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What are you watching on Netflix??

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SmiledWithTheRisingSun Wed 03-Jan-18 22:11:44

I've finished The Crown, House of Cards, OITNB, Grace & Frankie, Stranger Things, Mad Men, The Good Wife... what else might I like?

PorklessPie Wed 03-Jan-18 22:13:22

The best thing I have watched was OA the second series is coming February.

Bluntness100 Wed 03-Jan-18 22:13:41

I've just started the sinner, it's brilliant, total binge watch fest.

HighBrows Wed 03-Jan-18 22:14:53

Alias Grace is really good. Just finished Grace and Frankie. I also love Schitts Creek.

SmiledWithTheRisingSun Wed 03-Jan-18 22:16:45

Ooo yes watched the OA too - will look out for new series smile

BrianBettyGrable Wed 03-Jan-18 22:16:57


SmiledWithTheRisingSun Wed 03-Jan-18 22:17:38

Thanks all will check em all out 👍🏼

SummerRoberts Wed 03-Jan-18 22:18:07

The Sinner was great. Gilmore Girls for lighthearted background noise.

LovelyBranches Wed 03-Jan-18 22:18:50

Op, out of interest what was your favourite?

trickydickie Wed 03-Jan-18 23:19:41

Does OA stand for something? Does it have another name? Also, OITNB. Thanks.

trickydickie Wed 03-Jan-18 23:22:16

Just finished Peaky blinders and Godless. Both brilliant, though my heart belongs to Peaky blinders.

IntoTheFloodAgain Wed 03-Jan-18 23:22:27

I’m watching Gossip Girl for the millionth time..

I’d recommend Guilt for anyone that hasn’t seen it, it’s amazing and has one of the best finales imo.

Have you watched Breaking Bad?

SerendipityFelix Wed 03-Jan-18 23:23:58

I enjoy Designated Survivor, gets more bonkers as it goes on though - kinda like Homeland crossed with the West Wing but not as good as either of them grin. The Expanse as well if you like a bit of dystopian sci-fi.

The OA stood for original angel or something didn’t it? It’s just called “The OA” though. V good, glad to hear there’s a series 2.

Ooh American Horror Story is on Netflix if you haven’t seen any of those yet.

puttingthegenieback Wed 03-Jan-18 23:26:08

Black Mirror

MadameGazelle Wed 03-Jan-18 23:26:28

The Sinner, Stranger Things and Dark are all excellent.

OuchLegoHurts Wed 03-Jan-18 23:26:59

The Sinner!

dontpokethebear Wed 03-Jan-18 23:28:15

The Sinner and Black Mirror.

Giraffesarequitetall Wed 03-Jan-18 23:28:17

Person of interest here.

Troutfin Wed 03-Jan-18 23:30:47

The Expanse. It's really good Sci-fi.

iwantavuvezela Wed 03-Jan-18 23:34:44

I have just finished Offspring, Australian series, 7 series on Netflix. I really enjoyed it, especially up to series 5. Just amazing, still good, but lost a bit of its oomph for the last two series, bit if you want something quirky, lighthearted, and often slightly emotional, this might suit.

Meowstro Wed 03-Jan-18 23:38:06

Lizzie Borden, Mindhunter, Black Mirror and Glitch. It's not in Netflix but, if you get the chance, Scandal is quite good too.

Mooncuplanding Wed 03-Jan-18 23:39:58

Crazy ex girlfriend - despite the title which makes sense eventually is off the wall genius and brilliantly funny

ChrisPrattsFace Wed 03-Jan-18 23:40:54

Half way through first season of Bates Motel and really enjoying it!

TammySwansonTwo Wed 03-Jan-18 23:42:52

Sons of Anarchy
Black Mirror
freaks & Geeks
Arrested Development
The Code
Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul

So many things - and The Shield whenever they put that back on because it's the best

TammySwansonTwo Wed 03-Jan-18 23:43:16

Ooh, Bates Motel gets so much better from S2 onwards.

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