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New westworld season coming up

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BeyondTerfyCassandra Sat 10-Feb-18 19:17:43

Yay! Come on wims - it's time to fuck shit up! grin

Looking forward to the music again. Predicting lots of Radiohead...

BeyondTerfyCassandra Sat 10-Feb-18 19:18:09

Anasnake Sat 10-Feb-18 19:19:00

And there are 6 rumoured worlds ?? Westworld, Samurai world and ????

BeyondTerfyCassandra Sat 10-Feb-18 19:22:22

Oo I can't remember what they showed now...

I remember there were medieval and roman worlds in the film

Chaosandmadness Sat 10-Feb-18 20:18:29

I can't wait. Saw a trailer for it last night and hoped it meant it would be starting soon. Was a bit sad when it said April

SophoclesTheFox Sat 10-Feb-18 20:41:57

SO FREAKING EXCITED!! Can't wait grin

BeyondTerfyCassandra Sun 11-Feb-18 13:11:02

April is good - means I have time to fit in a rewatch of S1 without it affecting my work (she says, knowing full well she'll binge watch it and not work...)

ToffeeUp Sun 22-Apr-18 19:28:14

It's back tonight!

US viewers can tune into Westworld on HBO at 9:00pm EST. The show will also be simulcast in the UK on Sky Atlantic, which is a broadcast time of 2:00am BST. The episode will then be broadcast on Sky Atlantic later on Monday at the much more reasonable hour of 9:00pm.

JAPAB Sun 22-Apr-18 21:35:35

I lost the plot a little bit with s1. Perhaps I will watch it again and pay more attention smile

In the film they had Medieval world. Since Michael Crichton, who wrote the film, also wrote Jurassic Park, he has a thing for themeparks that go wrong. But anyway, they could have a dinosaur world.

dingdongdigeridoo Sun 22-Apr-18 21:49:32

I lost my way with the plot on season one as well. Had to get DH to explain some of the twists. But it’s a cool show. Great effects and love the world they’ve created.

DuchyDuke Mon 23-Apr-18 15:14:21

Can’t wait so excited!

Oblomov18 Mon 23-Apr-18 15:15:40

Can't wait.
Watched the summary of series 1 last night, the story so far, and there were a few bits I'd missed! So that was good.

ChiefClerkDrumknott Mon 23-Apr-18 16:17:34

I loved the first season and re-watched the final episode last night. Looking forward to the new one tonight grin

MsGameandWatching Mon 23-Apr-18 16:22:20

I lost interest during episode 5 of season one but seeing that S2 was coming up I decided to try again. Just watching episode 9 as we speak and am glad I tried again.

EsmesRedPetticoat Mon 23-Apr-18 16:22:25

Ooh! I knew it was starting soon but couldn’t remember the date. Bugger yoga tonight. I’ll be watching some sex and violence instead!

Ginorchoc Mon 23-Apr-18 17:21:21

‘‘Twas a little confusing at times last night hopefully it’ll pick up as season 2 jogs along.

Roominmyhouse Mon 23-Apr-18 21:17:54

I liked the new episode! Looking forward to what the rest of the season brings. Definitely one you have to concentrate on while watching though.

dingdongdigeridoo Mon 23-Apr-18 22:07:29

Yeah that was intense! I had to look away quite a few times as it got very graphic. I was a bit confused by the ending. Who was in the water?

ToffeeUp Tue 24-Apr-18 08:54:58

Good start to the series, even with the high body count.

DH and I thought it was Teddy in the water?

Roominmyhouse Tue 24-Apr-18 09:31:48

I think it was all the hosts in the water? Bernard said he’d killed them all I think? confused

bakingdemon Tue 24-Apr-18 09:40:46

I got so confused with the timelines! Clearly there's a big gap between Bernard injecting himself with brain fluid and him waking up on the beach and then finding all the drowned hosts - but what happens then?

So excited about other worlds - there's samurai and probably medieval and roman - but which world was the dead tiger from?

And also: we now know it's on an island somewhere around the Pacific, given the soldier who was being told his military had no jurisdiction there. I wonder where, and if the hosts escape where that means they'd end up.

And why does Delos want Abernathy so badly that they were willing to leave the bodies of the Westworld board to rot in the sun for two weeks?

So gooooooood.

dingdongdigeridoo Tue 24-Apr-18 10:48:40

Thanks Toffee. I kinda thought it was Teddy too, but it also looked a bit like the writer guy.

Ugh the bodies in the sun was the worst bit. Far too realistic!

ijustwannadance Tue 24-Apr-18 10:54:44

I'm just pissed off that they've moved it to Sky Atlantic which we don't have.

ToffeeUp Tue 24-Apr-18 12:19:43

I think there are 2 timelines. Bernard being found by Delos is a few weeks later than the shooting. I am assuming Charlotte managed to send the package, Peter Abercrombie, and get help.

Dingdong, we thought it looked like Teddy but it could be the writer bloke

ToffeeUp Tue 24-Apr-18 12:20:39

Abernathy, I mean

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