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dinny Mon 18-Jun-07 20:19:43

very shocking...

lilolilmanchester Mon 18-Jun-07 23:09:11

agree. Expected there to be a huge thread on this programme - perhaps everyone's posting somewhere else? (or down at A&E having liver tests done?)

Blu Mon 18-Jun-07 23:10:36

What was it? I missed it - usually really enjoy Dispatches.

Pinkchampagne Mon 18-Jun-07 23:12:57

It was all about alcohol & how it damages your health etc. Hence I have only had tonic water tonight!

handlemecarefully Mon 18-Jun-07 23:14:42

I may seriously never drink again...

Will certainly be getting an LFT done. Typically I have been drinking 5 units or more every night! Didn't realise that was sufficient to cause liver disease.

Shocking stuff, and I totally agree with an interviewee in the programme that alcohol like cigarettes should carry a public health warning eg 'alcohol kills' or 'alcohol can seriously damage your health'

How is alchohol so socially acceptable when it is so pernicious?

Blu Mon 18-Jun-07 23:15:06

After the publicity a couple of weeks ago I realised that i had been completely underestimating units - I thought a glass of wine was 1 unit - it's 3!

I'm done for.

handlemecarefully Mon 18-Jun-07 23:16:04

Blu - over 50% of people tested in a free walk in liver testing 'clinic' - in both London and (where was it? Sheffield or somewhere?) had liver results which suggested some impairment of their liver function.

Pinkchampagne Mon 18-Jun-07 23:16:30

Oh blimey, I am so done for! I always thought a glass of wine was one unit too, although maybe not one of my glasses!

handlemecarefully Mon 18-Jun-07 23:17:14

One perfectly healthy looking young professional) man was told to lay off alcohol for several months, then his liver may recover

Blu Mon 18-Jun-07 23:17:22


handlemecarefully Mon 18-Jun-07 23:18:53

Actually if you carry on - you probably are done for!

(so speaks the newly evangelical reformed drinker)

I drink as a relaxation ritual. I drink regularly and quite freely but have decided to substitute with another ritual in it's place. Green & Blacks hot chocolate drink. It doesn't quite hit the same spot but at least it won't kill me.

Blu Mon 18-Jun-07 23:19:58

generally, we drink a bottle between us each night.

handlemecarefully Mon 18-Jun-07 23:22:04

Dispatches would say that was too much. They showed a typical bottle of red wine which was 12 units. So drinking half a bottle would be 6 units....and you should only drink 2-3 units per 24 hours as a woman for 'safe drinking'

Incredibly miniscule amounts isn't it?

Pinkchampagne Mon 18-Jun-07 23:22:16

I didn't watch it all, but it was quite scary stuff!
I drank a shocking amount last year, but I have got a little better since having no one to encourage me of an evening!

Pinkchampagne Mon 18-Jun-07 23:23:31

I find it easier to go without than to drink one glass tbh, because once I get the taste for it I want another glass!

handlemecarefully Mon 18-Jun-07 23:24:29

Me too.

Not touching a drop has been easy tonight...but had I drunk one glass, another would have followed and another!

Kathyis6incheshigh Mon 18-Jun-07 23:25:31

A bottle is 12 units? How do they work that one out?

I knew it was more than 7 these days and that a typical glass of wine's 2-3 because glasses are so big these days, but it's not that much stronger than it used to be, is it?

Pinkchampagne Mon 18-Jun-07 23:26:12

And if I drink tonic water I can almost kid myself I'm having a G&T...well, kind of!!

handlemecarefully Mon 18-Jun-07 23:27:24

Yes it is - that's precisely the problem. The alcohol content has crept up over the years.

Perhaps not all bottles are 12 units and they may have picked one at the higher range..but I think there are more units in a bottle than we imagine

Kathyis6incheshigh Mon 18-Jun-07 23:40:44

Ah I've just googled on how they calculate it and it seems that the bottle of 12% wine I had a glass of this evening had 11 units in it
We get seven glasses out of a bottle, though, so that's just over a unit and a half - not too much worse than I thought.

lilolilmanchester Tue 19-Jun-07 17:18:53

went out for lunch today. Almost had a glass of wine. Then made myself think about the programme and had a diet coke instead. Very pleased with myself!

dinny Tue 19-Jun-07 17:57:07

yeah, I'd watched this prog on Sunday at work. was terrified and made my mum, dad and dh all watch. so, in terms of OK units per 24 hour, it is basically a 175ml glass of wine?

handlemecarefully Tue 19-Jun-07 19:04:32

I suspect that my liver is so comprehensively stuffed that I need to abstain for a few months. Now I've made that decision I suspect that it is going to be quite easy.

Crazydazy Tue 19-Jun-07 19:49:39

Does anyone know if this is repeating? We missed it last night and I really want to see it, more for DH than myself.

dinny Tue 19-Jun-07 19:54:42

will try and find out...

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