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Spiral - new series

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fussychica Sun 17-Dec-17 17:31:24

Excellent news. The new series of the great French thriller is back on 30 December.

Will Laure have washed and got some new clothes or will she still be "Dirty Laure" as she is known in this house?grin

HunkyDory69 Mon 18-Dec-17 01:04:11


It's been a long wait!

MaitreKarlsson Mon 18-Dec-17 19:01:12

Excellent - love it!
Keep hoping Pierre will rise from the dead (like in les revenants)!

Strummerville Mon 18-Dec-17 19:58:32


Been following the French FB page and wondering when we'd get it here.

Vive le juge!

GeekyWombat Tue 19-Dec-17 21:30:12

Ooooh thank you so much for posting this. I cannot WAIT!

Lookingtothehighlands Tue 19-Dec-17 21:32:22

Excellent news!

fussychica Thu 21-Dec-17 10:09:17

I love all the characters but do miss Pierre. Strangely I have a soft spot for Tintin!

fussychica Fri 29-Dec-17 09:21:48

Don't forget folks, tomorrow night 9pm, BBC 4. I won't be able to watch live as have company staying over NY so you get to start without mesad

eggofmantumbi Fri 29-Dec-17 09:23:22

Oh that's excellent news! And I might not have known if I hadn't seen this thread so thank you!

Flibbertyjibbit Fri 29-Dec-17 16:28:21

Is this something I can watch without seeing series 1 to 5? Sounds good!

fussychica Sat 30-Dec-17 10:08:26

Well the case they follow is different every series but there would be a huge back story that you would be missing out on, some of which might mean some things don't make sense. If you decide to go for it without seeing the previous series I would definitely read a synopsis of each of them. It's very gritty stuff.

midsomermurderess Sat 30-Dec-17 18:46:09

Great news. I have also been enjoying Thierry Godard (Gilou) in Dead Beautiful.

LaurelHolly Sat 30-Dec-17 23:40:22

Merde, I've missed Spiral!

Back on top form, I thought!


eggofmantumbi Sat 10-Feb-18 08:55:35

Finally finished it last night. Excellent TV as usual. Will need to track down dead beautiful. I love Gilou.
Literally my only criticism is the occasionally slightly off subtitles.
Excited to see what happens with Josephine on the next series. (Which is apparently already filming)
Wonder if that's Tintin gone for good?

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