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Classic Emmerdale ITV3

(251 Posts)
JaneJeffer Mon 21-Jan-19 14:14:43

Anyone watching?

Actual farming, little Robert Sugden, young looking Pollard, Chris Tate, Seth Armstrong...

ellenanora5 Mon 21-Jan-19 14:33:20

Just saw your post on the emmerdale thread Jane, I'm going to watch on +1 smile


JaneJeffer Mon 21-Jan-19 14:34:32

Wish I could record ITV3 but Sky is useless when it comes to ITV channels!

JaneJeffer Mon 21-Jan-19 14:36:48

Chris Tate and his "cell" phone grin

JaneJeffer Mon 21-Jan-19 14:45:39

Rachel looks the same age as her mother!

sparklepops123 Mon 21-Jan-19 14:47:15

Wow just seen end of this, takes me back years!

ellenanora5 Mon 21-Jan-19 16:17:54

Can't believe that's 30 years ago, I feel old now.

Chris seemed much nicer then, it's funny I don't remember those episodes but I remember earlier, I remember when Robert was born and when Jackie died, also when Kathy lost her baby.

Is it Alan that would be up at home farm now then

Not a Dingle in sight grin

Seths gums frightening Robert made me laugh, if only they knew how horrible he would turn out smile

JaneJeffer Mon 21-Jan-19 16:57:30

Robert was cute then and he's even cuter now wink

FabulouslyFab Mon 21-Jan-19 18:40:17

Just watching this - isn’t it great!!! The good old days and farms grin

JaneJeffer Mon 21-Jan-19 18:44:15

Yes Fab. Bring back the farming Emmerdale!

sparklepops123 Mon 21-Jan-19 19:08:23

Somebody's obviously cottoned on there's the audience for the old shows, I prefer the old corras and EastEnders and not watched emmerdale for yrs ( obvs gonna get hooked to this now )

EggysMom Mon 21-Jan-19 21:31:52

I only found out about Classic Emmerdale today, so I've missed a couple of episode (and probably missed 20 years before then as they appear to be starting late 1989) but DH has set it to record with series link for me grin

ILoveMaxiBondi Tue 22-Jan-19 14:04:28

Thanks for the thread jane

This is brilliant. Jack asking sarah on a date and then asking her to pay!! grin

JaneJeffer Tue 22-Jan-19 14:10:57

I'm loving this. Seth is so funny "and they're wondering who it is an-all"grin

Frank Tate just arrived!

ILoveMaxiBondi Tue 22-Jan-19 14:13:29

I always thought sarah was roberts mum. Who is his mum?

JaneJeffer Tue 22-Jan-19 14:17:28

Pat was his mum. She died in a car crash when he was a baby.

I remember when this Sarah left and the new Sarah was in the next episode just talking over where she left off! Wouldn't happen these days grin

ILoveMaxiBondi Tue 22-Jan-19 14:20:29

Thanks jane.

So what we’re watching now, is Kathy married to Joe?

JaneJeffer Tue 22-Jan-19 14:24:20

No she's a widow of Jackie Merrick - Robert's brother!

ILoveMaxiBondi Tue 22-Jan-19 14:25:55

Robert of robron? So jack had an older son? Or pat had an older son? Who married Kathy and then died? And Kathy lives with Joe?

JaneJeffer Tue 22-Jan-19 14:35:16

Pat was his mother and it only came out when he was older that Jack was the dad. Before my time though.

I wonder what year they started showing it at 7? I was never home from work in time to watch before that.

JaneJeffer Tue 22-Jan-19 14:49:52

I've had a google and it was 1990.

ILoveMaxiBondi Tue 22-Jan-19 14:50:29

I didn’t realise it was ever shown at a different time! I was born in 86 and I think I remember watching from the early 90’s. I don’t remember what we’re seeing at the minute.

JaneJeffer Tue 22-Jan-19 14:54:51

I remember my aunt watching it in the middle of the day in the 80's.

Kannet Tue 22-Jan-19 15:50:22

JaneJeffer Tue 22-Jan-19 17:10:11

Thanks for that Kannet. PMSL at "timber expert" grin

Kannet Tue 22-Jan-19 19:10:59

Death by bull was pretty bad as well

JaneJeffer Wed 23-Jan-19 14:02:42

Kate looks like Brenda!

I'm not surprised so many weird things happened at Wylie's Farm. It's probably haunted by the grandad.

JaneJeffer Thu 24-Jan-19 14:46:35

I enjoyed the guided tour of Home Farm.

