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Next of kin

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Cocolepew Mon 08-Jan-18 21:33:04

Why the fuck were they gathered for a party when the brother hadn't even boarded the plane?

JaneyEJones Mon 08-Jan-18 21:46:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Nearlyoldenoughtowearpurple Mon 08-Jan-18 21:50:28

And where did the dog spring from !

Greenteandchives Mon 08-Jan-18 21:52:09

Among all the hideous events taking place in this programme I too was wondering why they were all ready with the table groaning with food and Kareem was still in a car on his way to the airport in Pakistan.

Mellodrama Mon 08-Jan-18 21:55:08

Any spoilers?! Is Kareem involved in a terrorism plot of some kind, or was the video real?

BarryTheKestrel Mon 08-Jan-18 21:58:48

I thought the same. Ridiculous.

Optimist1 Mon 08-Jan-18 22:18:35

I'm in the minority here - I really enjoyed it! (You do have a point about the start time of the party, though - even if some hours elapsed between Mona's phone conversation with him, it was too soon for them to think it was him arriving when the policemen appeared at the door.)

JaneyEJones Mon 08-Jan-18 22:20:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Arcadia Mon 08-Jan-18 23:02:18

We thought the same and just found it too unbelievable. Having wasted time on some other time-wasting far-fetched drama - e.g. Undercover and the one about the maternity cover psycho lady - we are not going to bother with this.

MissEliza Mon 08-Jan-18 23:08:54

The party bit was so absurd it's quite difficult to get past. Plus why would the police officer go to the sister's house to inform the family of the kidnap. Wouldn't they go to Kareem's home address?

Cherrypie32 Mon 08-Jan-18 23:19:54

Same thoughts about the party and the dog, and what area of London do they live in that she was quite happy to wander about in a park after 12.30 at night??

Cocolepew Tue 09-Jan-18 07:38:57

And they took their time, telling the mum after the police had been. Poor woman was left hanging.

ThroughThickAndThin01 Tue 09-Jan-18 07:44:10

We thought that about the party preparations. We were discussing whether they were cooking in advance to freeze it all grin. What a bloody idiot Guy is for breaking the news in that way. Course she’ll google! Quite enjoyed it, will watch again, but the discrepancies might become annoying.

Snugglepiggy Tue 09-Jan-18 09:22:07

The discrepancy with the party timing annoyed us so much doubt very much we'll bother watching anymore.They all ducked down to say surprise when the policeman knocked,and yet he wasn't even at the airport for a 12 hour flight when he spoke to his sister.I'm amazed the actors aren't all yelling at the director this doesn't add up !With plenty of choice on Iplayer and Netflix spending another 5 hours viewing,and enduring adverts after that means a no from this house.

JaneyEJones Tue 09-Jan-18 09:26:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NancyDonahue Tue 09-Jan-18 12:49:35

The party annoyed us too. Both dh and I were doing 'eh?' faces to each other. The acting was a bit lacklustre too. We'll record the rest of the series and might watch later on in the year when there's nothing good on.

Mrsemcgregor Tue 09-Jan-18 14:30:28

I thought that too....however I think maybe he was meant to be at Heathrow airport when she was talking to him and then he was about to tell her he was still in Pakistan when the whole explosion thing happened.

What annoyed me more was that she aimlessly wondered around after the explosion asking random people what had happened when surely you would be straight on bbc news on your phone?! None of them seemed particularly fussed or concerned about the attack either.

Snugglepiggy Tue 09-Jan-18 15:08:54

Mm would have to rewatch that bit but can't be bothered.I got the impression he did the emergency op on the little girl and then set off for the airport somewhat delayed but that still wouldn't account for him arriving in England hours earlier -if that's what the sister was thinking -IYSWIM.

Mrsemcgregor Tue 09-Jan-18 16:04:04

Whichever way you look at it the times don’t add up! I hate it when that happens, lazy writing!

MissEliza Tue 09-Jan-18 17:08:33

He told his sister 'just to warn you I might not make my flight' while she was running through London with the cake so she knew he was still in Pakistan yet she was worried about being late home with the flipping cake.
I also find the family full of cliches eg rebel younger sister, slightly helpless Asian mother in law. Such lazy stereotypes.

Doctordonowt Wed 10-Jan-18 10:01:17

That cake thing really irritated me. She put it out on the table the day before he was due home. I could not focus on anything else.

salsmum Sat 13-Jan-18 01:51:33

Did anyone else think Kareem's brother in law looked like Alan Partridge...or was it only me?

HouseOfMouse Sat 13-Jan-18 02:28:38

The timing was daft and interfered with my enjoyment of the show (which was otherwise good so far). I think this has been made with a view to it being shown to a US audience (both leads are known in the US) - maybe they think we are only a 20-min flight from Pakistan. 😬

Vicks30 Sat 13-Jan-18 18:43:39

There was a time jump. However it wasn’t clearly represented. And remember where the brother was was they are several hours in front. He did say he would try to get their in time. Regardless of this I still liked the story

GoingRogue Mon 15-Jan-18 18:21:10

Anyone else still going to watch tonight? I've nothing else on so will, tho if there are more glaringly obvious timing errors I'll be put off watching any more.

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