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can anyone tell me what happened in the last episode of er?

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wannaBe Tue 03-Jul-07 15:54:21

was on holidy and the sky plus failed.

hannahsaunt Tue 03-Jul-07 16:18:21

Ummmm - as far as I can remember -

Luka drove off in a taxi to deal with his dad in Croatia so Abby went back to work instead of going on honeymoon.

Lovely man from ITU started as the new chief and spent the day observing and shouted at all the docs at the end for being a bit 'just good enough' in their approach rather than proactive management of patient care.

Neela visited the other lovely man who has been pursuing her all year in hospital - he's lost both lower legs after being run over in previous episode and he's a bit grumpy (his ex-gf blames Neela); he's off home to the deep south so his mum can look after him for a while while rehabilitates (not sure if Shane West has left the series).

The not lovely man at all had to surrender Sarah to her grandparents for the summer holidays and a big custody battle is set to kick off (Sarah being his ex-gf (who killed herself)'s daugher who may have been his daughter but isn't...)

Archie and Hope are a definitive couple now.

Can't remember anything else...HTH

Steward Tue 03-Jul-07 17:26:20

Oh and Neela ended up being flattened in a war protest thing and gates trying to go and rescue her.

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