There would be outrage these days if someone called a woman a fat lump of lard like that chip shop guy.

HelenaDove Thu 24-Jan-19 17:44:14

I really wish ITV3 would put the original broadcast date at the beginning of each episode with this and Corrie. day and month included.

It sounds like we are near to Christmas with these eps as that and New Year was mentioned.

ellenanora5 Thu 24-Jan-19 18:18:25

Ah I haven't been able to watch again this week, hopefully I can tomorrow.

kateandme Thu 24-Jan-19 19:13:30

is it on itv player?

JaneJeffer Thu 24-Jan-19 21:01:06

Helena today's was 5&7/12/89 this site is brilliant for all things Emmerdale

HelenaDove Thu 24-Jan-19 23:22:00

Thanks Jane thanks

JaneJeffer Fri 25-Jan-19 13:56:49

Kim and Zoe arriving on horseback!

Kannet Fri 25-Jan-19 14:06:02

Poor Matt. Bit of a rubbish departure for a long term character

JaneJeffer Fri 25-Jan-19 14:16:31

Yes it was very low-key.

Amos being highly insulted when Kim asked him to place an ad grin

JaneJeffer Fri 25-Jan-19 14:49:09

It's funny Kate saying all the Sugden's care about is money which is what Aaron used to say to Robert.

ILoveMaxiBondi Fri 25-Jan-19 14:56:11

I grew up around lots of farmers, I hate to say it, but it’s true, all they care about is the money. Very tight! grin

JaneJeffer Fri 25-Jan-19 15:38:49

I grew up on a farm. Money was tight, not us grin

ILoveMaxiBondi Fri 25-Jan-19 15:47:32

Yes that’s also true! Farmers don’t get it easy.

JaneJeffer Fri 25-Jan-19 18:08:01

Thank Goodness for the EU grin

ILoveMaxiBondi Fri 25-Jan-19 18:17:39


MrsSteveMcDonald Mon 28-Jan-19 09:14:29

I wish ITV would show them in order. Last week Amos was trying to write Dracula and this morning is when he first got the idea to do it!

MrsSteveMcDonald Mon 28-Jan-19 09:15:49

Also when did they stop saying Beckingdale, you never hear that mentioned any more and yet they say it all the time here

JaneJeffer Mon 28-Jan-19 10:06:49

They were in order Mrs he got the idea after he came back from visiting Frank and started writing in the next episode.

MrsSteveMcDonald Mon 28-Jan-19 11:33:38

How odd. I record rather than watching live and had watched everything at the weekend. One had recorded this morning so I watched it and it was the episode where the dracula teeth fell out on the bar. I hadn't seen that one before but only started watching last week

EggysMom Mon 28-Jan-19 12:35:59

ITV3 repeated some of last week's episodes very late over the weekend - if you've set up a series link, you may find it has recorded duplicates (our BT/Youview box certainly did). Check the info summaries.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Mon 28-Jan-19 13:35:01

Ooh, I haven't seen this , just looked on ITV3..........this week is Christmas fgrin

JaneJeffer Mon 28-Jan-19 14:48:34

The Sugdens clock is a bit slow grin

Jack's Y-Fronts - my eyes confused

Kannet Mon 28-Jan-19 20:31:16

They changed the name of the village to emmerdale after the plane crash

JaneJeffer Tue 29-Jan-19 13:56:09

Joe is a pain. Why doesn't he drop the kids off if he's so bothered about Kate doing it.

HelenaDove Tue 29-Jan-19 14:39:13

Joe is controlling Why is it Kates job to convince him like Annie suggested.

ellenanora5 Tue 29-Jan-19 14:57:12

I'd forgotten how Joe was with Kate, but I think I remember what happens soon.

It's all a much slower pace than it is now.

Have we missed the plane crash.

JaneJeffer Tue 29-Jan-19 15:42:01

No it's a while away yet.

ellenanora5 Tue 29-Jan-19 16:47:22

Thanks Jane, I was thinking it was in the nineties sometime, I think those episodes were a real turning point for Emmerdale.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Tue 29-Jan-19 22:10:54

I watched the Christmas Day/Boxing Day episodes, they were very low key grin

I was hoping that Annie Sugden was going to cook up a huge Christmas Dinner but it looked like a normal Sunday roast.

All the walking about with a new puppy and a horse.

No Weddings.
No murders (yet)
And out to feed the sheep, milk the cows.

