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The Miniaturist

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Slartybartfast Wed 27-Dec-17 04:59:46

Quite good.
very artistic.

maxthemartian Wed 27-Dec-17 09:12:26

I'm watching. I loved the book and I think it's been well cast.

MaidenMotherCrone Wed 27-Dec-17 09:15:03

Meh with a side order of meh!

I couldn't empathise with any of the characters.


WooWooWitchetyWoo Wed 27-Dec-17 09:17:14

I'd forgotten this was on - hated the book but loved the concept of it, so had meant to watch. maiden has summed up what I expect it would be like though if true to what I read!

BarchesterFlowers Wed 27-Dec-17 09:22:50

I liked it, loved the book, liked the casting too.

Blankscreen Wed 27-Dec-17 09:28:57

Hated the book so much I couldn't finish it I think this is ok.

Foxjar Wed 27-Dec-17 09:31:21

Loved the book and really enjoying the adaptation so far.

VanillaMincePie Wed 27-Dec-17 09:33:28

Don't know the book. Liked the adaptation. The hooded character is the blonde actress from Humans so I shall expect to see more of her in the second episode.

mumdebump Wed 27-Dec-17 10:12:36

I thought it was beautifully filmed & an intriguing story. I might look out the book today.

Elendon Wed 27-Dec-17 10:35:15

I loved it! Completely compelling and a great show for Christmas. Highly recommend. can't wait for tonight's episode

ChardonnaysPrettySister Wed 27-Dec-17 10:35:25

Why for the love of everything marzipan didn't Johannes just sell the bloody sugar and why did he let it rot?

What utter nonsense.

Elendon Wed 27-Dec-17 10:38:05

He let it spoil so that the fortune would be less. It was clearly explained throughout.

ChardonnaysPrettySister Wed 27-Dec-17 10:41:16

I forgot how much I hated the book.

This is even worse, except pretty to look at.

"Oh there has to be another way"
"`You must stay, you are needed here"

Could there be anymore clichees in that dialogue?

LouiseBrooks Wed 27-Dec-17 10:41:37

Loved the book, think this is good although to me Otto seemed a bit young (but I can't remember how old he is in the book).

EllaHen Wed 27-Dec-17 11:15:15

Watching it now.

Haven't read the book.

Really like it. So beautiful.

Slartybartfast Wed 27-Dec-17 11:52:07

It was advertised as a thriller, but it wasnt really.
but I did enjoy watching it.

meep87 Wed 27-Dec-17 12:01:06

I read the book yesterday morning so that I'd read it in time for the TV version starting - I found the adaptation pretty flat tbh, but enjoyed the book.

PinkBuffalo Wed 27-Dec-17 12:40:29

I enjoyed watching it last night. Something a bit different which is difficult to come across these days.

AnyFucker Wed 27-Dec-17 13:46:23

Haven't read the book but loved this just now on I player. I enjoy a good slow burner to lose yourself in.

It's an afternoon view, I reckon though

EnthusiasmIsDisturbed Wed 27-Dec-17 13:53:14

I tried to read the book but couldn’t get into it though really liked the idea of the story

I enjoyed it. Prefer a good Agatha mystery but enjoying it so far

Saucery Wed 27-Dec-17 13:55:49

The sets were all very Vermeer-y. Loved guessing what the little parcel contents would foretell and for who.
I liked it, but couldn’t get through the book.

DisaronnoAndCoke Wed 27-Dec-17 14:04:25

I enjoyed it, I like a slow burner too, looking forward to tonight.

SwedishEdith Wed 27-Dec-17 14:10:09

Thought the book was awful but knew a) it had been written to be made into a film and b) the film would look gorgeous.

Plus point is that it seems to be rattling through the story.

AlessandroVasectomi Wed 27-Dec-17 14:17:39

I too found it a bit different, which added to my enjoyment. But what I most enjoyed was the costumes. They were very authentic and the characters looked as though they might have stepped straight out of the paintings by the Flemish Masters

AlessandroVasectomi Wed 27-Dec-17 14:19:01

I also liked the fact that Amsterdam still looks as it probably did in the late 17th century

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