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Our Shirley valentine summer

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ladybird69 Thu 19-Jul-18 23:00:54

Anyone else watching?

gummywitch Thu 19-Jul-18 23:16:01

I'm sat here staring at the pillow faces! The weird puffed-up mouths. What a shame they feel the need to do this stuff

HollowTalk Thu 19-Jul-18 23:17:19

I watched it. That Nancy woman has a bad attitude!

coolncalm Fri 20-Jul-18 00:16:31

Nancy finds it hard to mix in. She's very self centered isn't she. Isn't it lovely there, it's made me want to go to Greece. grin

Susiesoap7 Fri 20-Jul-18 09:52:29

Only saw half of it.
Lizzie cundy will go on anything, last time i saw her she was doing the celebrity bride wedding, she's just desperate
What is agi doing there?
They all must need the money 💰
What can one say about Nancy?

Roussette Fri 20-Jul-18 12:28:13

I watched it. Thought Sian Lloyd was lovely, and she has spoken honestly about the fact her husband left her and she has NO idea why, she was heartbroken and thought they were really happy

Nancy is very self centred

Lunaballoon Fri 20-Jul-18 13:12:31

I quite liked it too. Love Island for 50-somethings! Ninja Benjamin was lovely and Annabel Giles looked amazing!

What indeed can you say about Nancy though, walking up a mountainside in towering heels! confused

boopsy Fri 20-Jul-18 23:00:47

Annabel Giles omg 58!! She is so elegant and gorgeous.Not liking Nancy she seems to be looking down her nose at everyone. Agree that some of them have terribly puffy faces why??? It looks awful.

Roussette Sat 21-Jul-18 07:09:18

Lizzie Cundy is the worst, she looks like she's got plasticine stuck on her face, most peculiar. I think a few of them, knowing they were going on this, had a lot of work done in a hurry!

Annabel looks lovely and natural however as do quite a few others.

Susiesoap7 Sat 21-Jul-18 09:14:50

Liking Annabelle, Aggie, Sian , ninja?

LizzieSiddal Sat 21-Jul-18 09:16:37

Felt very sorry for Ingrid. Chris Tarrant was having a 10 year affair!

Susiesoap7 Sat 21-Jul-18 09:45:06

Ingrid needs to grow up! That was years ago and she was on lots of shows, saying look at me, I don't care, I'm happy with my life!!
Get on with it woman

coolncalm Sat 21-Jul-18 10:27:48

Does anyone know when it's on again? i watched the first episode, just hoping i haven't missed one.

EachandEveryone Mon 23-Jul-18 00:59:17

Its on catch up. Why do they have that awful surgery? It makes them just look older.

Bugjune Mon 23-Jul-18 01:50:03

Annabelle Giles' facelifts look pretty damn good to me! It's the fillers of Nancy and Lizzie that look gruesome.

legolimb Tue 24-Jul-18 08:50:23

What channel is this on? Saw it advertised and will try and watch it today.

Bugjune Tue 24-Jul-18 15:01:12

ITV, @legolimb

legolimb Wed 25-Jul-18 22:25:14

I enjoyed that first episode.

It's a good mix I think.

How did Lizzie get a date with the Greek neighbour? He was quite handsome.

How old is Melinda messenger? She must be the youngest.

I'd love to spend a month in that villa. May be not with all those women.

HollowTalk Thu 26-Jul-18 23:02:49

I thought Ingrid had to be a Mumsnetter the way she spoke to her date in episode 2 tonight.

Deathraystare Fri 27-Jul-18 07:48:41

Enjoyed it last night. Nancy actually joined in! She didn't think much of her date but to be honest he Was talking about himself (well, she did ask!) and not her, (her favourite subject!!). I don't think he had the all important private helicopter either!

Susiesoap7 Fri 27-Jul-18 10:36:55

Well I'm older than them, I would love to go to that villa for a nice relaxing holiday. No way would I do speed dating with the old men, nor bother to cook a meal in that restaurant, but maybe I'm more grown up than them and don't need a man to live my life with. They are just so sad 😭

Roussette Fri 27-Jul-18 17:21:18

I think Nancy joined in a bit but she is the sort of woman who will revert back to wafting around the place wanting to be waited on

Loonoon Fri 27-Jul-18 18:49:59

I’m loving it so far. It’s nice to see women around my age mucking in together and having a good time and also being so supportive of each other.

I am also a little smug that Nancy is (supposedly) exactly my age and with all her money and resources looks a lot older than I do, although she does have a lovely firm jawline which I deeply envy.

IcedPurple Sat 28-Jul-18 21:36:12

I am also a little smug that Nancy is (supposedly) exactly my age and with all her money and resources looks a lot older than I do,

I'm guessing probably she IS a lot older than you!

I remember reading about Nancy in the gossip rags when I lived in Italy and back then she was a lot older than me. Fast forward 15 years or so and she and I are now nearly the same age.

How did that happen eh?

mydogisthebest Mon 30-Jul-18 20:44:39

I agree that Annabelle looks really good and doesn't look like she has had work done.

I have never heard of Lizzie but I looked her up and I think she looks a lot older than she actually is so all that work was a waste of money.

Never heard of Ninja Benjamin either. I can't find anything on google that gives her age so no idea if she looks good for her age or not

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