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So, not a Spoiler but a wild speculation thread.....what's on the horizon in the Soapland Christmases?

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70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 06-Dec-17 23:58:53

Just for Shits'n'Giggles as my DS says.

What's going to befall our dear soapy friends?

Will the Carters keep the Vic? Will Max end up broke & alone or dead in a ditch?
At least the Willmott Brown reveal explains why Josh was hanging round Lauren .

Will Corries' Gary come back (has he faked his own death)

Will Belle buy Zac a new puppy for Christmas after the sa demise of Alfie ( or they could adopt Tip ).
Will we find out Toms true identity? And why he's hanging round Debbie like a shitty nappy?

No Christmas Day babies on the horizon this year ?

There's nothing that I can see building to a Christmas Crescendo though (or maybe I'm not looking hard enough)

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