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Classic Emmerdale ITV3

(242 Posts)
JaneJeffer Mon 21-Jan-19 14:14:43

Anyone watching?

Actual farming, little Robert Sugden, young looking Pollard, Chris Tate, Seth Armstrong...

ScarletPower Thu 23-Jan-20 21:00:43

OMG I was so in lust with the floppy haired David Glover (Ian Kelsey), I fancied him so much.

Mammatino Thu 23-Jan-20 14:53:02

He didn't last long at all!! The rest of the clan should be here soon.

JaneJeffer Thu 23-Jan-20 14:48:18

He didn't last long grin

JaneJeffer Thu 23-Jan-20 14:44:01

Oh he's Ben Dingle!

Mammatino Thu 23-Jan-20 14:43:55

I just found your thread.

The rave guy is a dingle!!

Mammatino Thu 23-Jan-20 14:43:07

Ravy Davy gravy!! Oh I'd forgotten all this. This is when they attempted to appeal to the kids and get with it. Was it ever with it? I can't believe Victoria has just been born.

JaneJeffer Thu 23-Jan-20 14:38:11

PMSL at the rave guy grin

JaneJeffer Thu 23-Jan-20 09:27:08

David's mother was someone Eric had an affair with when he was married to his first wife.

No to Rachel and Joe. She did name her son after him though.

I still feel like I mustn't put spoilers even though it's over 25 years ago grin

ColossalFossil Thu 23-Jan-20 08:56:43

I noticed everyone seemed to be wearing a lot of green, Elsa, who turned up to court in that green suit and orange shirt!, Kathy and Rachel.

I noticed Rachel kinda flirting with Joe, her stepdad, she is not going to make a play for him is she?

cherrytree63 Thu 23-Jan-20 05:25:15

233 posts now!
I see Rachel has started a green suit trend!
Who is David Metcalf's mum? Is it Eric's first wife?

CanYouSmellMyCharlie Wed 22-Jan-20 18:25:44

I know!

And there are only 231 posts!

Well, 232 posts

JaneJeffer Wed 22-Jan-20 17:52:32

Wow I don't think I've started a thread that ran for a year before grin we need more chat!

CanYouSmellMyCharlie Wed 22-Jan-20 16:59:10

This thread was one year old yesterday! 🎈🎉

JaneJeffer Wed 22-Jan-20 15:45:11

It's so strange watching this knowing Chris and Rachel are going to go on to have Joe.

Poor Robert is missing his dumplings grin

JaneJeffer Mon 20-Jan-20 14:17:49

Poor Nick. Elsa is so devious.

JaneJeffer Thu 16-Jan-20 10:17:30

The doctor's wife reminds me of Hyacinth Bucket.

cherrytree63 Thu 16-Jan-20 07:58:15

@Disfordarkchocolate for me it's going down hill with the Windsors and the Doctor's family.
I want more of the farming stuff, some of it was very informative!
There's enough horses in it to keep me watching the classics. I stopped watching the modern one about a year ago, but before that I'd watch it in catch up and fast forward through the boring stuff.
Vic and Zoe have the same "angry" acting method, clamping their teeth and talking through their lips whilst bulging their eyes .

Disfordarkchocolate Wed 15-Jan-20 19:22:41

I used to love Emmerdale Farm, it all went downhill when the Tate's joined. I much preferred to have some farming storylines.

JaneJeffer Wed 15-Jan-20 18:28:17

Where did the Aussie Viking appear from?

JaneJeffer Wed 15-Jan-20 12:04:42

I was thinking that about the way the younger women dress. Lynn is only in her twenties as well.

cherrytree63 Wed 15-Jan-20 07:59:52

She is indeed.
Why does Rachel dress like a middle aged woman? First time round I had serious Rachel's hair envy when she was younger.
And Elsa only wears that green suit.
Poor Alan, Shirley was very good for him.

JaneJeffer Tue 14-Jan-20 14:07:20

Elsa is evil.

JaneJeffer Sat 11-Jan-20 00:21:12

The way they pretended there was this long running feud between the Sugdens and the Glovers grin

cherrytree63 Fri 10-Jan-20 20:47:58

First mention of the Dingles and Glovers!

JaneJeffer Fri 10-Jan-20 14:37:30

Ashley! grin

It's funny and horrible at the same time. Poor Shirley sad

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