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The Bridge 4!

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MrsFring Wed 09-May-18 11:00:02

Anyone else counting the hours 'til Friday? Saga banged up and stitched up for the murder of her evil mama; how will she cope? Come on Henrik, save our girl!

SirVixofVixHall Wed 09-May-18 11:05:39

Ooh yes. Looking forward to it.

MrsFring Wed 09-May-18 20:14:11

Just rewatched series 3 in preparation; Saga's relationship with Henrik is just beautiful

MrsFring Fri 11-May-18 06:31:28


Mc180768 Fri 11-May-18 06:45:31

Bristling with excitement.

Member Fri 11-May-18 06:48:18

I didn’t realise it was tonight, I thought it would be on theBBC Four Sat 9pm after salamander concludes

PurpleDaisies Fri 11-May-18 06:48:56

I’m very excited!

AnyFucker Fri 11-May-18 08:19:52


FullMetalRabbit Fri 11-May-18 10:58:31

I really hope we find out what happened to Henrik's family - can't wait!

SirVixofVixHall Fri 11-May-18 14:23:12

DH is going to run as fast as he can home to watch this.

FullMetalRabbit Fri 11-May-18 18:48:44

DH won't watch anything until all the episodes are recorded, so it looks like I have a long wait!

AlbertaSimmons Fri 11-May-18 18:54:44

Thank you! Is it on BBC 4?

Optimist1 Fri 11-May-18 19:18:29

BBC2 at 9:00, Alberta.

MrsFring Fri 11-May-18 20:05:43

Ominously, the makers have definitively said that this will be the final series. If it ends with Saga and Henrik (relatively) happily loved-up then it's all good. This is The Bridge though....

Slartybartfast Fri 11-May-18 20:06:50

Counting down!

Slartybartfast Fri 11-May-18 20:07:31

I hope they dont over do her Autistic personality

FemaleDilbert Fri 11-May-18 20:11:46

Can’t wait!!

Doyoumind Fri 11-May-18 20:22:36

Been so caught up in things today I forgot about it until just now.

Pebblespony Fri 11-May-18 20:27:45

Aggh. What the he'll happened in the last series. I can't remember. SPOILER ALERT!! Was it the one where her new partner had an imaginary wife? Or is that something else I watched.

Slartybartfast Fri 11-May-18 20:38:14

yes, she was a ghost

Slartybartfast Fri 11-May-18 20:38:30

as were the children,
<<I think>>

HollowTalk Fri 11-May-18 20:39:32

I meant to watch the end of Series 3 but haven't had time. Can anyone give me a summary?!

Doyoumind Fri 11-May-18 20:39:42

Just realised they're only showing single episodes shock It's going to be a long couple of months (though at the same time I don't want it to end).

Member Fri 11-May-18 20:51:17

I’m really in a quandary as to whether to watch live or compile the episodes for a binge watch; not sure I can cope with a week between each hour.

AlbertaSimmons Fri 11-May-18 20:53:43

Thanks optimist

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