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Admit it..someone else must listen to the Archers!!!

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Anoush Thu 31-May-07 11:12:39

I have a confession...i'm addicted to The Archers, but I have a few questions...

Why oh why is lovely funny Lilian with that Matt and do you recon she and the dancing guy (is it Mike?) are going to fall in love?

What is Ruth's obsession with milking the cows?

Why does Adam sound sooo he secretly evil or is he always good?


MamaMaiasaura Thu 31-May-07 11:14:03

my mum does .. she is over 60

Pixiefish Thu 31-May-07 11:14:33

dh listens to it

happystory Thu 31-May-07 11:18:58

Hi Anoush, I'm a fan too but wouldn't say addicted! Certain storylines are better than others, I think, very moving at the mo with Siobhan etc....Find it v relaxing of a Sunday morning, doing the ironing and listenig to the omnibus (my kids think it's the pits- but then I loathe Eastenders!)

PigeonPie Thu 31-May-07 11:20:39

Welcome to our small world! I've been listening for years and years and years (and I'm not yet 40!), but don't have much opportunity now so have the synopsis emailed to me. You might find the Archers Fanclub site helpful in answering your questions Haven't looked at it for a while though, rather too busy with my 18mo DS.

I'm sure that someone will be able to answer your questions though, I just wouldn't know where to start!

Aitch Thu 31-May-07 11:22:15

therre are LOADs of us, anoush. martianbishop is our queen, though.

Kewcumber Thu 31-May-07 11:24:09

has siobhan popped her clogs yet?

I too am suspicious about the Lillian/Mike story line...

Adam is just wet not good or evil.

So thats cleared that up then.

Carmenere Thu 31-May-07 11:24:43

I listen but have only been for about 6 months so I haven't really gotten the hang of all the characters and story lines yet. I MUCH prefer it to Eastenders, no contest.

winnie Thu 31-May-07 11:26:42

I am an archers addict too and I have been listening since I was about 11! Lillian and Mike won't get it together he is far to lacking in breeding for her

Kewcumber Thu 31-May-07 11:28:09

breeding = money

twinsetandpearls Thu 31-May-07 11:28:34

I listen.

twinsetandpearls Thu 31-May-07 11:29:07

Carmenere there is info on the bbc website to help you get up to date.

twinsetandpearls Thu 31-May-07 11:29:39

Kewcumber unless she dies today she is still going - just

Anoush Thu 31-May-07 11:31:00

oh 22, 23 in two weeks. The radio in the kitchen is the only thing that goes loud enough to hear over DSs shouts whilehe is eating...very bad i know but i have to have background noise on if it is just me and ds i go mad. Have learnt quite a lot listening to radio 4 though!
Adam is wet...oh dear he has a gorgeous voice though.

OrmIrian Thu 31-May-07 11:35:38

I listen. And love it. In fact I couldn't get through my day without R4 in general. If that makes me sad and middle-aged so be it. Don't really care.

Kewcumber Thu 31-May-07 11:37:40

she seemed to go from being healthy to being on the verge of dying very very quickly?

fishie Thu 31-May-07 11:38:54

siobhan will have to die on friday surely? or perhaps tomorrow so that ruaruririgigh can arrive in ambridge at 7.14pm asking plaintively "where's mummy?" in brilliant german/irish accent (fab acting there unless it's jeanette crankie) and even nasty cynics like me start blubbing.

jura Thu 31-May-07 11:40:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PigeonPie Thu 31-May-07 11:51:42

Jura, so much more succinct than I could have been (which is why I didn't try)

GloriaMumble Thu 31-May-07 11:51:56

add me to the list of addicts - can't remember when I started listening but given that my parents were fans it was prbably in utero!
Thought Ruaridh couldn't arrive till Alice had finished her exams (11 June IIRC) and they wouldn't whisk him away from Ireland before the funeral so I reckon siobhan will die on Friday and then there'll be a week of funeral preps, funeral next friday and he arrives on monday...
i thought ruaridh sounded liverpublian tbh and i spent the episode wondering wy they couldn't find an irish child actor.

jura Thu 31-May-07 11:52:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Earthymama Thu 31-May-07 12:04:24

May I add my praise for your summation,J!
I always get caught up in background detail as I've been listening since I was a lot younger than I am now!!
Mike and Lillian story will be classic misunderstanding for comic effect against the Siobhan storyline, I guess.
I love the archers, and could live without R4!!

yeahinaminute Thu 31-May-07 12:21:58

Sorry just recovering from choking on the opening of fishie's post "Siobhan will ahve to die on Friday"

My name is Siobhan

And for years Siobhan's storylines have almost mirrored my RL well apart from the affair with Brian ( how could she??!!) and the present one ( I hope)

My exH was Tim

She lost her 1st baby with Tim as I suffered a stillbirth

She was pg with Ruari whenI was pg with DD and whilst talking names with Brian said she would have Ruari for a boy and Roisin for a girl - we had already picked Roisin for our DD

But fingers crossed that is where the similarities have ended !!!

fishie Thu 31-May-07 12:29:00

oh dear yeahinaminute, sorry to hear that. but well done for avoiding brian!

ds was born the week after emma had george but fortunately we did not have brotherly paternity issues.

i am enjoying the ed / fallon storyline. i love ed.

Lilymaid Thu 31-May-07 12:29:36

I've been wondering when Siobhan will die. From my recollection great Archers deaths usually occur on a Monday or Tuesday (Tom Archer, Mark Hebden). Perhaps a cliff hanger on Friday?
Eddie's better milk yield is due to playing country music! Or singing it/doing his town crier speeches in the parlour. It wasn't that many years ago that the Grundy's milking methods were being criticised on the Archers - surprised that Ruth took him on and didn't make him take a health and safety course.

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