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Blue Planet 2

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dementedma Sun 29-Oct-17 20:26:19

The surfing dophins....the bird eating fish....the rays and the glowing plankton...
Blown away already.

PhyllisWig Sun 29-Oct-17 20:29:04

Bird eating fish were horrid buggers.

Now sea otters !!!!!!

dementedma Sun 29-Oct-17 20:32:02

Eek. Yon bullbous he

dementedma Sun 29-Oct-17 20:32:50

Bugger. Meant to say yon bulbous headed fish is not bonny!

everybodylovesabosom Sun 29-Oct-17 20:36:08

Sex changing fish?!?!

EnthusiasmIsDisturbed Sun 29-Oct-17 20:37:03

Its absolutely amazing

With the filming, production and of course Sir David’s narration it’s just fantastic as are all the series

dementedma Sun 29-Oct-17 20:37:57

Mind blowing camera work. Here come the Orca.....

minxthemanx Sun 29-Oct-17 20:42:14

Can David Attenborough really be 91?! What a legend, still working and passociate about it all.

badbadhusky Sun 29-Oct-17 20:44:08

How will we ever replace Attenborough? There aren’t any stand-out naturalists of his gravitas ready to fill his shoes. 😕

ifigoup Sun 29-Oct-17 20:45:43

Who knew that walruses were much bigger than polar bears?! I think I've always imagined them sort of as seals with tusks.

Jonsnowsghost Sun 29-Oct-17 20:46:48

Aw the mum with her baby walrus looking for somewhere is making me sad sad

Jonsnowsghost Sun 29-Oct-17 20:47:32

Also had no idea how enormous male walrus' are!

dementedma Sun 29-Oct-17 20:48:31

Global warming. Nowhere for the baby walrus to rest....

HemanOrSheRa Sun 29-Oct-17 20:49:17

Gawd. I'm sobbing here at the mummy and baby walrus snuggling.

StillStayingClassySanDiego Sun 29-Oct-17 20:49:33

Oh God, that’s a very emotional message.

minxthemanx Sun 29-Oct-17 20:49:46

Got tears in eyes watching that mother walrus.

Heratnumber7 Sun 29-Oct-17 20:51:29

I always feel so sorry for fish. They don’t have nice cosy homes to go to.

ToEarlyForDecorations Sun 29-Oct-17 20:52:39

Where's the Antiques Roadshow ? We've only had a few episodes of the current series. Why is yet another Attenborough documentary on ?

CandyMelts Sun 29-Oct-17 20:57:34

The sea terrifies me, I'm so glad this isn't my job but so glad there are people who can do this - it's magical.
Also had no idea how huge the adult walruses were

frostyfingers Sun 29-Oct-17 21:20:08

Fabulous, but I wish they’d ditch the OTT music.

EB123 Sun 29-Oct-17 21:36:34

It was amazing!

viques Sun 29-Oct-17 21:45:06

Was wonderful to watch, but I wish they would resist the impulse to put in those little squeaks and grunts when critters are in danger, I can't believe they are really the noises made at that moment, and must be added later.

the luminous dancing Rays were stunning, honestly, if Disney did a scene like that we would all nod wisely and say, " CGI, wonderful what they can do these days"!

LoniceraJaponica Sun 29-Oct-17 21:50:57

ToEarlyForDecorations Seriously hmm

HeadlessHorsemad Sun 29-Oct-17 21:52:36

Absolutely stunning filming.

ItsNachoCheese Sun 29-Oct-17 21:53:30

I actually cannot wait to watch this tomorrow. I was too tired and i want to watch it when im not half sleeping to appreciate the legend that is sir david attenbourgh

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