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mary Queen of shops - wasnt melanie rickey off Grazia a hard nosed old boot

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ForCodandUlster Thu 21-Jun-07 21:45:09

god and sh LOOKED terrible

ForCodandUlster Thu 21-Jun-07 21:45:59

i think her smiles are rationed
one post sex and one at christmas - maybe if hergift is cashemere

Aloha Thu 21-Jun-07 21:46:55

She's Mary's girlfriend. Maybe they'd had a row?

ForCodandUlster Thu 21-Jun-07 21:49:31


ForCodandUlster Thu 21-Jun-07 21:50:03

liek rl girlfreind or drinking mate

well mary need to tell her ot get OUT of balck fatigues fgs
its fashion not guerilla warfare

Aloha Thu 21-Jun-07 21:50:28

Proper sex girlfriend.

ForCodandUlster Thu 21-Jun-07 21:51:07





did oyu see the prog?

ForCodandUlster Thu 21-Jun-07 21:51:44

"Apparently Mary Portas is the only woman in the world who has seen both Muhammad Ali and David Dimbleby in their underpants "

puffling Thu 21-Jun-07 23:04:00

Are they behans?

puffling Thu 21-Jun-07 23:09:51

Oh so they are.

'Even so, family is Portas’s first obsession. She was married for 13 years and now, amicably divorced, lives in Maida Vale with her two children, Mylo, 13, and Verity, 11, and Melanie Rickey, a fashion journalist.'

FluffyMummy123 Fri 22-Jun-07 14:00:13

Message withdrawn

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