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Teen Mom UK

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DreamGhost Wed 14-Mar-18 21:46:02

Come on, I can't be the only one who has this as a guilty pleasure? Anyone watch tonight's episode? Tell me I'm not alone grin

Bubblebug1 Wed 14-Mar-18 21:47:30

What channel please x

Fairenuff Wed 14-Mar-18 21:47:59

What channel is it on?

DappledThings Wed 14-Mar-18 21:54:15

We are between homes and have cancelled our Sky. I was gutted to see a trailer for this the day our contract expired. Someone fill me in on what's happening with all of them please!

DreamGhost Wed 14-Mar-18 22:48:45

It's on MTV, Wednesdays at 8pm. The new series just started tonight.

Megan and Dylan are back together and happy, it's only a matter of time before he cocks it up again.

Mia and Manley are on the rocks because he feels like she goes out too much and puts her social life before their family. He comes across as super controlling.

Chloe and Jordan are about to move into their new (£150,000) house. She comes across as a bit of a brat.

Amber has decided she has feelings for Ste again but he has moved on, she is devastated.

Sassi feels she has fallen out of love with Darren. She keeps saying the passion has gone and she doesn't fancy him anymore

thismeansnothing Thu 15-Mar-18 13:34:51

Just watched it now.

Hate Manley. What a controlling nasty piece of work. Wish Mia could watch this as an outsider and really see what he's like. No mum has to be in mum mode every waking hour. It's healthy to be yourself and do your own thing to. It's not either or or choo sing one over the other.

DappledThings Thu 15-Mar-18 16:55:40

I really need to be able to catch up on this. Chloe and Jordan are mad to be buying this young. Does he seem anymore into it than he did before? He always looked like he was dying to end the relationship but just couldn't be arsed.

Manly is horrible

mrssunshinexxx Sun 18-Mar-18 08:40:05

I watch it love it and the American teen mom but all the uk ones I just want to shake it's obvious none of them should of had children with them boys. Poor kids

sparklepops123 Sun 18-Mar-18 08:46:31

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Dancingmonkey87 Sun 18-Mar-18 08:53:18

Manley is abusive he wanted Mia to himself and didn’t like her socialising with her friends even when she brought her dd away with them. They since split up and he’s back with Erin now playing happy families on instagram he even had the nerve to say Erin is a better mom to Mia’s dd. First class dick. He will get baby mama 3 pregnant or Erin before long. I think he’s a player was seeing both of them on and off.

Dylan will continue to cheat on Megan I don’t think he’s changed. She was wrong to have the second baby to fix the relationship.

Sassi I don’t like her voice drives me nuts all the shouting and screaming.

Chloe seems like she’s getting everything given to her she’s lived at her parents house rent free. She doesn’t seem to socialise with friends which is a shame for her age. I know we saw her bf with his mates.

Amber I like her she’s so honest.

IHaveBrilloHair Sun 18-Mar-18 08:55:37

Jordan just looks bored all the time

Dancingmonkey87 Sun 18-Mar-18 08:57:27

Mia I love her energy she’s so full of life. Jordan does look bored as if he’s been pushed into things.

CatsCatsCats11 Sun 18-Mar-18 09:00:37

Love this show!

Hate Manley too, his behaviour towards Mia on instagram is disgusting, he was never that vile to Erin when they split.

Jordan deserves a medal I actually don't know how he puts up with Chloe and her spending and want want want attitude.

Quite like Mia and amber, sassi I'm not sure.

CatsCatsCats11 Sun 18-Mar-18 09:01:03

Oh and Dylan will deffo cheat on Megan again, he's a twat.

jemmstar1980 Sun 18-Mar-18 09:03:24

You are my people I’m dying for Mia to dump Manley!

jemmstar1980 Sun 18-Mar-18 09:05:52

And I agree Chloe never seems happy with Jordon.

BarryChuckle Sun 18-Mar-18 09:06:05

I really like Amber and have always routed for her and Ste to make a go of things.

I don’t see what Megan sees in Dylan at all and can’t see them working out long term.

Chloe lives in a dreamworld enabled by her parents, who buys their kid a brand spanking Mercedes for their first car?!

GobbyLino Sun 18-Mar-18 09:10:29

Manleys sister was on one born every minute along with his mum as her birth partner

Saz1995 Sun 18-Mar-18 09:15:18

Amber is my fave! I feel like she is the most realistic and genuine, lovely natured girl aswell

RowenaDedalus Sun 18-Mar-18 09:17:17

Sassi and Darren just cannot communicate at all. She sits him down for a talk and all of a sudden they're shouting at each other!

Manley is an awful person and his perfect dad act on Instagram is so annoying.

Dancingmonkey87 Sun 18-Mar-18 10:00:00

Manleys sister was on one born every minute along with his mum as her birth partner

I thought I recognised them! I love Mia and amber. Mia dumped Manley and get got back with Erin. I think she is a second choice but will do as she’s told, he’s very bitter over Mia and I don’t think he’s over her, they were childhood sweethearts. Like another pp he was never vile to Erin as he has been to Mia. They both been calling Mia because she dare to go out when Manley has the baby. I love how Mia won’t say anything negative and wished them the best of her instragram.

Dancingmonkey87 Sun 18-Mar-18 10:02:55

I can’t see Chloe and Jordan working out I think they have committed themselves far too young without really finding themselves for it’s. They never even lived together properly but bought a house. Chloe comes across quite needy especially last season.

Megan and Dylan definitely won’t last I sense she will be pregnant with baby number 3 in a last ditch effort.

BarryChuckle Sun 18-Mar-18 10:03:11

Why wouldn’t she go out when Manley has the baby?

She’s a teenager!

It’s all about control with Manley. Hate his perfect dad persona on instagram.

Dancingmonkey87 Sun 18-Mar-18 10:14:08

Personally I think Mia is stunning and she’s got a nice down to earth fun personality, he knew full well she could easily do better, she was a kid when she met him, he ain’t good looking in the slightest. He wanted to him in all the time and cut her off from friends and no doubt family. His mother and sister were fake with her.

RowenaDedalus Sun 18-Mar-18 12:09:15

I also think that Chloe is in a dream world and is quite spoilt. She's just naive though, she seems like a sweet girl. The house obviously isn't paid for by them particularly but she feels 'proud' that she's achieved a house purchase at 18. You could see Jordan's face said it all when she told him her auntie is lending them 3k. She doesn't know what money is at all!

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