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Home and Away - can someone give me a massive recap??

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KatieKat88 Tue 31-Jul-18 09:40:47

I watched H&A years ago (we're probably talking 10 years) - I have a lot of spare time over the summer to watch what I can find from 5 on demand but can any kind soul give me a brief précis of which families are in it still/ what crazy shit they've been up to?

sagasleathertrousers Fri 10-Aug-18 21:18:43

The only people still in it from ten years ago are probably Alf and Marilyn. Although she might have been working in the woolpack st that time! Oh and Leah and Irene, forgot them for a second.

I had a few years off but nothing much changed. Irene still taking in waifs and strays. Leah still irritating and boring in equal measure. She's probably had another two husbands since you last saw it. Alf is still single handedly running all of Summer Bay's emergency response teams from the surf club. There is a gang called the River Boys who are all ridiculously good looking and generate an endless supply of bad boys with man buns and hearts of gold under the criminal exterior.

Dragonlight Sat 11-Aug-18 13:00:03

And if memory serves as to the general H and A formula there will be a pregnant teen, a cheater, someone will be dead or dying, there will be a major disaster (flood, fire, explosion or crash of some sort) and someone will be hiding a deep and mysterious past.

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