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Real Housewives chat

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CurlsandCurves Mon 30-Apr-18 09:46:52

Just wondering if anyone else would like to have a bit of a natter about the Real Housewives franchises?

I’m currently watching Atlanta, OC, New Jersey and Cheshire ( but there’s already a Cheshire thread, so I’ll leave them out). I watch them at UK pace on Lifetime, itvbe etc.

Got to say I am loving NJ! Love that Theresa and Melissa are close again. Siggy needs to get a grip, it’s not all about her. Margaret I can’t work her out yet. And Danielle has definitely mellowed since she was last on the show!

Finding Atlanta really sad this season. Divorces, Matts abuse of Kenya, Riley’s dad all of a sudden wanting to ‘co parent’ etc. Mama Joyce needs to step back and keep her nose out of everyone’s business.

OC. Not enjoying this season as much. It all feels a bit flat. I do love Shannon tho, her sense of humour in her talking heads just cracks me up. I’m liking Kelly more this season. Lydia is boring me...

CurlsandCurves Mon 30-Apr-18 21:41:28


CurlsandCurves Tue 01-May-18 07:59:55

One last bump...

Scotschic Tue 01-May-18 10:03:17

Hey I’m here!...

Btw nobody has really chatted to me about the Dallas housewives and there’s so much to say about it! I love Brandi but she’s too normal to be a housewive & her shitty jokes about shit ain’t funny at all! Stephanie’s hubby is a control freak, Leanne is mad & def uses charity events to social climb, Carys hubby adores her and I think it’s crazy how she doesn’t like when he buys her Cavali dresses that was more expensive than his first car shock and I know this is all from season 1 but nevertheless I’ll still chat about it!wink

Season 2 wasn’t as good as Tiffany left because of Marie paying people to post derogatory things on social media about her & Leanne, who the fuck does that?!angry I loved Tiffany, she was cool.

I like D’andra and I really wanted her stepson to stay and make things work in Dallas but I think he felt that he didn’t fit in due to all the money that D’andra has and this was evident when she asked him to help her sort out her clothes to sell them online, his face when she said one of her dresses was £18k shock was, I think, the nail in the coffin for him ‘not fitting in’, she went too far when he rolled his eyes at her, she has major issues due to her mother always treating her more like a business partner than a daughtersadand it’s probably why she chose not to have kids. She’s a good, real friend to Leanne though.

What did you think of Heidi Effin Dillon?!grin I don’t think I’d get my friends a t.shirt that said ‘Skank’ on it grin as it’s not a nice word, I get the feeling that that word has just made its debut onto the Dallas social scene and that Heidi’s oh so cool by using it!grin She looked ridiculous at the lunch, in S1, with Leanne & Tiffany!

Kameron is boring & has no place being a HWhmm

Susiesoap7 Tue 01-May-18 10:08:47

I'm in!
Love oc and bh and ny.
Was watching the Iceland episode last night and of course Vicky has to be the drama queen. I think she's afraid of losing her status as top dog!
I can't stand vanderpump anymore think she's a creep, just like Vicky , they seem to think they re superior.
Lydia is getting boring she needs to grow up, and Shannon has a lot of issues in her life to face up to!

QueenofSerene Tue 01-May-18 10:10:25

I’ve watched Cheshire randomly at 3am when feeding DC but otherwise my only real addiction is NYC, used to watch Atlanta and OC but they ended up boring me.

Scotschic Tue 01-May-18 10:13:05

I watched a little of OC last night but I’m kinda getting bored of the long term housewives show, wasn’t OC the very first one?! We need new shows, there’s so many now; Toronto, Dallas, Auckland, Sydney, although I think some of them only started last year and so there’s only 2 seasons at most, I love watching the difference in clothes and surgery from the very first show to the last one! Leanne in Dallas finally stopped wearing the blusher all over her full cheek! At long lastgrin

Scotschic Tue 01-May-18 10:16:37

Atlanta bores me now, there’s so many posts on a Facebook thread that say Kim’s daughter, Brielle is sleeping with Kroy, I think that’s a disgusting thing to say & it just shows that the people that are saying these awful things have no respect for men and that a man can’t be around a young, slim woman without wanting to sleep with her, it’s borderline calling him a paedo because they are saying it from when ‘Don’t be tardy’ was on tv & Brielle was only 16 then, it’s horrible.