The blonde haired pregnant woman, I remember her . She was quite snidey in later episodes . I never saw her DH , Pete though, before now.

JaneJeffer Wed 30-Jan-19 13:41:51

The worst thing about Classic Emmerdale is that when I turn on the TV the end of Heartbeat is on and I have to see Bellamy aka Daz sad

Jason Kirk is in it too. Wonder if he'll ever return to Emmerdale.

HelenaDove Wed 30-Jan-19 14:40:35

the plane crash storyline was disrespectful Just 5 years after Lockerbie and within days of the anniversary.

JaneJeffer Wed 30-Jan-19 14:51:27

Yes I remember the controversy at the time.

It's sad watching this knowing what happened to Sarah in the end sad

Robert is so cute with his snowman bobble hat. Wasn't Christopher Smith a lovely little boy.

JaneJeffer Thu 31-Jan-19 14:54:38

I realised today I was mixing up Whitley's Farm with Wiley's Farm!

Kim seems so sweet in these episodes grin

70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 01-Feb-19 08:31:23

Have they had New Years Eve yet?
Someone mentioned a Fancy Dress Party, Mr Wilks said it was a busy night in the Woolpack and she said "Close for the night"

So if everyone goes to the party, no-one at the Woolie though they might all end up there for a Lock In / Private Party grin

JaneJeffer Fri 01-Feb-19 08:35:57

Dolly had the party in her house. She dressed as Aphrodite and nobody had a clue who she was supposed to be grin The Woolie was dead.

JaneJeffer Tue 05-Feb-19 13:44:11

I'm fed up of hearing "it's even better the second time around".

JaneJeffer Tue 05-Feb-19 15:03:35

I love the old Home Farm. It's so much nicer than now. Hope Kim does some redecorating when she gets out of prison.

cherrytree63 Wed 06-Feb-19 00:07:02

I'm really enjoying watching these again, it's the only soap that I've watched consistently (although I tend to watch with one eye these days...).
Love how they're tackling real farming issues, sheep welfare, infected slurry, the price of carp grin etc.
My brain's finally clicked into gear and remembered that Rachel is Joe Tate's mum, I'd forgotten that storyline.
Joe Sugden was controlling but David Hughes gave me the creeps!

JaneJeffer Thu 07-Feb-19 23:08:13

People actually talking about being on welfare and doing ET Schemes is so much more realistic than nowadays when they lose their job and never even mention getting any benefits.

I love all the different locations they use as well. It's a much less claustrophobic atmosphere. I know they couldn't do that now having to shoot six episodes a week. Also there's far less characters for the same reason.

Amos's jukebox was hilarious grin

Did the psychic give Kathy her ring back?

JaneJeffer Wed 13-Feb-19 14:55:03

I loved everyone taking the piss out of Alan Turner, the way they all joined in was so funny.

And Amos thinking Henry is going to bump him off grin

JaneJeffer Tue 19-Feb-19 15:09:59

Jack Sugden is just no good at dealing with emotional teenagers.

WheresThatCatGoneNow Thu 21-Feb-19 12:37:03

For some odd reason, the episode with Amos and the new-fangled microwave has stuck in my mind for all these thirty years!

It's probably because we got our first microwave around the same time (1989?)

So I'm tickled that it's being shown again tomorrow.

Easily pleased, me....blush

ILoveMaxiBondi Fri 22-Feb-19 14:38:36

Help me out with where everyone is living.

Annie sugden lives in the house that is now Moira’s farm house? (Although it looks completely different now) And joe and His wife (Kate?) live with her with Rachel and mark?
So jack and Sarah seem to be living next door but I don’t think there is a house next door to Moira’s house now.

JaneJeffer Fri 22-Feb-19 15:19:10

Emmerdale farmhouse had to be demolished due to subsidence so they moved to Hawthorn Cottage and then later on to Butlers Farm which is where Moira lives.

ILoveMaxiBondi Fri 22-Feb-19 15:26:02

Ahh! Thanks jane. I was getting myself all confused trying to work out where the houses were.

JaneJeffer Fri 22-Feb-19 15:38:31

Like WheresThatCat I have a scene stuck in my mind of Jack and Robert fixing the ceiling at Butlers!

JaneJeffer Mon 25-Feb-19 14:50:53

This exchange between Joe and Kate
You're very brave.
Women have to be.

WheresThatCatGoneNow Thu 28-Feb-19 21:53:08

I've been waiting all week to see Kathy's new car.

And what a total let-down! A boring white Metro. I was expecting something like a VW Golf Cabriolet!

