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Not being much of a telly watcher, I need to know whether Season one of 24 is worthing watching

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KbearBrockovich Sat 23-Jun-07 17:42:19

I have the box set that friend has lent me and she reckons I will be hooked. Do I need a whole picnic of food and drink around me before I sit down tonight so I don't have to move for 24 hours? !!

edam Sat 23-Jun-07 17:43:10

Season one was fab, very addictive. So yes.

southeastastra Sat 23-Jun-07 17:46:58

1st series was fab

Celery Sat 23-Jun-07 17:51:22

We watched it in a week - it was very very intense!! ( in a good way )

All the series have been good except for the last one - don't bother with that!

ahundredtimes Sat 23-Jun-07 17:51:28

Yes you will need the food and drink, and yes you won't be able to move away and yes, you will start to speak like Jack Bauer and you will say ICU a lot in general conversation, and you will introduce yourself like this 'My name is kbearbrockovich I am introducing myself on the day of the State Californian Primaries'. It will be fab.

KbearBrockovich Sat 23-Jun-07 17:57:44

excellent - DH is working, shipping the kids off to bed early I think ha ha!

KbearBrockovich Sat 23-Jun-07 18:04:18

might make an emergency dash to the shop for more chocolate....

ahundredtimes Sat 23-Jun-07 18:05:29

Also it's CTU not ICU , I think ICU is somthing quite different. See, after a while the effects do start to wear off and you can return to normal, about a year after I'd say.

WideWebWitch Sat 23-Jun-07 18:11:15

Yes but put aside some time! It's scary and I took ages to get to sleep on Sunday nights when it was on, the adrenaline kept me awake. You def need wine and chocolate for de stressing purposes.

Katy44 Sat 23-Jun-07 18:15:56

Yes, you'll need to allow at least 3 hours a night. 4 for those "have to see what happens next" nights.

KbearBrockovich Sat 23-Jun-07 18:16:37

scary? scary how? am wuss

Katy44 Sat 23-Jun-07 18:17:18

Celery, by last one, do you mean season 6 (which has been on sky I think??) or 5, which is the last one I've seen, as we watch them on DVD so you don't have to wait?

Katy44 Sat 23-Jun-07 18:18:04

scary more nerve wracking or heart stopping - not spooky
do people agree?

WideWebWitch Sat 23-Jun-07 18:18:07

It's v scary. If you're a wuss you might need someone to watch it with you.

WideWebWitch Sat 23-Jun-07 18:18:53

Scary in omg what's going to happen next oh no how awful, god I HAVE to know what happens in the next episode type scary.

WideWebWitch Sat 23-Jun-07 18:19:33

Not spooky, agree. But think high energy thriller. For 24 hours.

Katy44 Sat 23-Jun-07 18:20:14

heart in your throat...on the edge of your seat

KbearBrockovich Sat 23-Jun-07 18:20:52

So who wants to come and babysit me while I watch it?

<<scaredy kbear>>

Katy44 Sat 23-Jun-07 18:22:43

Oooh I could watch S1 again.
When we were watching it we said we wouldn't (as a lot of it is based on surprise / novelty)
But I think I could
I'll be round at 7 with popcorn

ahundredtimes Sat 23-Jun-07 18:22:46

Yes not spooky, you won't be frightened, you'll be too tired, you'll say to yourself, well I've eaten all the chocolate and drunk all the wine and it's 4.00 am but. . .well . . . I'll just watch one more.

Katy44 Sat 23-Jun-07 18:23:21

ahundredtimes, you're right
and in the next one, it will all be sorted and they'll all live happily ever after

ahundredtimes Sat 23-Jun-07 18:30:33

Kim. I'm really worried about Kim, hmmm, Kim, I'd better watch another episode because I can't leave it like that....

<actually Kim was rather a bore wasn't she?>

WideWebWitch Sat 23-Jun-07 18:32:00

Kim should've been shot in episode 2 imo. As should Terri for cardigan related crimes

ahundredtimes Sat 23-Jun-07 18:37:46

Yes Kim was officially a real drag www, you're right. I rather fancied Terri actualy, she had rather smart skirts I thought.

Celery Sat 23-Jun-07 19:59:10

I mean the very last one, that's just been shown on Sky. I think it was a case of one series too many.

The first one was the absolute best though.

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