Scotschic Tue 01-May-18 10:42:26

I’ve signed up with Lipstick Alley so thanks to whoever told me about this site, Curls then I think it was you on another threadwink

falang Tue 01-May-18 12:48:53

I Love Cheshire, OC, nyc, nj, bh. Beverly Hills is my fav and lisa vanderpump my favourite.

twilightcafe Tue 01-May-18 12:57:13

I only watch the Atlanta one although it's not as entertaining without NeNe.
Mama Joyce is poisonous does need to mind her own business more. Kandi needs to stand up to her.
I miss Ladies of London but it's not coming back for another series, sadly.

Bluesue26 Tue 01-May-18 13:16:37

I'm in. I watch Cheshire, nj, oc, Dallas, Sydney, and Melbourne. I've seen a few odd episodes of ny and bh but can't seem to take to it. It's a bit like young children and their favourite Disney princess grin.
Shannon of oc worries me. She looks like she might be a bit of a heavy drinker and doesn't look stable to me. Athena from Sydney could drive the sanest person into an institution. When Melissa first arrived on nj I believed Teresa was just jealous of her. Now I think Teresa was right. Melissa is very passive aggressive and self obsessed. Siggy really needs to calm down and get a grip. Gina from Melbourne is the worst dressed of any of them.

Scotschic Tue 01-May-18 13:16:43

Anybody notice the racism directed at us white folks in season 1 of Potomac?! Robyn & Gizelle do not like white people and if a white person had said what those 2 said, about black people then there’d be a huge backlash but because it’s whites they are being racist about then nothing gets said!

How Robyn can deny being biracial is beyond me, she has green/blue eyes ffs, she’s more white than black yet identifies as a black womanconfused and Gizelle looks more black than white but she has green eyes, Gizelle said, about Katie that ‘white people don’t like you’angry

Scotschic Tue 01-May-18 13:22:25

Bluesue26 what do you think of Brandi from Dallas HW? I read a review of the season on & it was said that Brandi’s voice ‘is a Stephen King nightmare’ and I totally get that too!

Beaverhausen Tue 01-May-18 13:27:30

I loooove NYC Dorinda is my favourite. I do enjoy Jersey and have to admit starting to like Teresa again but Danielle Staub where is the sick bucket and Siggy is just unhinged but she is not returning for the new series. Do not like Melissa.

Beaverhausen Tue 01-May-18 13:27:57

Has anybody watched Potomac, Dallas and the Australian ones?

Scotschic Tue 01-May-18 13:34:24

I’ve watched Dallas and it’s 2 full seasons, I’m on season 2 of Potomac on HayU and started watching season 1 of Sydney.

The housewives are getting too old, we need some women in their 30s, Ramona, LVP, and a few others are far too old to prance about like they do...retire women.

Bluesue26 Tue 01-May-18 13:37:42

I like Brandi scotschic but I can see why someone would say that about her voice. The poo jokes are a bit much but I like that she doesn't look as over the top as other housewives.

Scotschic Tue 01-May-18 13:40:11

Yes I think Brandi is way to normal to be a housewife, her chat and clothes are very normal, she’s very beautiful isn’t she? I think redheads are either beautiful or not, there’s no inbetween with them, Stephanie is gorgeous looking and you can see that she wants a slice of ‘high society’ but Brandi’s actions will hold Stephanie back from that ‘elitist’ group and I think S & B both know this.

sparklepops123 Tue 01-May-18 13:47:18

Love all the housewives series but I couldn't stand Vancouver I think it only ran for one or two series but a couple of the women were completely vile

CurlsandCurves Tue 01-May-18 13:48:16

Stephanie’s voice is the same, all squeaky, they sound like a pair of chipmunks when they get together, lol. Leanne is just completely unhinged. She trots out this i was an abandoned carnival child story as an excuse for everything. Interesting her mum kind of called her out on it this season, saying you weren’t abandoned you were with your grandmother, I was working away and you knew that!

Scotschic Tue 01-May-18 13:50:08

Stephanie and Brandi together do my head in, they are so immature and remind me of a friendship I had at school, and the shit jokes are shit!

Susiesoap7 Tue 01-May-18 15:34:34

Leanne is dreadful, very desparate.
Shannon has problems!
What about the horrible Tamra in oc! She was so desperate to get a big ring from Eddie and then a big wedding! Don't believe all the god stuff with her, she's another attention seeker.
I could go on for hours please shut me up lol 😂

sparklepops123 Tue 01-May-18 16:02:11

Can't stand Lydia this season of oc she's become really annoying

Bluesue26 Tue 01-May-18 16:12:13

susiesoap7 everything with Tamara is fake. She goes on about missing her daughter but I read reports that her kids had asked her not to do the show anymore and she refused and that's what caused the rift.

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