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Godless (Netflix)

(23 Posts)
badbadhusky Sat 25-Nov-17 00:00:04

Anyone else? Just binge watched it. Its bloody brilliant. Standout performances from Merrit Weaver (Maggie McNue), Michelle Dockery (her off Downton), the Brit playing Roy Goode, Jeff Daniels and the Sheriff. Bleak and bloody in places, stark and beautiful in others. Great scenery and lovely horses too. smile

MissConductUS Sat 25-Nov-17 00:43:28

It's on my watchlist. loved it so I'll start it tonight. Thanks for the recommendation.

GeekyBlinders Sat 25-Nov-17 06:22:41

It's on our list too - great to hear it's worth watching, we'll start it tonight.

Elendon Sat 25-Nov-17 07:02:43

I have really enjoyed it. I'm watching the last episode this morning.

There are three English actors, Dockery who is Alice Fletcher, O'Connell who is Roy Goode and Thomas Brodie Sangster who is Whitey. Interestingly, Brodie Sangster is older by a few months than O'Connell.

The revelation for me was Jeff Daniels. However all the actors are good.

badbadhusky Sat 25-Nov-17 08:48:02

I agree. It was a terrific ensemble cast. I can’t think of a single bum note performance in the whole thing.

The writing was great too, with some really complex characterisation. Griffin was an interesting character: a black-hearted bastard through and through, yet his affinity with horses and the scenes with the pox house really challenged your reading of him. It was also eye-opening when you realised how he’d acquired some of his gang.

Elendon Sat 25-Nov-17 14:18:17

It was a bit more than a scene with the pox house (which isn't a spoiler, because this disease was rife in those times), which is, in my opinion open to interpretation, like the biblical texts.

I could go on regarding Griffin, but it would be introducing spoilers.

Elendon Sat 25-Nov-17 14:21:27

Sorry meant to add that I agree, the script and direction was excellent.

It was supposed to be a film originally. I'm so glad the writer/director changed their mind.

EllaHen Sat 25-Nov-17 14:23:19

I'm on episode 2. It's so good that I want dh to catch up on his own and we'll watch it together. Such quality from the very start. Took me a few scenes to place Dockery.

Have just started The Sinner. Dh definitely won't want to watch this so I'll binge away myself.

tribpot Sat 25-Nov-17 14:28:02

It's going on my list as well - thanks for the recommendation.

cushioncovers Sat 25-Nov-17 18:29:34

Ah found you. I'm watching it and loving it.

mizu Sun 26-Nov-17 17:31:33

Put this on my list last night, looks great.

badbadhusky Sun 26-Nov-17 18:25:01

If we give it a couple of weeks for folk to watch it, I think we shoukd reconvene for a proper discussion & ask MNHQ to tag the header with spoilers.

tribpot Sun 26-Nov-17 20:40:22

Yes, that sounds great, badbadhusky - spoiler thread in a couple of weeks.

Cooroo Mon 27-Nov-17 22:57:23

Just finished watching so I look forward to spoiler thread. I'm bad at faces but I knew I'd seen Whitey somewhere- he was Jojen Reed in GOT and also in Wolf Hall.

A good watch, if harrowing at times. I liked the pace and the look of it.

badbadhusky Mon 27-Nov-17 23:43:30

Hard to believe thecactors playing Whitey and Roy are so close in age. Whitey looks to be barely out of short trousers. grin

AKAmyself Tue 28-Nov-17 05:38:03

On episode 3 here and loving it. Just beautifully shot and acted. It will take me forever though to get through it as every episode is really long! But I like that too, I can’t binge which forces me to appreciate it smile

See y’all in a cuple of weeks!

Elendon Tue 28-Nov-17 11:30:46

Watch out also for references to other westerns (some were very obvious).

I think I will watch it again.

badbadhusky Tue 28-Nov-17 21:04:29

I think I will watch it again.

Me too. I basically binged it first time around and probably missed quite a lot of the nuance and subtle nods to other films.

One of the things I liked about it was that it reminded me of Deadwood in a good way. smile

SaskiaRembrandtWasFramed Fri 01-Dec-17 10:21:31

I really enjoyed this! Such great characters, and it was beautifully filmed. I actually felt a bit sad when the end credits rolled, that feeling you get when you finish a good book. But I'm glad it was a standalone series, it was nice to watch something that had a definitive ending.

CaptainMarvelDanvers Sun 03-Dec-17 10:33:42

Amazing mini-series. I agree with the PP it was like getting to the end of a good book, it was very satisfying.

thebookeatinggirl Sat 23-Dec-17 21:03:43

Binge watched over the past two days... really loved it. Great TV - in testing scenario, beautiful scenery, excellent acting, some heart-stopping moments. Put it on your watch list.

VivaLeBeaver Sat 23-Dec-17 21:12:08

I loved this, binge watched it in a day!

Joinourclub Sun 24-Dec-17 22:06:48

Oo I've not heard of this, but jeff Daniels can do little wrong as far as I'm concerned, and Merrit Weaver is pretty fab too. So it's on my list for I'm done with stranger things!

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