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"Coast" - Anyone been watching ? - Series 1 and now series 2 - I LOVE IT !

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Oblomov Sat 23-Jun-07 21:36:44

I Love Coast.
And I love the Scottish presenter - his voice is like silk.
Series 1 was fab - series 2 is even better.
Any other fans ?

Kathyis6incheshigh Sat 23-Jun-07 21:37:32

yes me.
prefer Nicholas Crane to the hairy man, but love it all really.

2shoes Sat 23-Jun-07 21:37:51

i love it too. Just watched a repeat of last weeks(i watch it on sundays.) i like the long haired presenter.

southeastastra Sat 23-Jun-07 21:38:27

i like coast too. the lighthouse one was good. i'm sure i noticed the scottish presenter (the one with long dark hair?) on the frank skinner retreat show too

daisyboo Sat 23-Jun-07 21:39:49

I thought this was series three?

But yes its great isn't it....especially when they are in your area.

It's a pity I live in Leeds now, it's about as central as it gets

Oblomov Sat 23-Jun-07 22:36:07

kathy - which one is crane ?
I love scottiah chappy with the long hair, who comes from dumfries.
Is this series 2 or 3 then ?
I think series 1 had london and norfolk area aswell as cornwall - i thought this was series 2 - isle of mann for example.
Have I missed a series ?

lucykate Sat 23-Jun-07 22:39:39

we watched it tonight, was on southport to whitehaven. we come from formby originally and they did a bit about formby beach, can't believe how much of the coast has eroded away there isle of man was covered in this one too.

Kathyis6incheshigh Sat 23-Jun-07 22:40:11

Nicholas Crane

This is series 3 - you must have missed one! But maybe the 2nd was rather short.

FioFio Sat 23-Jun-07 22:40:23

Message withdrawn

Mamamoor Sun 01-Jul-07 20:59:06

Love Coast - fascinating, but can't stand the Scottish presenter - nothing against the Scots since I am 1/4 Scottish but just find him a bit too smug!

Enid Sun 01-Jul-07 20:59:33

i swaw it last night for the first time

it is great! really enjouyed it

minko Mon 02-Jul-07 22:41:32

I love Coast. That Nicholas Crane chappy has a scarey chin - he looks like the moon in profile!

littlelapin Mon 02-Jul-07 22:42:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

binkleandflip Mon 02-Jul-07 22:54:01

I find the scottish bloke rather windswept and attractive - could well see myself yomping along the white cliffs of dover with him..

TinyGang Mon 02-Jul-07 22:59:02

It's brilliant - a little gem. Beautifully filmed too.

I am strangely fascinated by the presenter - name escapes me. His hair is so lovely and I don't even especially like long hair on blokes - but on him....with that accent...and so enthusiastic...very nice

Fab series.

Mercy Mon 02-Jul-07 23:16:41

Saw some of it on BBC4 - it's a fab programme. What was the location of the double tide (or something like that)

daisyandbabybootoo Mon 02-Jul-07 23:28:44

It was all about where I grew up last night....loved it, but now feeling homesick

daisyandbabybootoo Mon 02-Jul-07 23:29:32

His name is Neil Oliver

daisyandbabybootoo Mon 02-Jul-07 23:32:49

littlelapin, have you read Clear Waters Rising by Nicholas Crane? Its fantastic.

littlelapin Tue 03-Jul-07 09:36:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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