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Our Girl and Captain James Addicts XLV

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Ilovelblue Tue 16-Jan-18 20:20:29

Waiting out for the next series of Our Girl set in Nigeria. Some of us are still mourning the passing of Elvis Harte. All discussions on Captain James and his team welcome here (as well as other things from time to time).

Ilovelblue Tue 16-Jan-18 21:07:35

Continuing our watchalong of series 1, episode 1.

Ilovelblue Tue 16-Jan-18 21:10:15

I'd forgotten that Smurf had CJ up on a pedestal.

... and here comes Jackie. We didn't really see enough of her.

Who is that blonde girl on her bed reading. She looks dead stuck up.

Ilovelblue Tue 16-Jan-18 21:11:12

We learn that Smurf's brother was shot and how CJ crawled to retrieve his body.

You feel for Molly - she's like a fish out of water.

Rhubarb01 Tue 16-Jan-18 21:11:28

It's a bit of coincidence that Jackie knew Smurf's brother.

Ilovelblue Tue 16-Jan-18 21:12:44

Molly completely freezes when faced with her first emergency. (I think I would have done too when you see all that blood).

Rhubarb01 Tue 16-Jan-18 21:12:54

This was pretty graphic wasn't it. Poor Molly.

Ilovelblue Tue 16-Jan-18 21:14:28

Oh no, the embarrassing PT session and the stiletto comment from the male chauvinist pig aka CJ.

Rhubarb01 Tue 16-Jan-18 21:14:35

Ooh here we go with the sexist remarks. Nasty Rupert. Do you think he'd gone off women because of the issues at home?

Ilovelblue Tue 16-Jan-18 21:15:30

Oh and the puffer (puffa??) fish comment.

Wait for it Molly, you are going to be told off.

Rhubarb01 Tue 16-Jan-18 21:15:35

How much she must want to sock him one! He's so arrogant at this point and really angry.

Ilovelblue Tue 16-Jan-18 21:16:19

Watching CJ here and then in the later series, he has really altered in character.

Ilovelblue Tue 16-Jan-18 21:17:37

He's a complete git with her! In anything other than the military, you'd want to tell him exactly where to go!

Kinders is as bad.

Rhubarb01 Tue 16-Jan-18 21:17:38

Given the army's new recruitment campaign announced this week I really hope this isn't an accurate representation of what it is like to be a young woman in the army.

Ilovelblue Tue 16-Jan-18 21:18:57

Smurf seems quite understanding and compassionate at this point. I'd even forgotten it was the first tour for Two Section. I've not watched Series 1 for ages and ages.

Ilovelblue Tue 16-Jan-18 21:19:40

Rhu I still reckon there's an awful lot of chauvinism and bullying, regardless of any recruitment campaigns.

Rhubarb01 Tue 16-Jan-18 21:19:44

The more I see this CJ ilove I keep thinking that he's a bit angry at the world because he's not happy in himself and his personal life. When things get better for him he is a nicer character.

First glimpse of bonkers Smurf. Questionable mental attitude.

Rhubarb01 Tue 16-Jan-18 21:21:37

Maisie in series 3 is much more 'one of the lads' from the outset. Even Georgie is a little bit of an outsider at the start.

Rhubarb01 Tue 16-Jan-18 21:22:00

'Pen Girl' pops up!

Ilovelblue Tue 16-Jan-18 21:22:38

First sighting of Bashira. I guess if Molly had heeded Smurf's advice, then she would have kept herself out of a great deal of trouble and heartache!

Rhubarb01 Tue 16-Jan-18 21:22:52

I really miss the music in the later series. This is so much more atmospheric.

Rhubarb01 Tue 16-Jan-18 21:24:44

Smurf is so dumb sometimes. I'm amazed that his dodgy attitude hadn't been spotted long before this.

Ilovelblue Tue 16-Jan-18 21:25:33

Sohail is a pretty scary looking character.

Smurf isn't exactly professional - yes, Rhu he is showing some unfortunate mental issues even so early in the episode.

Captain Azzizi! Now in a body bag in series 3....

Rhubarb01 Tue 16-Jan-18 21:25:40

Oh there is Captain Azizi - I feel really sad knowing what happens later.

Ilovelblue Tue 16-Jan-18 21:27:42

You do not look like Prince Harry, Mansfield, not with that cigarette tucked behind your ear!

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