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Relocation back to the UK

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expatinscotland Tue 03-Jul-07 20:39:34

On Channel 3.

She's married to a twat.

The problem isn't Australia, it's that she's married to a cunt.

Lucycat Tue 03-Jul-07 20:40:48


he's bone bloody idle.

grumpy twat

expatinscotland Tue 03-Jul-07 20:42:22

She's starting to see the light.

She won't be able to work 3 days a week because he never wants to stay at a job.

So chuck him and work 4 days/week in Aus.

Doesn't sound like he's working there, anyhow.

Oh, yes, what a beach! You're wrapped up in coats with a brollies.


expatinscotland Tue 03-Jul-07 20:43:09

Her face says it all.

Lucycat Tue 03-Jul-07 20:47:10

miserable pair - they need some sort of counselling that a relocation back here won't solve.

grr television nowadays.

expatinscotland Tue 03-Jul-07 20:51:11

Yeah, her main issue is that he's a lazy loser.

expatinscotland Tue 03-Jul-07 20:52:27

He only looked at one job and that's it!


He's a complete waste of space.

Lucycat Tue 03-Jul-07 20:53:15

are we the only 2 watching this then expat?

is it cos it is crap?

expatinscotland Tue 03-Jul-07 20:53:41

I'd like to punch this guy in the face.

expatinscotland Tue 03-Jul-07 20:54:19

He'll guilt her into chosing England.

Lucycat Tue 03-Jul-07 20:54:57

he's pathetic - doesn't want to make a decision. He'll let her choose then moan at her choice for evermore.

Lucycat Tue 03-Jul-07 20:55:22


good on yer girl - stuff 'im

expatinscotland Tue 03-Jul-07 20:55:53

He doesn't work! She's got a job over there. Not really a decision.

bubblerock Tue 03-Jul-07 20:56:21

He'll moan at her for any little thing that goes wrong in oz now!

Lucycat Tue 03-Jul-07 20:56:55

Noooo you wimp, don't let him do it to you.

Now I'm going to watch Gordon and tape CSI

expatinscotland Tue 03-Jul-07 20:58:14

Yeah but she said 'if' he could find a decent job.

So it looks like they'll be in Oz forever, because he can't be arsed to get a job.

I mean, he's a BT engineer and called ONE person for a job.

Basically he wanted to move where he wanted and loaf whilst she paid all the bills.

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