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Gilmore Girls - which one?

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dontquotemeondailymail Fri 03-Nov-17 16:05:31

Watching re-runs of Gilmore Girls, the perfect comfort tv... who would you choose?

Luke or Chris? I'm ruling Max out because I find him a slimy, sexist dick!

And Dean, Jess or Logan?

LittleLights Fri 03-Nov-17 16:11:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

dingdongdigeridoo Fri 03-Nov-17 18:25:09

Why is Max slimy and sexist? I liked him. Not for Lorelei though.

I’d go for Luke and no one. Old Jess was an asshole, new Jess is too good for awful Rory.

MarriedinMaui Fri 03-Nov-17 18:31:07

Luke for sure. But I did like Max too...didn’t find him slimy and sexist at all.

And for Rory, I think Logan. She has more fun with him than with Jess. Jess is super judgemental and a bit whiny.

dontquotemeondailymail Fri 03-Nov-17 18:32:01

Maybe sexist was a bit harsh! But he's very 'I'm a very busy important businessman, I cannot possibly go grocery shopping, my secretary must do any menial things'

Rory was awful to Dean, and yes, far too horrible for new Jess.

Cloudyapples Fri 03-Nov-17 18:32:46

Luke and Jess!

Adviceplease360 Fri 03-Nov-17 18:33:00

Chris and logan

dingdongdigeridoo Fri 03-Nov-17 18:43:16

dontquotemeondailymail - aren’t you thinking of Jason? Max was the super dreamy teacher who she jilted.

I thought she was a good match for Jason. He seemed to get her and shared a similar sense of humour. Plus they were both from wealthy, controlling parents so understood each other well.

TizzyDongue Fri 03-Nov-17 18:45:58


Chris was selfish

dontquotemeondailymail Fri 03-Nov-17 21:14:19

Ah, dingdong - you're right! Jason was the slimy one I didn't like! Forgot about Max the teacher!

MyfatheristheKing Fri 03-Nov-17 21:15:20

Luke and Jess

GinYummy Fri 03-Nov-17 21:17:38

Luke and Jess.

Mac12345 Fri 10-Nov-17 22:10:13

I'm late to the party, but Luke. Chris is just awful. Poor Max couldn't keep up, he wasn't firey enough!

I think Logan and Rory were really well suited. It's a shame how that ended up. I didn't particularly like either of them when all was said and done. Older Jess is much better, but too good for her by the end!

lorelairoryemily Fri 10-Nov-17 22:17:52

Luke and Logan, I love logan!

tissuesosoft Fri 10-Nov-17 22:22:02

Luke definitely. Jess is my favourite but too good for Rory, would have been interesting to see him paired with Paris.

eyebrowsonfleek Fri 10-Nov-17 22:22:06

I hope that she was pregnant with Logan rather than the Wookie at the end of The Netflix series.

I say Luke and Logan are the best partners.

Dizzybintess Fri 10-Nov-17 22:23:33

Luke and Dean

Aducknotallama Fri 10-Nov-17 22:24:29

Luke and Logan

SummerRoberts Fri 10-Nov-17 22:30:24

Luke and Logan.

JanetStWalker Sun 12-Nov-17 07:33:23

Luke and Jess but mainly Luke, I had the most fabulous sex dreams about him. blush

<Digs out boxset>

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