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Sam & Billie - The Mummy Diaries

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DBoo Wed 07-Mar-18 21:29:37

Omg Gaynor is an MNetter. Hello Gaynor 😁.

Just watching this now. First of all makes me mega broody!!! Secondly I really like Billie and Gregg, seem really down to earth and I know others probably won't agree but I quite like big Paul and think he's just not up for the fame thing.

Anyone else watching?

OneInAMillionYou Thu 08-Mar-18 00:21:24

This is my TV guilty pleasure!

Was a little shocked at how Gaynor shut down Sam's baby shower pendulum silliness. I thought Sam should have supported her own mother, Gaynor could have just taken a walk for a few minutes!

Yes, no is a complete sentence, but no one was asking her permission and it really wasn't her place to dictate how a group of grown women spent their time!

I find Nelly a very irritating child, almost 'stage school'.... Preparing to be flamed!

DBoo Thu 08-Mar-18 07:08:31

Yes, I know people feel Sam is afraid of Paul but I think it's more so she is afraid of Gaynor.

Gaynor is perfectly entitled to her own opinion on pendulums but I'm with you - she should have left the room and let them get on with it. It was only a bit of fun.

I do feel for Sam's mam and Billie. I think they make it very obvious that they feel Sam is too keen to please Gaynor. It must be awful to see that happening and feel like there's nothing you can do. They do seem a tight knit group though.

I think it's lovely how in awe Gaynor is of baby Paul but a bit scary too. I hope she has room for Rosie. She shouldn't be so hard on herself about his arm all kids have accidents.

I do love the Sam and Paul wedding talk 😂 he literally has no interest whatsoever.

I hate how Sam asks him to validate her opinions all the time. we love this house, don't we? The baby was a surprise, wasn't it?

MiniCooperLover Thu 08-Mar-18 10:07:13

Gaynor is a bit terrifying, I wonder how Baby Paul's accident will affect her relationship with Paul and Sam. My DS had the pulled elbow happen to him and it's easily done, Gaynor clearly adores Paul, I hope she'll be the same with the new one. I think Sam constantly talks sideways to Paul to try and include him in the conversations or encourage him to speak, otherwise I think he'd just sit there in silence. Nice to see more of Billie's partner Greg, he didn't come across that well the last time but they seem happier now. Also I wish they'd stop with the weird 'in between' scenes of them dancing around. Very 'American TV'.

DBoo Thu 08-Mar-18 10:35:59

I know. The dancing scenes seem like needless fillers.

I do think she tried to get him to talk but he only ever says yes which I think naturally I would too because what else can you say? I thought he was funny in the car and showed their relationship in a more natural light.

I did think Sam was hoping for a proposal on the anniversary!

Yes I think Gaynor will really have took it to heart what happened with baby Paul. Hopefully Paul and Sam have took it for what it is, a child having an accident which can happen on anyone's watch. It's clear to see Gaynor would never do anything to hurt or even upset baby Paul. As she said, he is her world.

I get what you mean about Nelly too. When she said my darling Arthur it didn't sound particularly natural.

newcupcake Thu 08-Mar-18 13:53:49

I'm just watching this on catch up , I feel really sorry for Sam she is desperate to get married and Paul clearly doesn't want to. Makes me wonder what he's in it for

ReggaetonLente Thu 08-Mar-18 13:54:47

I thought Nelly was hilarious last night. I relate much more to Billie and Greg - they seem more normal and chilled. Sam seems to think she’s the new Kate Middleton.

I think Gaynor is awful and it made me appreciate my MIL! Sam’s mum was good not to snap at the ‘when I say no I mean no’ crap... they’re all grown women, they can do as they like. And the stuff about Paul being her best friend, the best thing that ever happened to her, it’s better than having her own kids... just too intense for me.

DBoo Thu 08-Mar-18 14:05:17

Yeah bit too intense for me too, I'd worry about her.

He must want to be with her but weird after two kids and buying the perfect house he wouldn't fancy marriage. Maybe Gaynor had a bad experience and it's put him off?

ReggaetonLente Thu 08-Mar-18 14:10:56

Oooh, daily Mail gossip - don’t judge me - is that they rent it, they haven’t bought it. The house belongs to Niall from One Direction!

Perhaps Gaynor did have a bad experience, they never mention a dad do they.

DBoo Thu 08-Mar-18 14:27:46

Love reading the comments on DM. I had seen something about that yesterday but someone said it was the previous house that they were only in for a while that was Niall's.

One of the comments on DM was something along the lines of 'imagine Sam's face when she sees that the public are calling for Nelly to have her own show - baby Paul will be enrolled in drama / comedy / dance classes, 😂

ReggaetonLente Thu 08-Mar-18 14:42:04

She should have her own show! But to be fair baby Paul was adorable too. Both Sam and Billie seem to have raised very happy, confident, secure children.

Where do Sam and Paul get their money from? DH asked last night and I had no idea. I know the girls have Minnie’s and Sam has the new All Bits (terrible name imo) but Paul doesn’t seem to go out to work like Greg does. Billie obviously makes money from her clothing lines but Sam doesn’t have any collaborations like that does she?

