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I don't like the BBC One Christmas trailer...

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OnlyTeaForMe Sat 01-Dec-18 13:09:15

Yes, let's lay on the guilt for mums at Christmas... hmm

Anyone else feel uncomfortable with this?

Novia Sat 01-Dec-18 13:12:33

Yes - just watched it, it's bullshit.

bebesequin Sat 01-Dec-18 17:27:07

Love it.
Not a single tv ad this year has even raised a smile for cynical old me.
This had me in tears.

KatyCustard Sun 02-Dec-18 00:12:29

Glad it’s not just me. I sobbed buckets, and not in a good way, I absolutely hate BBC One’s Christmas advert. I feel like that woman every single day and, like lots of parents, I have no choice but to work full time. It’s a constant juggle and the guilt is unbearable. I can’t bloody well freeze time and I think they are playing on people’s emotions to sell a product (because that’s what they’re doing) and taking it to the extreme. It makes me sweary and cross. The end.

Nanalisa60 Sun 02-Dec-18 00:27:55

Most woman feel like hamsters on a wheel!! We all just go round and round having to do it all !! keep a beautiful house, have a good job, look good, be a wonderful mother/wife/daughter and then every twelve months sort bloody Christmas out!! And around and around most of us keep going!!

BaconAndAvocado Mon 03-Dec-18 19:01:09

I thought it was extremely emotive. I sat and cried and cried. Not because I'm a working mum, I'm a SAHM at the moment.

I cried because my DCs are growing up and away from me and I don't feel like we spend enough time together playing board games, going for walks etc. DH often works at the weekend too.

When I told DS2 why I was crying he hugged me and said, " Don't worry Mum, it's nearly christmas, we'll all be spending loads of time together soon". Later on we all,sat and watched Dynasties together, which made me cry all over again!

Mynamenotaccepted Mon 03-Dec-18 19:59:16

But isn't the pier spectacular, (say she who lives there smilesmile)

dogzdinner Mon 03-Dec-18 20:04:44

Where is it?

Mynamenotaccepted Mon 03-Dec-18 20:43:41

Cromer on the North Norfolk Coast!

Juicer54321 Mon 03-Dec-18 20:47:50

I cried but partly because my teenage children don’t want to spend any time with me!

dancemom Mon 03-Dec-18 20:55:09

I completely agree!
Like a working parent can just get up and leave work and will just happen to have money to spend on a day out .. way to guilt trip us BBC!

ElideLochan Mon 03-Dec-18 21:05:30

fucking hell, what about the Dad? sitting there while shes trying to sort everything out before work

fuck off BBC

TooStressyForMyOwnGood Mon 03-Dec-18 21:07:00

I didn’t like it either. I say that as a mum who works very part time and it still loads me off.

TooStressyForMyOwnGood Mon 03-Dec-18 21:08:01

That was meant to say pissed me off hmm!

IgnoranceIsStrength Mon 03-Dec-18 21:08:15

It just made me angry too. I wish I didn't have to work some days. Hate the constant rush and the "will see later, we will try to squeeze that in later ". It just made me feel like a shit mum

RebelWitchFace Mon 03-Dec-18 21:21:57

It's shit. Where's the dad? Why isn't he sorting out the morning? Why isn't he ridden with guilt ? Why isn't he taking the time off to spend with his son?

It would've been nicer to have the madness (which is reality for most women) with fun and chill at the weekend as a whole family.

Hey mum you're dropping a ball!! But it's ok we'll stop time and you can pick it up because magic and love and ofc you are the only one that has to.Fuck off!

tartan666 Sat 08-Dec-18 04:18:21

I think the advert is only meant as a reminder of how important it is to find time to try and find some time to spend with our loved ones not only at xmas, but whenever we can.
I love the advert and it does bring a tear for the times that I could have spent more time with the children but chose not to, because a bit of "me time" would retain sanity.
it is wrong to berate the BBC for targeting overworked women and letting the Stepfather (as the BBC have had to say he is, to defend him) face abuse for not taking the child to see the christmas light switch on.
I'm surprised that any other demographic of British life hasn't had their say on this subject. But then again I feel that there are more important issues to be concerned about.
Everybody, just chill out. It's an advert that was created without predujice.

RebelWitchFace Sat 08-Dec-18 08:15:16

The boy had to text his mum while in the same room as her to get her attention. And that's not prejudice and judgement?

JustDanceAddict Sat 08-Dec-18 12:34:03

I agree it massively emotive but that’s obviously why they made it.
Agree with poster above that teens often choose not to hang out w parents and that’s also sad - having said that we are all out together this afternoon for a chance.

Cleo18 Sat 08-Dec-18 13:40:03

I liked it. I am a single working mother and I often feel like that. I need reminding sometimes that my teens need me - even if they act as if they don't. Not everything is a criticism. You can make anything into an issue if you want to.

Charley50 Sat 08-Dec-18 13:43:39

@Juicer54321 - mine doesn't either! Even when lunch is part of the deal! 😢
Yeah it does lay on the guilt a bit. I didn't even notice a dad!

AlexaAmbidextra Mon 10-Dec-18 01:38:56

No, it’s all wrong. However, I do like seeing Cromer. 🍦👙🕶🦀

jr011147 Mon 10-Dec-18 16:26:13

Yeah Mum's fault again!!! whatever the issues, Mum's to blame!!!!!!

ikltownofboothlehem Mon 10-Dec-18 16:35:04

My friend posted this on FB this weekend.

MawkishTwaddle Mon 10-Dec-18 16:41:04

Hate it. Enough with the trying to wring hot tears out of us all so we'll part with guilt money. Sainsbury's is the only one I like this year.

It's Christmas, ffs. Bring on the dancing polar bears.

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