At least when Chris bought Charity a car, later on, it was a fairly exciting MGF convertible!

But a Metro - pah!!! No wonder she didn't stay with him....

JaneJeffer Thu 28-Feb-19 22:12:02

Bit of an upgrade from the Citroen though grin

WheresThatCatGoneNow Thu 28-Feb-19 22:38:44

Yes, I know! But at least the Citroen 2CV had a bit of character. Even if it was a wreck.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sat 02-Mar-19 12:24:21

I love the wallpaper in the Home Farm lounge (and Jack in his manky farm gear on a white sofa)

Frank bringing Sam the goldfish in a bag (it looked like a carrot stick in water) and of course its in a rubbishy plastic bowl with no weeds.

JaneJeffer Mon 04-Mar-19 14:14:20

Jack showing where Robert gets the Smugden from there grin

cherrytree63 Tue 05-Mar-19 06:25:16

Seeing Joe change his shirt reminded me of why I had such a massive crush on him back in the day! blush

JaneJeffer Mon 18-Mar-19 22:11:26

I'm finding it hilarious that today I've watched 1990 Kim telling Caroline Bates what a lovely man Chris is and then 2019 Kim being annoyed that his son is still alive after she put a hit on him!

cherrytree63 Tue 19-Mar-19 06:12:16

It's like having a crystal ball and knowing their futures!
Archie is now Hargreaves in Line of Duty.
I'm puzzling over the scenery though. I know that what's in the classics at the mo' they're using a real village for the outside shots, and at some point after the plane crash they made a purpose built village/facade, but in the classics near the pub there's a Station Rd and a viaduct in the background of some shots.
Surely the plane crash didn't wipe out the railway ?
The cottages opposite the pub seem different too.

JaneJeffer Tue 19-Mar-19 13:46:37

Bloody hell that truck frightened the life out of me!

JaneJeffer Tue 19-Mar-19 14:41:11

Robert is so cute grin

JaneJeffer Tue 26-Mar-19 14:49:34

Was that Sammy Rogers from Brookside in the background of the tap room?

WheresThatCatGoneNow Tue 26-Mar-19 15:41:54

I've missed a few episodes. Has Annie given the farm car (grey Ford Escort) to Rachel yet?

WheresThatCatGoneNow Tue 26-Mar-19 15:44:19

I seem to remember Annie gave her the car to go away to university with. Was it Leeds Uni or Lancaster?

WheresThatCatGoneNow Tue 26-Mar-19 15:47:25

I was always spellbound when Jack took his shirt offblush

All that lovely thick black hair on his chest and arms!


JaneJeffer Tue 26-Mar-19 16:16:25

She gave it to her after she passed her A levels.

WheresThatCatGoneNow Wed 27-Mar-19 07:19:32

The garage that the Escort came from was our local one. We had a silver one with almost the same reg number plate!

JaneJeffer Tue 02-Apr-19 15:09:35

Drunk Archie was hilarious "Frank Potato"

JaneJeffer Wed 03-Apr-19 14:54:42

I've got a Just This Side of Love earworm...

FabulouslyFab Thu 04-Apr-19 16:04:53

Oh me too Jane! I can’t get shut of it 😂
I can’t bear the simpering Kathy but she seemed much more human when she was singing.
(walks away humming .....)

cherrytree63 Sat 06-Apr-19 07:23:13

Oh yes JaneJeffer, "Frank Potato" gringrin!
(Almost as funny as Alf calling Reg bicycle face in classic Corrie!).
I don't remember Cathy being so annoying.
Love seeing Sarah getting stuck in at Emmerdale (and how she never reacts to Jack when he's cross).

JaneJeffer Sat 06-Apr-19 15:42:21

I didn't remember Kathy being like that either. She's a right whinger!

cherrytree63 Wed 10-Apr-19 10:01:50

What happened with the Alan Turner's stallion mounting Kim's prize mares? I don't know how long ago that was (in Soap years) but I don't think I've heard about any foals.

JaneJeffer Thu 11-Apr-19 15:07:41

Looks like the foal is due any minute now cherry

cherrytree63 Thu 11-Apr-19 18:42:38

Yes I saw today's. Should have known that it's not like today's Corrie, stories actually have a conclusion!

JaneJeffer Thu 11-Apr-19 19:56:09


JaneJeffer Fri 19-Apr-19 13:19:06

Michael Ball on Loose Women looks like the love-child of Frank Tate and Alan Turner.

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