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GBBO final discussion this way!

(253 Posts)
yawning801 Tue 31-Oct-17 16:31:16

Old thread here

Let's discuss! Can't wait!

TheOnlyLivingBoyInNewCross Tue 31-Oct-17 16:34:24

It’s rather lost its appeal after today’s fiasco 🙄 Can’t get excited about it now!

yawning801 Tue 31-Oct-17 16:35:02

Hang on... what have I missed?

laketaupo Tue 31-Oct-17 16:35:32

Prue revealed the
Winner on twitter

yawning801 Tue 31-Oct-17 16:36:36

Ouch! Can we make this a spoiler-free zone?

RicottaPancakes Tue 31-Oct-17 16:42:20

It's very difficult to find out who she said won.

southeastdweller Tue 31-Oct-17 17:12:41

Not difficult at all - just google ‘dan Wooton Twitter Bake off’ and it’s there

ArseholesOnToast Tue 31-Oct-17 17:34:38

I found out who won thanks to Prue! It's my favourite baker so I'm not too bothered and I'll still watch but it has taken the edge off a little bit.

SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius Tue 31-Oct-17 17:35:11

I haven’t seen who actually won, though I am aware that Prue spilt the —baking— beans! I will be watching tonight, though I am not a huge fan of any of the finalists.

SchadenfreudePersonified Tue 31-Oct-17 18:04:16

Thank you for the thread yawning

I think the re-tweeters did a lot more harm than the original tweet which was removed.

RicottaPancakes Tue 31-Oct-17 18:27:08

southeastdweller Aha! I see, thanks.

SingaSong12 Tue 31-Oct-17 18:53:14

Who do people want to win? I’m not that bothered myself - does anyone have a strong view?

whatashower Tue 31-Oct-17 19:52:29

Don’t mind who wins. Feel so sorry for Pru. I imagine she is capable of a fine bit of terribly proper cursing though 🤣🤣🤣

SchadenfreudePersonified Tue 31-Oct-17 20:02:36

Oooh! Even though I know (probably - could be a TRICK) I'm looking forward to the baking.

secondhoneymoon Tue 31-Oct-17 20:05:55

Evening all. I would like Sophie to win, I feel she's been the most consistent but both of the others are capable of pulling it off on a good day

ArseholesOnToast Tue 31-Oct-17 20:06:31

I like how they bake with a cup of tea on the go.

TheQueenOfWands Tue 31-Oct-17 20:09:12

Boring so far.

Load of waffle from their families.

Kate shouldn't be there. Should be Yan or Liam.

Igottastartthinkingbee Tue 31-Oct-17 20:12:37

Will miss bake off when it's all done!

yawning801 Tue 31-Oct-17 20:12:58

Break number 1....

Crispbutty Tue 31-Oct-17 20:13:35

I've avoided social media all day so I have no idea who has won. Praying nobody says it on here! smile

Crispbutty Tue 31-Oct-17 20:14:28

I also won the battle of the the viewing tonight and the football fan has been sent upstairs to watch on the pc! grin

3catsandcounting Tue 31-Oct-17 20:14:42

We won't! 🙊

Crispbutty Tue 31-Oct-17 20:15:33

Kate and Sophie looked to be the best in this round

SchadenfreudePersonified Tue 31-Oct-17 20:16:16

Poor Steven - I bet those cheesy things are delicious though.

Crispbutty Tue 31-Oct-17 20:16:49

There's a lot of swearing and cursing coming from upstairs so i have a feeling Chelsea aren't doing too well lol!!

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