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Is anyone rewatching Friends on Netflix?

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QueenOfTheAndals Tue 16-Jan-18 08:27:18

I was a big fan back in the day and thought Ross and Rachel were so romantic but upon rewatching, he's really unpleasant isn't he? Controlling, manipulative, gaslighting - I bet she lived to regret not taking the job in Paris!

And Joey is meant to be a big stud but he's just a bit of a sex pest and extremely stupid!

And yes I know it's "just a tv show" but it's funny how I'm noticing these things now and didn't when I first watched it.

Notagainmun Tue 16-Jan-18 08:33:12

Yes, I agree with you. It is still addictive viewing though.

CrazyExIngenue Tue 16-Jan-18 08:34:39

Ross and Rachel aren't even half of it, the fat jokes, the gay jokes, the transphobia. It really is a product of its time.

eleflumpfly Tue 16-Jan-18 08:35:25

I used to love friends however i re watched it recently and couldn't stand it!!

GetDownDog Tue 16-Jan-18 08:37:11

I'm watching it and mostly loving it.
Completely agree with you about Ross, he's horrible.
The feminist in me (that wasn't there when Friends was doing the rounds years ago) wonders if this show is part of the reason that porn is so mainstream now, it's often referred to, plus the men's crappy antics dismissed as <eye roll> <boys will be boys>.

k2p2k2tog Tue 16-Jan-18 08:37:54

It's very dated. I never watch and rewatch stuff again and again as there's so much good new stuff to watch instead, but saw an old Friends episode on a plane last summer and it just seemed very dated.

moochypooch Tue 16-Jan-18 08:41:26

My kids are watching it - they really hate Ross!

ShatnersWig Tue 16-Jan-18 08:42:48

No. I thought it was shit first time round. I think I managed to sit through three episodes. I never understood its popularity at all, as I found all of them pretty objectionable or unlikable.

WeeBeasties Tue 16-Jan-18 08:45:01

I'm enjoying watching as an adult, as I was quite young the first time around. Really love the fashion- don't remember nipples being so prominent in the 90s.

I always thought I was a Rachel but now I am definitely identifying with Monica. I used to think her relationship with Richard was gross and shocking but now I totaly get it.

But it is a product of its time. The men are not coming out of this re-watch very well. Ross truly is the worst.

TheQueenOfWands Tue 16-Jan-18 08:46:01

I agree with the above but they did show a lesbian wedding which was groundbreaking at the time.

And I once saw an interview with the lady who played Julie and she said at that time an Asian person on television speaking with an American accent was quite a big thing.

And in the 'one that could have been' larger Monica did still end up with Chandler.

So, it's not all bad.

ASmallBlueberry Tue 16-Jan-18 08:53:33

I really, really don't get this sudden Friends backlash. There are plenty of TV shows which are dated in terms of political correctness yet still well loved such as Only Fools And Horses and Fawlty Towers. There are also TV shows which are actively controversial such as The League Of Gentleman or Family Guy...

So although there are some aspects of Friends that might provoke a bit of eye rolling, it's 20 years old and of course in 20 years attitudes have changed. It's worth remembering though that in some ways Friends was ahead of its time.. Carol and Susan's wedding for example was one of the first mainstream portrayals of gay marriage on US television and it was actually banned in certain states.

The same way that Ross had some questionable moments but ultimately had some nice moments too. Also, he's funny. And given it's a sitcom, it would be very boring if everybody was normal and unremarkable.

Youngmystery Tue 16-Jan-18 08:55:22

I love it. Rewatching it as well.

Ross was never a liked character even when it first came out. He is controlling over Rachel, that's why they split up. But like most women in controlling relationships, she keeps going back to him, it is basically just following what women do there. They still do it and always will.

It's a TV show. It's not reality, it's for entertainment. That's why there are jokes, jokes make fun of stuff, like comedians do. It's not meant to be taken seriously, it's to put on at the end of a crap day at work and have a laugh and remember that not everything in life is designed to get you down. It's not meant to tell you how to live your life or what you should say to people or how you should build a relationship. They point out repeatedly that every relationship has flaws, it's not some fantasy that is perfect in every way and they live happily ever after. It shows growth in people, how they change to better themselves and better those around them and closest to them.

afreshnewname Tue 16-Jan-18 08:56:32

I got 4 episodes in a few days ago and realised the acting is awful, I don't remember it being that bad

Bossbaby12 Tue 16-Jan-18 08:58:58

I love Ross! I think it might just be me though

CrazyExIngenue Tue 16-Jan-18 09:01:00

I really, really don't get this sudden Friends backlash

Oh I still love it, I'm just noticing this stuff now, which I never noticed before. Personally I still think it's a great show, just dated. I will forever love "Shark Porn"

QueenOfTheAndals Tue 16-Jan-18 09:04:00

Of course it's a product of its time, I find most 90s shows don't stand up too well to scrutiny. It's just funny how I never noticed these quirks at the time. And let's leave aside the fact that the characters spent more time at the cafe than at work!

moochypooch Tue 16-Jan-18 09:05:05

I had a similar feeling watching Love Actually and fat shaming, when the Assistant to the Prime Minister recalled Natalie as the one with massive thighs - I know it's meant to be a comedy - but that comment I don't think that comment would get past the edit's just felt all wrong.

heron98 Tue 16-Jan-18 09:06:37

Friends is on Netflix? Amazing. I won't hear a word said against Ross.

QueenOfTheAndals Tue 16-Jan-18 09:10:20

The episodes where he's jealous of Joshua and expects Rachel to prioritise him over her job definitely make me squirm. He shows up at her work, trying to mark his territory, and then expects her to apologise!

Lj8893 Tue 16-Jan-18 09:10:35

Yes! I always thought Ross was a wrongen.

Still love Monica and Chandlers relationship though!

DeleteOrDecay Tue 16-Jan-18 09:10:38

I am rewatching it too and totally agree about Ross. He's an utter arse. Then again Rachel isn't much better imo. I think their relationship is very toxic.

I still enjoy it but can't help but notice certain things and bits I would have laughed at years ago I don't find as funny now I have a different perspective.

Smelly cat, smelly catttttt.

WinchestersInATardis Tue 16-Jan-18 09:13:28

I'm also rewatching but it really is a product of it's time. A lot of it is a bit hmm especially Ross. He is very controlling and very petty.
Still really enjoying it though!

OldBook Tue 16-Jan-18 09:14:38

I think the backlash is partly because for people my age (late 30s) it was cult viewing for years and watching it is a surprising reminder of how much the world has changed.

For the better, but it's still a surprise.

I had the same with the first Bridget movie where she smokes inside - loved the movie and didn't even notice the smoking but now I can't get past it as it's no longer normal

HebeMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 16-Jan-18 09:15:09

I've been watching it! I'm just blinded by all the gloss. I can't get over how SHINY hair was in the nineties! Were we all that shiny? Was it just on telly? And nude lipstick... I never noticed that nineties nude was a shade that was actually completely unnatural and much closer to orange. <muses>

Maudlinmaud Tue 16-Jan-18 09:15:44

Ross is my favourite. "You ate my sandwich!" I loved him..
I have rewatched some episodes but it was repeated so much over the years that sadly I don't love it anymore.
I've read some of the feedback from the generation who didn't see it first time round, and yes they're probably right about the homophobia, fat shaming etc. But it's a product of its time.

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