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S02/E01 Marcella on ITV

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ariettyspaghetti Mon 12-Mar-18 16:08:56


ITV, i have been looking forward to this for literally months. and you've ruined it.

the whole of season 1 is up, a nice little catch up episode is up. and E02, 03 of new series are drifting uselessly. meaningless without ep1. my afternoon/day/week is ruined. I'm so sad. is there anywhere else i can watch???

in addition WHY are old school tv channels being so fucking tedious about giving us the whole series a la netflix? one a week really harshes my mellow they need to get with it.

all in all, v frustrated telly addict in hampshire this afternoon 🙁

ariettyspaghetti Mon 12-Mar-18 16:10:49

oh i think i've just found it never mind SOZ itv although idk why your player was hiding it from me for a minute there blush

ariettyspaghetti Mon 12-Mar-18 16:12:11

discuss Marcella and how the tv people should just let us have all the tv I'm a big girl if i want to waste entire days watching DRAMA that's what i should be able to do

S0upertrooper Mon 12-Mar-18 16:35:08

'Oh I think I've just found it' LOL!

ariettyspaghetti Mon 12-Mar-18 16:45:06

I was literally on the page that you get to if you click MARCELLA so idk I do not blame myself 😤blush but yes apols ITV fine work carry on except with that filth peers mogran

ariettyspaghetti Mon 12-Mar-18 22:03:46

I'm v disappointed it's a paedophilic storyline that's not entertaining that's just yuck sad

ariettyspaghetti Mon 12-Mar-18 22:34:49

wtf Marcella writers. is this really in poor taste or am i sensitised because i have a baby son. isn't there is plenty to have a police crime procedural about other than paedophiles depositing objects in little boy's bodies.

giardiniera Tue 13-Mar-18 22:36:43

It's a shame. I love police drama - great cast but turned this off as needlessly nasty.

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