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Naked Attraction t.v. show last night. Women appear naked. A man is asked to appraise their naked bodies.

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ToEarlyForDecorations Tue 14-Nov-17 16:31:51

Each woman is behind an individual door. The doors are raised up to their waists at the request of the show host, revealing their naked and shaved vaginas/mons pubis. The male contestant agreed to appraise them all in order. Sorry but I found this so disgusting I actually felt a bit sick before turning it off.

HTKB Tue 14-Nov-17 16:35:09

It's the most horrendous thing I have ever seen. Watched one once, never again.

The bloke was commenting on vulvas, said "ooh that ones gorgeous.... it just makes you want to go IN"


If it is any consolation there is always a woman doing blokes too but it is totally horrific. I am SO disappointed in Anna Richardson that she is doing this dross.

oldbirdy Tue 14-Nov-17 16:35:35

They do the same where a woman picks a man, if it's any comfort. But yes I find it prurient and distasteful and am amazed that it is shown on TV.

EvilRinguBitch Tue 14-Nov-17 16:35:35

While I agree it’s weird AF, it’s not purely a males appraising females thing. Men judge men, women judge men, bisexuals are offered a mix and match assortment. Presumably there are women judging women as well, though there weren’t any in the five minutes I watched with slack jawed horror.

Justbookedasummmerholiday Tue 14-Nov-17 16:36:01

Can't see how's it legal. .. Like an ad for a knocking shop!!

Almahart Tue 14-Nov-17 16:37:09

It's absolutely grim isn't it

TheQueenOfWands Tue 14-Nov-17 16:39:56

I only watched one episode and there was a woman picking women and then a woman picking men.

So they do have gay/lesbian peeps as well as straight ones.

It's awful though. Who picks a partner by looking at their ankles? FFS.

hmcAsWas Tue 14-Nov-17 16:43:30

Watched once and never again! Vile.

newtlover Tue 14-Nov-17 16:44:20

if you'd watched to the end you would have seen the man naked with the last two female contestants
Once I got over the shock I found the whole thing strangely compelling. I've seen episodes where it was a woman choosing a man. The whole thing is strangely dispassionate, as people discuss their preferences for body types/hair colour etc which aren't necessarily what you would expect.
In last night's episode they did a follow up where they guy had his date with the 'winner' but they didn't want to pursue it so he instead contacted the 'runner up' and they got on well, demonstrating that physical attraction isn't the be all and end all.
I actually think it's not a bad programme- physical attraction does exist after all. I am however shocked by the levels of body modification that seem normal (including shaving pubic hair). But that's just my preference.

crunched Tue 14-Nov-17 16:53:56

I know I am in the minority, but I have found seeing differing body types and the way the most 'traditionally attractive' candidates are often not the chosen date, a real confidence booster.
Maybe I have seen less naked bodies than a lot of you, hence it being informative for me.
I do,of course, realise that the average Jo/e would not choose to go on TV in these circumstances so it doesn't show a typical cross-section of our society.
And I think Anna Richardson handles the programme pretty well. I like her.

ToEarlyForDecorations Tue 14-Nov-17 17:02:12

I like Anna Richardson but like a PP I'm disappointed that she's fronting it. She's an excellent host. Oh well, she's got a living to earn like everyone else.

SoonToBeDad20s Tue 14-Nov-17 17:06:44

Meh consenting adults and all.

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