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Tanya Byron & HOTT...where to watch?

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Kean1 Wed 13-Jun-18 05:44:47

Hello....a friend of mine has twins nearly 5 y.o. twin boys. They're pretty much out of control. She's in serious trouble! Anybody know where I can get hold of DVDs of HOTT or watch online somehow so I can help her??

Thanks in advance.

Kean1 Wed 13-Jun-18 06:16:39

PS I've found some videos on Youtube on a channel called "Nurture", but that's about all. If DVDs aren't available that's a great loss!

Saturdaygap Wed 13-Jun-18 06:25:36

What about the book? I think there's a book called Little Angels which presumably is based on the series in some way. Or she's probably got others.

Kean1 Wed 13-Jun-18 07:00:13

Thanks for the reply.
I have one of her books..."your child your way", but the program was so, so good...seeing the techniques in practice.

Saturdaygap Thu 14-Jun-18 15:08:34

They were great, I agree. She was so perceptive.

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