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The Walking Dead resumes - Season 8, Episode 9 (Honor)

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Aridane Sun 25-Feb-18 10:57:12

Apologies if a dedicated thread has already been started on this.

Watching now.

Can’t see most of it as it is shot at night / in poor light conditions.

Anyone else watching?

Aridane Sun 25-Feb-18 17:21:54

Just me watching?

elmo1980 Sun 25-Feb-18 17:23:16

I didn't think it started until tomorrow night! Are you in the UK? How are you watching it?

Aridane Sun 25-Feb-18 18:32:42

This is really strange, elmo. I’m in the UK and watched it this morning on, specifically . However, the episode has now been removed shock.

May it was released early in error?

elmo1980 Sun 25-Feb-18 18:48:26

How odd, we watch through now tv and it's still saying available tomorrow. Oh well just a bit longer!

Lettucepray Sun 25-Feb-18 18:56:18

It's on here tomorrow on Fox. Not looking forward to it tbh, Coral!!

Aridane Sun 25-Feb-18 19:01:57

Well, a happy glitch I saw it a day early. Still all a bit ‘meh’ (hope that doesn’t count as a spoiler).

DaphneFanshaw Sun 25-Feb-18 19:05:38

I don't know if I can be bothered to watch it anymore. I used to love it and I would look forward to my Monday night fix. I just feel a bit meh about it now.

Lettucepray Sun 25-Feb-18 19:09:06


I signed up to the link you posted and it's really dodgy and doesn't seem to work?? Is it legal?

Aridane Sun 25-Feb-18 19:10:19

Lettuce - no, no - don’t sign up or give details. Just stream the stuff on there

Aridane Sun 25-Feb-18 19:11:03

I just search for stuff, click on the links, shut down pop ups etc, and watch

Aridane Sun 25-Feb-18 19:11:55

I probably shouldn’t have posted links - it was just elmo asked where I was watching

OldHag1 Sun 25-Feb-18 19:19:38

Ooh thanks for the reminder. Set it up to record.

Lettucepray Sun 25-Feb-18 19:23:11


When I click on link it just takes me to another site that wants my details? I want to watch Fear the walking dead.

DixieNormas Sun 25-Feb-18 19:26:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Aridane Sun 25-Feb-18 19:38:04

This is where I have previously watched FTWD.

Do not sign up - just click on the relevant episode. Others may have other preferred streaming sites.

MiddleClassProblem Sun 25-Feb-18 23:48:38

Checking in. Won’t be watching until DD is at nursery on Tuesday avo so will avoid here tomorrow night.

I’m all up to date on FTWD too now.

EachandEveryone Mon 26-Feb-18 11:24:43

Oh I’m not too excited about it. Is this the last season? It’s like Homeland they don’t know when to stop. And we need to see it through.

BeyondDeadlySiren Mon 26-Feb-18 11:27:27

Marking my place though I can't watch it til the end of the week 😬

OohMavis Mon 26-Feb-18 11:32:20

Will be watching tonight.

Have your adblockers and shit locked down tight when you go on those sites, they're dodgy as fuck!

Coral sad

hopethisworks Mon 26-Feb-18 13:23:24

Place marking too. Been lurking on these threads for ages so taking the plunge. I'd forgotten about Coral sad!
TWD used to be a real tv event for me (I'm such a saddo sometimes I'd leave in until Friday to watch so the anticipation would build, I'd buy snacks and everything. Really need to get out more) but the last series really frustrated me and was too fragmented. Hoping Rick gets his shit together soon!

Aridane Mon 26-Feb-18 13:31:23

Yes - it used to be fab, didn't it? This series I didn't even watch the episdoes as soon as they came out. Only discovered the current episode by accident (was looking to see when Suits resumed and found the latest episode released).

MiddleClassProblem Mon 26-Feb-18 14:18:52

I think killing Coral is hard for them to come back from. I think fans and cast are pissed off about it.

Honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Andrew hung up his sheriff’s hat. I know Gimple said they could kill of Rick but he’s all chat. I think if it continued past that it would be hard to keep fans interested. Sure Maggie’s a great leader but she wants to settle and have a safe community for her baby. I’m not sure how much excitement is to be have once they’re all sorted!

MiddleClassProblem Mon 26-Feb-18 14:20:14

Anyone watching FTWD or about to, series 3 was definitely the best. I found them so annoying in the first series, series 2 I tolerated them but 3 I actually like most of them!

Aridane Mon 26-Feb-18 14:26:06

Agree on FTWD! Yes, they were so anoying in the first two series. Bloody Madison. It improved in Series 3.

Mind you, I did like the very first few episodes as set in an earlier timescale that TWD.

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