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Jane the Virgin season 4 ending *SPOILER ALERT*

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CherryChasingDotMuncher Sun 22-Apr-18 00:23:59


This is my dream come true.

I've always been team Michael. I cannot wait for season 5!!!

Andylion Sun 22-Apr-18 05:32:12

That was unexpected. I also can't wait for the next season, although I'm a huge Raf fan.

CherryChasingDotMuncher Sun 22-Apr-18 08:00:58

I actually thought season 4 was a bit slow (we could have done without her dating that man child) and pondered wether or not I'd watch season 5. But I think they've done the breast cancer storyline remarkably well. And now this - it's a yes from me grin

Jaxtellerswife Sun 22-Apr-18 08:19:28

Part of season 3 was dull with all the school Mum stuff but overall I love this show

velvetroses Sun 22-Apr-18 10:08:09

So unexpected!!! I was shocked when Michael appeared. I think it confirms that the show is actually Jane's book and the narrator is Mateo as an adult.

MrsFionaCharming Sun 22-Apr-18 16:30:55


Part of Sin Rostros thing was changing people’s faces though, is that actually Michael?!

Andylion Sun 22-Apr-18 18:53:06

Ooo, MrsCharming, I never thought of that!

toolazytothinkofausername Sun 22-Apr-18 19:48:06

I think Micheal only stayed away as Rose threatened to kill Mateo!

DorothyBastard Sun 22-Apr-18 20:28:12


I was not expecting that! I’m pleased too as I’m definitely team Michael. Can’t wait for next season to see the explanation. Does anyone know when it will be on?

Andylion Sun 22-Apr-18 20:47:50

Team Michael? But...but...

CherryChasingDotMuncher Sun 22-Apr-18 21:17:05

Nah, I like a geek. Michael is cute as hell! Men like Rafael would be too high maintenance for me, I need someone who I can veg on the couch with eating chocolate buttons (not that Justin Baldoni would look at me twice anyway) grin

youngestisapsycho Sun 22-Apr-18 21:35:58

I’m with Mrs Charmimg... is it really him? He was a shock to see tho... new series prob around october.

Andylion Sun 22-Apr-18 22:41:17

Raf is a fantasy man. If I found myself on the couch with him, I wouldn’t be eating chocolate buttons. wink

Ansumpasty Tue 24-Apr-18 23:38:26

Ok, this is my guilty pleasure show and just caught up. I know nothing in this programme is ‘realistic’ as such but come on!? The only thing I can think of is that Rose has changed someone’s face to look like Michael to interfere with Rafael’s life, etc. Surely she would pick Rafael now, anyway? I love him!

FaithEverPresent Thu 26-Apr-18 23:55:15

I just caught up tonight! Straight out of a telenovela, right?! shock

I can’t believe it! Can it really be him?! If it is, what will Jane do?! I can’t believe they’d pull the twin storyline again but surgery to look like him is possible. I found Michael’s voice grated. Soon be able to tell if it’s really him by the voice. Raf knowing about Michael explains the sexy way he took charge in bed after he’d found out...thinking it’s their last time together...Mm, I definitely would! wink

MrsFionaCharming Fri 27-Apr-18 11:36:10

Another possibility is that Michael has amnesia and forgot Jane? Rogelio made such a big deal about it being a classic telenovela trope maybe that was a hint?

Jaxtellerswife Sat 28-Apr-18 08:52:44

Ahh yes I just read that there have been hints throughout about what's going to happen. Maybe the amnesia is going to be the explanation. Going to be a long wait to find out!

bonfireheart Sun 29-Apr-18 22:31:29

This series has felt a big flat (except for the cancer storyline which Xio has acted so well). And the personality transplants that both Raf and Petra have had are a large part of this. However, that ending knocked it all out of the park!!

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