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A House in Time BBC 2

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LouiseBrooks Thu 04-Jan-18 21:35:26

Anyone else watching? My house is around 150 years old and I've looked it up on a couple of censuses but there's nothing as interesting as this. (Mine is also much smaller.)

bluebump Thu 04-Jan-18 21:41:48

Yes I'm watching, it's a lovely house isn't it!

LouiseBrooks Thu 04-Jan-18 21:59:52

In the late 70s I visited a friend who had moved to Liverpool and remember seeing from the bus a row of houses just like that, all semi derelict. I often wonder if they were eventually bulldozed or restored. They're beautiful.

fourquenelles Thu 04-Jan-18 22:01:46

Never come across David Olusoga before and it has been my loss. He is a fascinating presenter.

AlexaAmbidextra Thu 04-Jan-18 22:24:16

Brilliant programme. I love history and this was fascinating. Lovely house too. It's up for sale at 600k if anyone's interested.

fedjj Thu 04-Jan-18 22:30:06

Loved it will definitely be tuning in next week. Such interesting stories and a historical facts.

Zhx3 Thu 04-Jan-18 22:32:13

Loved it. I often go to the Liverpool Philharmonic, which is just around the corner. The area is rough but the architecture is stunning. I'd love to have a house there!

IndigoApple Thu 04-Jan-18 22:54:54

Yes I watched it. Very interesting and made Liverpool look attractive. I once watched an episode of Location Location Location that made me want to move to Liverpool and if I had £600k I'd love that house! Didn't hear many Liverpool accents on the programme though!

BitOfFun Fri 05-Jan-18 02:07:39

Loved it- really impressed with the research, too.

Liverpool is a fantastic city, and Faulkner Street is still a very desirable area.

RhiannonOHara Fri 05-Jan-18 10:48:38

Can't wait to catch up with this. David O presented some stuff as part of the Black Britain season last year and he was excellent. I hope this is him starting to get a lot more TV exposure (I think he's going to be presenting some of the new Civilisation series this year too).

ppeatfruit Fri 05-Jan-18 11:52:02

I loved David's eyes (shallow comment sorry grin ) I watched most of this and recorded it. I LOVE history especially social history. Sooo interesting.

ppeatfruit Fri 05-Jan-18 11:54:26

I cannot believe that no one had replaced the Georgian fireplace in the posh room ! We did it in London. In the 80s.

Greenteandchives Fri 05-Jan-18 11:55:16

I watched this and found it fascinating.
I would like to know if the house was picked randomly, or if some research was done on a few properties before picking this one, as the inhabitants discussed last night were both interesting, and certainly not just ordinary families.

ppeatfruit Fri 05-Jan-18 11:58:54

Well they did show the professions of the neighbours, yes maybe they picked the one with the most unusual inhabitants.

TheMadGardener Sat 06-Jan-18 01:57:41

We once lived in a Victorian terraced house in East London. In the cupboard under the stairs there was graffiti with dates written on the wall by people who had been sheltering under there during air-raids in the Blitz. I find it fascinating thinking about people who have lived in your house before.

prettypaws Sat 06-Jan-18 02:00:08

Can you link the house for sale? I don't watch BBC but it sounds really interesting.

Lilliepixie Sat 06-Jan-18 02:11:57

Falkner Street, Liverpool, Merseyside, L8

Loved this programme
I'm in the market for a house in Liverpool!

prettypaws Sat 06-Jan-18 02:56:45

Thanks Lillie, i love a house snoop. The character and features downstairs are lovely.

RomanMum Sat 06-Jan-18 03:36:26

I thought I recognised it! Just round the back of where I studied -decades ago-. Some beautiful houses there.

AnnaMagnani Sat 06-Jan-18 08:57:23

I loved this programme. Wilfrid was an arse though, wasn't he?

User5trillion Sat 06-Jan-18 09:03:35

I loved this programme. Thought the presenter was very good and was impressed by the research behind it. Cant wait for next week.

LockingJay Sat 06-Jan-18 09:09:02

Those of you that have watched this, is it suitable for DS who is 9? He is really interested in this type of history and we live in Liverpool!

ppeatfruit Sat 06-Jan-18 10:41:54

Yes I would say so Locking It depends on how sensitive and sheltered he is , some of the inhabitants won't have been particularly savoury though. I would watch with him of course.

Fascinating local history for you!

Rainatnight Sat 06-Jan-18 10:43:13

Was really good, wasn't it? Expected to find it a bit boring, but what a fascinating way into the local history.

DuckOffAutocorrectYouShiv Sat 06-Jan-18 11:06:56

I loved this, it is right up my street. I love social history stuff that’s focuses on normal people. There was a spate of them a few years ago, Behind Closed Doors (Georgians) and the Lucy Worsley ones. Fascinating and much more interesting to me than kings and queens or wars. I wish they’d teach domestic history like this in schools.

lockingjay, the first DP touches on slavery, the American Civil War and workhouses. Trailers suggest that ep 2 discusses a domestic violence story that took place in the house. It was shown at 9pm, I think, so maybe borderline content wise for children, but it I don’t recall there being anything particularly graphic that an average 9yo wouldn’t cope with (though my youngest child is almost 16). Tbh, they’ll probably just get bored before anything traumatises them.

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