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Dis anyone record RaRa on Cbeebies this morning please?

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BE97 Thu 23-Nov-17 16:21:52

Hello there,
I missed my daughter's birthday card on CBeebies this morning as I thought I could catch it on the iplayer but they don't put them on there anymore! 😢

It was shown after Rara at 7.01am, did anyone record it this morning at all?

I would be so, so grateful you could video it for me - this is the first time we have had one shown! X

BE97 Thu 23-Nov-17 16:24:10

*Did - I can't edit title!

Kannet Thu 23-Nov-17 17:05:59

I can have a look for you. We normally record it. Let me check after bedtime

rainbowduck Thu 23-Nov-17 19:17:53

What time was it on? I can go back and watch it, but will only be able to record it on my iPhone, and send that to you, if that makes sense.

BE97 Thu 23-Nov-17 19:19:17

Thank you ever so much but cbeebies kindly sent it to me!! 😍

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