07 20:27:43

45 min commute is nowt!!!

expatinscotland Wed 04-Jul-07 20:27:54

It's too far a commute. Whenever they say '55 minutes', the locals will tell you it's more like at least 1.5 hours.

expatinscotland Wed 04-Jul-07 20:29:22

I used to do 45 mins.-1 hour each way. I hated it. And that was when I had no kids.

Nowadays? NO WAY.

LyraB Wed 04-Jul-07 20:33:02

I can't believe ANYONE could turn down that Georgian house.

Lucycat Wed 04-Jul-07 20:33:11

Matlock is lovely though.

bit middle of nowhere bit nice!

expatinscotland Wed 04-Jul-07 20:33:41

that extension really is ugly, though.

expatinscotland Wed 04-Jul-07 20:34:37

that house is boggin'.

Lucycat Wed 04-Jul-07 20:35:26


Lucycat Wed 04-Jul-07 20:36:50


expatinscotland Wed 04-Jul-07 20:37:58

should be for that amount of money.

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