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This Is Us Season 2 - July 4th

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MadisonAvenue Fri 22-Jun-18 21:02:04

Finally! Season 2 starts on July 4th on More4.

Been waiting for this, we haven't been able to find a download of it anywhere.

AccioWine Fri 22-Jun-18 21:10:43

Yes! That's great news, thank you! I've been searching for it hopefully for ages. Took its sweet time!

ihatethecold Fri 22-Jun-18 21:20:53

Excellent news.

WooYa Fri 22-Jun-18 21:23:24

I’ve seen it! It’s amazing! shock grin

Purplerunner Sat 23-Jun-18 07:23:08

Yay! Can't wait.

LutherRalph1 Sat 23-Jun-18 14:40:06

I only discovered series one last week and majorly binged it, so pleased I don't have long to wait for season 2

WooYa Sat 23-Jun-18 18:36:38

I binged 1 and 2 when pregnant and nearly cried when my waters went halfway through the last episode haha

Ouch44 Sat 23-Jun-18 22:31:37

Yes!! Also been searching for ages was trying to get DH to sort VPN so we could watch on Australian TV, now I don't have to smile

Bubba1234 Sat 23-Jun-18 22:38:31

It’s so good I actually cannot wait.

CurbsideProphet Sat 23-Jun-18 22:41:30

I don't know why More 4 bosses have made us wait so long!

MarsBarsAreShrinking Sat 23-Jun-18 22:47:44

Hurrah been waiting for this for ages!

Thunderpunt Sat 23-Jun-18 22:59:52

Finally.... my friend who lives in the US got me hooked and they were always ahead...So glad this is back

Blondeshavemorefun Sun 24-Jun-18 07:55:43

Fab. Loved s1. So clever the way all interlocked

HyacinthsBucket70 Sun 24-Jun-18 07:58:28

Thank goodness! I can honestly say it's one of the best shows I've ever watched, the writing is sublime. Can't wait grin

Purpleprickles Sun 24-Jun-18 08:04:29

Yay! Thanks for posting this. I saw something in the tv mag about it coming back soon but no dates and nothing on the internet when I looked early last week. I loved it and couldn't understand why it wasn't more popular here. Everyone I know who watched it enjoyed it too.

MadisonAvenue Sun 24-Jun-18 09:57:55

I thought we'd never get it - so unfair that we've had to wait so long, and with the US being so far ahead (and getting Season 3 in Sept) it's been hard to avoid spoilers with US friends posting on Facebook etc about it.

Figgygal Sun 24-Jun-18 09:59:40

I can't believe how long it's taken

It's definitely as good as season 1

MyRelationshipIsWeird Mon 25-Jun-18 00:16:24

Agh! Just started a thread on this - should have checked first. Oops.

MyRelationshipIsWeird Mon 25-Jun-18 00:18:16

I fell in love with all of them and may have to rewatch the last series to get in the mood.

Amalfimamma Mon 25-Jun-18 00:44:13

I binged watched season one and 2 over 10 days when I discovered it on Amazon prime tv here. Downloaded both series and can't wait for s3

MadisonAvenue Mon 25-Jun-18 12:29:11

I hope we get to see Dr K in season two.

hiyahen Tue 03-Jul-18 09:22:19

I can't wait for series 2! Kate is my favourite smile

Graphista Tue 03-Jul-18 21:33:49

Can't wait!

Tissues at the ready - so cathartic and moving.

SpinMill Tue 03-Jul-18 22:09:10

I'm so looking forward to this.

iheartmichellemallon Tue 03-Jul-18 23:47:24

I can't wait! Such a good show!

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