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Seeking your casting suggestions for The Crown, Series 3

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mommybunny Mon 15-Jan-18 13:41:57

OK, so we know Olivia Colman will be the Queen and Helena Bonham Carter is probably going to be Princess Margaret. I think they're both great choices and look forward to seeing them.

Who can we cast in the other roles?

I understand the series is meant to cover the 70s, and it's been suggested that the natural "end" to the series is Thatcher's election. So we probably won't see Diana or Fergie yet, but could see Camilla.

Here is where I'm at in my head right now:

Prince Philip (fair-haired male, mid-40s/mid 50s in age): not my idea but I think Iain Glen is absolutely inspired

Queen Mother (short, dark-haired female, 60s-70s in age): Imelda Staunton, Celia Imrie

Prince Charles (dark-haired male, mid 20s/mid 30s in age): Jonah Hauer-King (he played Laurie in Little Women)

Princess Anne (fair-haired female, mid 20s/mid 30s in age): Emilia Clarke (she'd kick some ass!)

Ted Heath (grey-haired male, mid 50s in age): possibly Samuel West (who, it must be noted, has already played Ted Heath, in a drama about the young Thatcher)

Harold Wilson (grey-haired male, mid 50s in age): for some reason I'm thinking Matthew MacFadyen could be good, though he may be too young

James Callaghan (grey-haired male, late 50s in age): Timothy Spall maybe?

Margaret Thatcher (fair-haired female, 50s in age): Jemma Redgrave, Emily Watson, Samantha Bond (who would be my first choice)

That's all I've got for now, though there must be a way to fit Peter Capaldi in as someone's private secretary. Give me your ideas!

mommybunny Mon 15-Jan-18 13:44:58

Aaaargh, one I forget:

Tony Armstrong-Jones (dark-haired male, late 40s/mid 50s in age): Robson Green

ChardonnaysPrettySister Mon 15-Jan-18 13:45:24

I thInk the actor who played the Duke of Windsor will make a perfect Charles, but I suppose that won’t work,,,

And I know it’s heresy to admit it, but I actually don’t like Olivia Colman. Not one bit.

southeastdweller Mon 15-Jan-18 13:46:27

Good thread. Think it was me who came up with the Iain Glen suggestion...

mommybunny Mon 15-Jan-18 13:48:33

My assumption Chardonnay is that they won't repeat actors who have already had other roles in the first and second series (though I could be wrong). It might be the case that roles that don't require a lot of screen time actors could reprise their roles from series 1 and 2 (I'm thinking like Greg Wise as Lord Mountbatten, for example).

In any event, for the time period in question I think Alex Jennings is a little too old. For later years, he could be a very good choice.

ChardonnaysPrettySister Mon 15-Jan-18 13:50:16

Of course they won’t, I know,

QueenOfTheAndals Mon 15-Jan-18 14:55:04

I thInk the actor who played the Duke of Windsor will make a perfect Charles, but I suppose that won’t work,,,

He played Charles in The Queen but this Charles would call for an actor in his 20s.

ChardonnaysPrettySister Mon 15-Jan-18 14:55:44

True that.

LadyIsabellaWrotham Mon 15-Jan-18 15:02:25

I fancy Tobias Menzies for Philip, but from Matt Smith’s comments I think it’ll be someone more high profile.

I’ve been googling all the Hughs (Laurie, Grant and Jackman) but the first two are too old and Jackman surely is too Aussie. Laurie would be good though I think.

JosBoys Mon 15-Jan-18 15:10:44

Imelda Staunton for the Queen Mum is inspired casting. Great suggestion mommy .
Maybe David Tennant for Philip. It would keep all the Doctor Who fans watching after Matt leaves grin

PrivateParkin Mon 15-Jan-18 15:16:58

Ooh good thread. How about Toby Stephens for Prince Philip? (Although Iain Glen would be good as well.)

QueenOfTheAndals Mon 15-Jan-18 15:18:37

David Tennent would be gimmicky casting with the Dr Who and Broadchurch connections.

southeastdweller Mon 15-Jan-18 15:22:22

I'm struggling to think of any age-appropriate actors who could play the male PM's of the 70's. This is who I have so far:

Tom Wilkinson - Harold Wilson

Phil Davis - James Callaghan

Sam West as Ted Heath is a great suggestion. Heath was only 53 when he came to power and they could grey SW up and give him padding as the episodes progress.

thenightsky Mon 15-Jan-18 15:28:22

Some great suggestions OP, but I do feel Emilia Clark is far too smiley and conventionally pretty to be Anne.

Scorbus Mon 15-Jan-18 15:36:42

Laura Main would be good for Anne (from Call the Midwife)

QueenOfTheAndals Mon 15-Jan-18 15:42:24

Emilia Clark is far too smiley and conventionally pretty to be Anne.

And far too famous and tied up with Game of Thrones filming to take a supporting part in this!

snozzlemaid Mon 15-Jan-18 15:50:56

I'd vote for Tobias Menzies for Phillip too.

JosBoys Mon 15-Jan-18 15:52:25

Someone suggested Mark Rylance for Philip. He would be amazing too.

southeastdweller Mon 15-Jan-18 15:55:05

Another suggestion for Harold Wilson is Roger Allam.

NancyJoan Mon 15-Jan-18 16:05:26

Can we fit Emma Thompson in anywhere?

mommybunny Mon 15-Jan-18 16:08:50

Roger Allam for Harold Wilson is brilliant. I'm also liking Toby Stephens as Prince Philip (though Iain Glen is still my first choice).

Not so keen on David Tennant as Prince Philip - too gimmicky with the Broadchurch/Dr Who connections. Also don't think Mark Rylance is the right actor either.

The prize goes to who can figure out how to deploy Rufus Sewell. Wonder what he'd look like in a blond wig (as Philip, of course)?

mommybunny Mon 15-Jan-18 16:14:33

I tried to think of roles for Emma Thompson NancyJoan but came up with nothing. I suppose she could be considered for Queen Mother, even though she's really too young, because Victoria Hamilton's 13 year age difference with Claire Foy was no obstacle to her taking that role.

LadyIsabellaWrotham Mon 15-Jan-18 16:17:56

Roger Allam and Rufus Sewell are the Lea and Perrins of drama - practically everything can be improved with a dash of either. Do you think Rufus would be good held in reserve as 1990s Charles?

raisedbyguineapigs Mon 15-Jan-18 16:18:11

Iain Glen would be good as Philip or Ralph Fiennes. I agree Tennant would be gimmick casting and much as I love him, don't think he's suit the part. Hes too nice grin

rhnireland Mon 15-Jan-18 16:19:15

If Olivia coleman is the queen in the next two series perhaps Emma Thomson could replace her for the next casting?

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