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Modus !

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Timetogetup0630 Sat 10-Feb-18 22:19:18

Anyone else watching this ? It's very exciting !

Misty9 Sat 10-Feb-18 22:25:43

I dunno, can’t get into it myself. I think Greg wise is particularly wooden and has a rubbish American accent. Spiral gripped me more

Timetogetup0630 Sat 10-Feb-18 22:27:54

Haven't watched Spiral so can't compare.

NoTractorsAtTheTable Sat 10-Feb-18 22:32:22

I loved the first series, but this one isn’t grabbing me so far. It’s a wee bit too Scandi-Hollywood for me, but not going to argue about having another series of Henrik Norlén. Must be the sensible jumpers and the Volvo smile

Misty9 Sat 10-Feb-18 22:34:13

They do love sensible jumpers don’t they? The news reporter was wearing one and I couldn’t imagine ours in the U.K. dressed like that grin

Mishappening Sat 10-Feb-18 22:37:17

Heavens yes - Spiral was in a totally different league.

eddiemairswife Sat 10-Feb-18 22:42:30

I found it enjoyable, but it was very dimly lit. I don't mean the tunnels, but the various living rooms.

NoTractorsAtTheTable Sat 10-Feb-18 22:47:24

That's the Scandi way, isn't it? Lots of lamps and not a lot of light. And sensible jumpers mildly obsessed

eddiemairswife Sat 10-Feb-18 22:53:03

They must strain their eyes when they are reading.

LouiseBrooks Sun 11-Feb-18 11:06:18

I watched the first series but nearly turned this off after 10 minutes. I'm glad I didn't though and enjoyed it.

Greg W is a baddie, no doubt.

mrsjoyfulprizeforraffiawork Sun 11-Feb-18 13:36:01

It is a bit dim and gloomy - surely the sun must shine sometimes? I can't always hear Greg Wise (maybe should go for a hearing test) and his American accent is sometimes a bit dodgy but, hey, I love a bit of Scandi Noir.
I noticed in these Scandinavian series, they all seem to wear a lot of sweaters/thick clothes indoors at home, even with guests there, so I assume their heating isn't as high as ours usually is.

Madbengalmum Sun 11-Feb-18 16:28:05

Watched the first one, too many Americans in it! Spiral on the other hand, was my favourite thing on telly for ages.

polyhymnia Sun 11-Feb-18 18:09:21

Is Modus subtitled?

eddiemairswife Sun 11-Feb-18 18:14:07

Not for the bits where they talk American.

NoTractorsAtTheTable Sat 17-Feb-18 19:34:58

I'm sticking with this - I've dug out my scandi-esque jumper for tonight grin

NoTractorsAtTheTable Sat 17-Feb-18 22:33:09

Much better tonight, I'm into it now grin

ToffeeUp Sun 18-Feb-18 00:27:29

Just caught up with all the episodes and enjoying it. Warren is a baddie but probably not The Baddie.

Auldspinster Sun 18-Feb-18 08:18:21

I did enjoy the bit with Greg Wise in a towel.

NoTractorsAtTheTable Sat 24-Feb-18 20:59:40

Bumping for tonight's episodes smile

NoTractorsAtTheTable Sat 24-Feb-18 23:22:31

Must just have been me blush

There was further Greg Wise, in and out of towel.

This series is not quite gripping me as much as the previous one, but shaping up nicely for the finale next week. I did have to laugh a little at Ingvar's total lack of interest in Inger Johanne's whereabouts - I think there's an AIBU in there grin

ToffeeUp Sat 24-Feb-18 23:37:27

Just caught up with the last 2 episodes, I enjoyed it, quite a few twists thrown in.

ReelingLush18 Sun 25-Feb-18 13:06:09

I reckon it's Helen's husband who is behind it all.

helzapoppin2 Tue 27-Feb-18 19:36:57

Late as usual, I'm watching it on catch up. Presidents husband definitely iffy, and isn't Inger awesome, crime fighting at about nine months pregnant? Not sure I was ever that mobile!

fusushumi Wed 28-Feb-18 16:19:46

It's quite exciting but also a little bit silly

NoTractorsAtTheTable Sat 03-Mar-18 21:47:23

Looking forward to see how this will all draw together in the next 45 mins!

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