DBoo Thu 08-Mar-18 14:47:10

Sam definitely has perfumes and lashes. A lot of it will be magazine work.

Big Paul as far as I know works in finance in London was the impression I always had but I could be wrong.

Yeah the kids are all lovely.

Cherrypie32 Thu 08-Mar-18 15:13:59

Erm..she makes a lot of money making tv programmes 🤔 personal appearances, endorsements, her own lines and brand tie ins, a book. In fairness I think she works bloody hard. But I idea what Paul does, thought All Bits was both of theirs.

Mammyloveswine Thu 08-Mar-18 15:22:51

Just watching Sams raging shes now sharing with her sister! Will report back with full verdict when im done...

hmm to Sam saying "i didnt think you could get pregnant when breastfeeding"... erm Paul was over one and eating full solids by the time she got pregnant...

DBoo Thu 08-Mar-18 15:31:41

mammy I thought when she said that she knew exactly what she was doing. Big Paul probably had no idea though.

ReggaetonLente Thu 08-Mar-18 15:36:55

Erm..she makes a lot of money making tv programmes 🤔 personal appearances, endorsements, her own lines and brand tie ins, a book.

One series a year? To pay for that massive house and their lifestyle? Sam had her highest earning year ever last year - £325k. A lot of money but the life they seem to live would swallow mostly of that. A lot of what she does would get her one off payments rather than ongoing ‘royalties’.

I’m not denying they have the money, of course they do. I was just wondering how it all works. I see more of Billie than Sam in the shops, and the Mummy Diaries was only recommissioned because Billie came on board, yet hers and Greg’s lifestyle and home seems a bit simpler.

DBoo Thu 08-Mar-18 15:58:48

I thought the toys were a good comparison. Baby Paul had lots of lavish looking toys about 5 ride one etc. Nelly and Arthur had lots of toys but more toys available in same places we would shop like Asda, toys r us, etc.

Cherrypie32 Thu 08-Mar-18 16:09:35

Apparently she’s worth £4.2m and got a six figure sum for the Baby Diaries second series alone. Billie has never been as high profile until now. She was still doing TOWIE until last year.

Sinistrophobia Thu 08-Mar-18 16:48:08

Just about to watch this on catch up, I'm sure I've read somewhere that big Paul is in property development?

newme175 Thu 08-Mar-18 16:54:32

Did anyone see big Paul picking his nose in the car?
Apart from that I enjoyed watching it, and watched previous series, its my guilty pleasure smile

DBoo Thu 08-Mar-18 17:19:24

Didn't notice the nose picking haha!

I'm going to go even more down the reality TV rabbit hole now and watch Chris and Olivia whilst dp is out so he will never know

Mammyloveswine Thu 08-Mar-18 17:54:50

Finished watching! God Gayner would drive me mad! Also Paul is such a drip... really irritates me!

I also found Nelly irritating but Paul is very cute... he seems very calm! I have two the same age as Sams children and my 2 year old is an absolute lunatic 🤣

Excited for next week and the birth of Rosie! Love a good birth!

ReggaetonLente Thu 08-Mar-18 18:09:31

Ahhh property development is good money, and would explain why he’s able to be at home.

DefinitelyMaybeBaby Thu 08-Mar-18 20:32:18

I agree that Gaynor is a nightmare MIL. 100% if you are at a baby shower it's what the mum to be wants to do that goes, same for bride to be at a hen do or birthday person at a party. She seems very controlling dictating what can and can't go on. She should have put up and shut up or at the very most made herself scarce and taken a walk - it's a bit of fun!

I thought the whole "I told him I will be his best friend" was really controlling too. Putting herself above his other relatives and even parents!
She's very intense. I agree it will be interesting to see the dynamics when Rosie is born.

I liked seeing Greg and Billie, and definitely found them more relatable. The two times they mentioned money, in reference to his teeth and the wedding in the Maldives, was to say "if we can afford it"/"it might be too expensive". As opposed to Sam who seemed keen to show off all that they have.
Billie was relatable and likeable when Gregg said he'd been to the Savoy with an ex, getting jokingly annoyed. I feel like Sam is always so keen to portray her and Paul as perfect you wouldn't see that with them. I think she was definitely disappointed in their anniversary. She said to Billie she thought he would do something big and when he said he booked her a massage she was like"yeh I didn't want anything big anyway I just wanted to chill". And then they add "he took into town to chose a new bag the next day"...yeah I bet he did, after he got his ass kicked when the cameras stopped rolling wink

Only bit I didn't like from Billie was her reaction to Sams choice of a home birth. Totally sams decision and if she knows ending up in hospital is an option and is prepared for that again then that's totally her choice to make.

DBoo Thu 08-Mar-18 21:51:30

Yeah I much prefer Billie and Greg. It was funny when they won the award and Billie was a bit tipsy then it shot to Sam who properly composed herself before giving the response she thinks people wanted to hear. I preferred billies natural response.

Greg really doesn't need his teeth doing. He has a lovely manly face and should keep it that way.

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