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Brothers & Sisters on Channel Four right now... Blimey, Calista Flockhart's looking a bit surgeried-out

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Aitch Wed 20-Jun-07 20:44:48

mind you, i preferred her first nose.

Aitch Wed 20-Jun-07 20:50:57

come ON! she's getting angry now and only the bottom half of her face is moving!!!

GibbonInARibbon Wed 20-Jun-07 20:51:24

am sky+ it good?

Aitch Wed 20-Jun-07 20:58:15

hhhmmmmm. it's a bit up its own arse but might be good over the long haul. too soon to tell. but sally field is in it and she is Bonkersly Good i think. likewise Rachel Thing from Muriel's Wedding.

Aitch Wed 20-Jun-07 21:03:56

come on you lot, ffs. when she smiles the fillers on her face pop out. and still no movement above the brow.

CantSleepWontSleep Wed 20-Jun-07 21:05:00

Oh I've been looking forward to this, but also Sky+ing it, so haven't started it yet.

Aitch Wed 20-Jun-07 21:08:04

oh fgs. sky plus will be the death of the MN telly addicts section...

ViciousSquirrelSpotter Wed 20-Jun-07 21:13:25

She looks a bit puffy doesn't she?

And yet very skinny at the same time

Aitch Wed 20-Jun-07 21:14:36

a bit puffy? you can do better, VSS.

ViciousSquirrelSpotter Wed 20-Jun-07 21:16:20

I can't decide whether she looks a bit more normal than she looked before or less normal

I can't quite remember what she looked like

NerdMagnet Wed 20-Jun-07 21:16:59

She looks squidgy, stretched and plasticky all at the same time.
Like Stretch Armstrong, but with slightly better hair.

frenchleave Wed 20-Jun-07 21:17:57

Got any links to photos? Can't get C4 here

Aitch Wed 20-Jun-07 21:18:57

even her hair is too thin, i personally think.
i can't get my head round what she looks like, it's like someone's cut pictures out of a magazine and pritt-sticked them together to make a face. it's a ransom note in facial form.

Tamum Wed 20-Jun-07 21:20:06

Oh I'm relieved to see this thread- she looks very bizarre, doesn't she? I have been trying to work out why she only has lines from the bottom of her nose down all the way through...

Aitch Wed 20-Jun-07 21:20:37

probably a bit cruel but you get the gist

Waswondering Wed 20-Jun-07 21:21:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Tamum Wed 20-Jun-07 21:21:08

Oh just seen your last post- fabulous description, she does look just like a photofit.

Aitch Wed 20-Jun-07 21:21:33

exactly tamum, her face is fine in repose but when it moves it's a weirdorama.

docket Wed 20-Jun-07 21:22:01

totally agree. she looks like she's had some botox and plumping in the lip area at the very least. think she looks a bit weird.

Aitch Wed 20-Jun-07 21:23:00

rachel thingybob, otoh, looks beautiful and human, i think.

ViciousSquirrelSpotter Wed 20-Jun-07 21:23:13

Yes the bits of it don't match up

Tamum Wed 20-Jun-07 21:23:22

The thing is I find her face so riveting I haven't the faintest idea what's going on. Who are all these people and why are they worried about money?

NerdMagnet Wed 20-Jun-07 21:23:36

I think she is trying to look like a jigsaw.
It's probably subliminal advertising for some left over 'Ally McBeal' memorabilia she's flogging on ebay.

ViciousSquirrelSpotter Wed 20-Jun-07 21:23:49

The bits of her face I mean

Tamum Wed 20-Jun-07 21:24:12

Mind you I can tell that things aren't looking too good for the dad right now...

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