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Girlfriends - ITV, Wed 3rd Jan

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southeastdweller Mon 01-Jan-18 16:14:28

It's the latest six-part Kay Mellor drama. It's about three women, Linda, Sue and Gail, as they - according to the official blurb - struggle with the changes and responsibilities that come with being a modern woman of a certain age. Phyllis Logan, Miranda Richardson and Zoë Wanamaker lead the cast.

Trailer here -

Anyone else going to be watching?

babigailwabble Mon 01-Jan-18 20:51:30

did she also write the utter shite that was love lies and records?

southeastdweller Mon 01-Jan-18 21:05:01

Yep, that's her!

CharlieTan Mon 01-Jan-18 21:06:47

I find her stuff pretty twee and dull despite good casts.

GetHappy Tue 02-Jan-18 00:11:33

I’ll be watching smile

babigailwabble Tue 02-Jan-18 11:18:39

I'm sure i'll watch about it and complain to anyone who will listen about what hammy nonsense it is grin

Blondeshavemorefun Tue 02-Jan-18 22:30:49

Planner is set

thenightsky Wed 03-Jan-18 19:02:52

I'm going to give this one a go, despite the wet soppy drivel that was Lies and Records. I'm very forgiving grin

southeastdweller Wed 03-Jan-18 21:14:38

What accent is Miranda Richardson aiming for? confused

Slartybartfast Wed 03-Jan-18 21:15:25

Watching, other much negative to report so far, again bit too much going on

Slartybartfast Wed 03-Jan-18 21:15:43

Not much negative

scattercushion Wed 03-Jan-18 21:16:15

What's the millions of duh duh duh cliffhangers that fizzle to nothing?

ShiftyMcGifty Wed 03-Jan-18 21:20:42

What is going on with the white shite under her eyes? HD make up gone wrong?

ShiftyMcGifty Wed 03-Jan-18 21:21:10

Ha. Never mind. Just saw the punchline.

scattercushion Wed 03-Jan-18 21:28:15

It's so heavy-handed!

eddiemairswife Wed 03-Jan-18 21:32:47

I started to watch, but have given up. I'm really not keen on Kay Mellor's work.

Slartybartfast Wed 03-Jan-18 21:34:18

Doubt I will carry on with this

GoingRogue Wed 03-Jan-18 21:43:48

It's petty crap isn't it?! Why is Miranda Richardson talking so slowly and over-anunciating?!

JustDanceAddict Wed 03-Jan-18 21:46:11

Pretty shite so far! Cliche Central

Helpotron3000 Wed 03-Jan-18 21:46:30

Why doesn't she just tell his wife they've been having a 30 year affair. It's not like she hasn't got proof, since they have an adult son together

Helpotron3000 Wed 03-Jan-18 21:57:26

This show is driving me mad

southeastdweller Wed 03-Jan-18 22:19:38

Too much packed in as usual for Kay Mellor.

Slartybartfast Wed 03-Jan-18 22:28:18

I think mirador Richardson either had a tooth problem or something in her mouth 😕

dogsdinnerlady Thu 04-Jan-18 07:20:46

Girlfriends?? In a tabloid news story they would be referred to as pensioners or grans.
Another Kay Mellow cliche-fest with shouty, borderline batshit women as in that thing about registrars.
What on earth is Phyllis Logan doing with all that hair? Ridiculous. Please god they are not going to reform as a girl band!
Won't be watching the rest.

Vitalogy Thu 04-Jan-18 07:29:55

What on earth is Phyllis Logan doing with all that hair? Ridiculous. I think her and Zoe Wanamaker's characters were going for the au natural look weren't they.

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