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Poldark series 4 - SPOILERS

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carol1234568 Mon 21-May-18 20:06:40

Is coming back very soon! I'm guessing in the next 2-3 weeks.

Who's excited?! I've read all the books and can't wait for the new series.

HettySunshine Sat 26-May-18 07:54:20

I'm excited! I love Aiden Turner. Do we know which books this series covers?

PrivateParkin Sat 26-May-18 08:39:31

It's back on 10 June! Can't wait!

Clionba Sat 26-May-18 17:59:08

Oh I'm so excited. I love this!! We need to find out what happens with the odious vicar and Demelza's brother!

SakuraBlossom Mon 28-May-18 16:02:44

Good, I need something wholesome to watch. Am feeling very sensitive at the moment and I can't watch the news or anything scary. good old Poldark will hit the spot.

userofthiswebsite Mon 28-May-18 17:39:40

Last series was great.
And Demelza hooked up with that really cute navy guy...

Clionba Mon 28-May-18 20:31:44

Yes to all of the above. I hear what you're saying, Sakura, and user I'd forgotten about cute Navy guy!

Theinconstantgardener Mon 28-May-18 20:37:37


Dulra Tue 29-May-18 08:22:44

Looking forward to this. I have read all the books but they have all sort of merged in to one. I can't even remember where the last series finished confused

For any Aidan turner fans he will be on Graham Norton on Friday grin

Clionba Tue 29-May-18 09:42:37

Oooh, thanks for that, Dulra! Will definitely watch smile. I re-read all 12 books after the last series and am also a bit confused, but I think we're up to the vicar and the sister in law, and Demelza and the Lieutenant.

SakuraBlossom Tue 29-May-18 12:53:07

Are the books good Dulra? I struggle to find books I like but I love a good bodice ripper.

Dulra Tue 29-May-18 13:35:44

I enjoyed them SakuraBlossom good escapism and they follow the poldark family for so long you feel part of it by the time you've finished them all grin

Clionba Tue 29-May-18 13:36:37

Hi Sakura, I don't know what Dulra thinks but I absolutely loved the first 7 books. The first 3 are very compelling. After book 8 it goes onto the next generation, which I found less interesting. The early ones are a great read, imho.

SakuraBlossom Wed 30-May-18 10:11:11

Sounds like a plan. I desperately need something to distract me from my hypersensitive, peri-menopausal state grin

Clionba Wed 30-May-18 10:13:29

Then these books are just the ticket! Buy the first three and enjoy, I guarantee you'll enjoy them and buy the rest! smile

SakuraBlossom Wed 30-May-18 17:25:07

Thanks X

Simulcrum Fri 01-Jun-18 23:46:19

Love him a little bit!

Clionba Sat 02-Jun-18 00:11:08

Did anybody see Graham Norton? That fan has knitted all the characters, including a topless Aidan grin

DarlingNikita Sat 02-Jun-18 15:06:23

Poldark is nice easy viewing, isn't it?

Is the doctor still in it, does anyone know? I love him.

MissDemelzaCarne Sat 02-Jun-18 15:09:23

Can’t wait. grin

spiderlight Mon 04-Jun-18 13:24:30

Settling in - can't wait!

youngestisapsycho Mon 04-Jun-18 14:47:27

How did the last series end?

SadieHH Mon 04-Jun-18 14:48:48

I'm wondering what they're going to bollocks up this series! <grumpy> wink

Lollyb86 Mon 11-Jun-18 05:57:50

Did anyone watch? I thought it was a reallly good beginning to the series. I've read all the books so there are some changes but it didn't bother me I just see them as separate things from each other 😊

IrenetheQuaint Mon 11-Jun-18 07:15:16

The storyline with Drake and Sam Carne being condemned to death then reprieved at the scaffold after Ross makes a rousing speech was not in the books and laughably unconvincing. Otherwise it was quite good (though the opening shot of Ross rising semi-naked from the waves was beyond parody).

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